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Muoi Khuntilanont's Thai Kitchen

W e are happy that we're able to bring you authentic Thai recipes here straight out of Thailand. As Thai food is becoming so popular the world over. I'm sure you'll enjoy these special dishes !! Our special thanks to Muoi Khuntilanont for making her recipes available to Makan's readers.

Here's a little note from her husband Ian :

To repeat my general caveats:

The quantities are approximate: my wife is a professional chef and measures quantities in pinches, small and large piles on the palm of her hand and handsful, rather than neat teaspoons, tablespoons and cups. However experimenting with her measures I have converted them to more meaningful quantities. But as always if you like a spice you can use more, if you don't you can use less. Temperatures and times are approximate: Thai charcoal braziers don't have thermostats, and few Thai chefs use a clock - the food is cooked when you are happy with the result.

Several recipes, especially stir fry recipes call for adding ingredients to hot oil in a wok or pan. I strongly advise the use of some sort of eye-protection, as whatever damage hot oil can cause if it "spits" it will [appear] much worse if backed by the chemical fire of chillis.

  1. Pad palo - Chinese Influenced steamed duck.
  2. Pla Kapong Kimao - Deep fried fish with garlic sauce.
  3. Pad ped pla dhuk - Spicy Catfish.
  4. Pad Thai - Stir fried noodles.
  5. Bpeek Kai Mao Daeng - Drunken chicken wings.
  6. Nua Yang Nam Tok - Waterfall beef.
  7. Gaeng Massaman Kai - Mild Chicken Curry.
  8. Nam Jim Polamai - A series of fruit based dips.
  9. Gaeng Lueng - Hot yellow fish curry.
  10. Kai Yang Isan- Barbequed chicken.
  11. Tom Yum- Hot and sour soup.
  12. Tom Kha Kai- Chicken soup with coconut milk.
  13. Gaeng phed Kai - Red Chicken Curry.
  14. Gaeng Khiao Wan Kai - Green chicken curry.
  15. Pad Si-iew - Sweet soya sauce beef.
  16. khai pad gaprao - chicken with holy basil.
  17. khai hoh bai toey - Chicken in Pandan Leaves.
  18. Som Tam Isan - Papaya salad.
  19. Yum nuea - Beef salad.
  20. kaeng djuut wunsen kai - a chicken soup.
  21. lab kai - spicy ground chicken.
  22. pak bung loy fa - stir fried greens aka "Flying Greens" . The story about Stir frying you don't want to miss!
  23. Satay Kai - Thai Chicken Satay complete with peanut sauce and cucumber pickle.
  24. Khao Pad Sapparot - stir fried rice and pineapple
  25. Dinner for 10 ... in 30 minutes ? - Seafood salad, shrimp soup, chicken stew, spicy tir fried beef, spicy pork and of course with pickled vegetables and rice to go with it !!
  26. gai pad khing - Ginger chicken.
  27. gai pad prik khing - Chicken and veggies
  28. Nine flavoured salad
  29. Penaeng kai - Penang Curry with Chicken.
  30. Kai pad ki mao - Drunkards noodles and chicken.
  31. Gaeng som pla - Sour soup.
  32. Pla pao - Grilled fish.
  33. Pla nung khing sai het - steamed fish with ginger and mushrooms.
  34. Pla jian - Fried fish.
  35. Pla lat - "3 flavoured fish".
  36. Bu jat - Steamed crab.
  37. Kraphong khao priao wan - Sweet and sour fish.
  38. Khao mu daeng - Red prok with rice.
  39. Khao man kai - Chicken and rice.
  40. Khai luk koei - "Son-in-Law's Eggs".
  41. Kao soi - Chiang Mai Curry noodles.
  42. Kaeng Pladuk Chuchi - Dry curried catfish.
  43. Kanom Muoi - Thai style starters.
  44. Yam Wunsen Sai Mu - Noodle soup with pork
  45. Neua Yang - Charcoal broiled beef in a hot/sweet sauce.
  46. Pad Mi Korat Phet - hot noodles, Korat style.
  47. Thai style rissoto - This is a simple vegetarian style dish, that in this case is cooked in an electric rice steamer.
  48. khaifu sai ahahn farang paeng - In Thai it means "an omellete made from expensive foreign food" -- the expensive food in question being Hormel brand Spam.
  49. Kaeng som phak bung phrik sod kab pla - sour fish soup.
  50. Tom Yam Polamai - fruit soup.
  51. Saku Sai Mu - tapioca pork balls.
  52. basic curry pastes
  53. Kaeng sai mai rong hai - The title of this note means "curry [or stew or soup] without tears".
  54. Seua Rong Hai - Barbequed beef.
  55. Nam Prik Kapi - Universal Thai dip.
  56. Haw Mukh - Fish custard.
  57. Yam Talay - Seafood salad.
  58. Kai Sai Takrai - Chicken and lemon grass.
  59. Bu Pad phom Kari - Curried crab claws.
  60. Plamuk Pat Phet - Curried squid.
  61. Nam Prik Narok - Dipping Sauce from Hell.
  62. Jao Bong - Anchovy dip.
  63. Tom Yam Pla Krop - Crispy fish soup.
  64. Tom Jabchai - Vegetable stew.
  65. Kaeng Liang - Vegetable soup.
  66. Nam Jim Muoi - Muoi's hamburger relish.
  67. Kha Mu - Pork hocks with galangal.
  68. Tom Kha Pladuk - Catfish soup.
  69. Sai Grog Tod - Isan style sausages.
  70. Sai Oua - Northern Thai Sausage.
  71. Pad Phak Taohu - Stir fried vegetables and tofu.
  72. Pla Kung - Thai sushi.
  73. Tom Khing Kai - Gingery chicken soup.
  74. Kuaitiao Neua - Beef noodle soup.
  75. Nam Prik Kiga - Chili sauce and an appetiser.
  76. Yum Mu Isan - Noth eastern pork salad.
  77. Kai Kaeng - Chicken casserole.
  78. Phraram Long Song - Meat in a peanut sauce.
  79. Pla Rad Prik - Fish in chili.
  80. Neua Pad Prik - Beef with chilis.
  81. Neua Pad Prik - Beef and chilis - a hamburger variant.
  82. Kaeng Hanglay - Northern style beef curry.
  83. Kaeng Som Kai Wan - Sweet & sour chicken soup.
  84. Chicken Satay - with peanut sauce.
  85. Kai Pu Khao - "Volcano Chicken".
  86. Ice Cream.
  87. neua pad bai kaprao - Beef stir fried with Holy Basil.
  88. Sweet & sour spareribs
  89. Mu Yang Takrai - BBQ pork with lemon grass.
  90. Pad Ped Mu - Stir fried pork.
  91. Khing Dong (pickled ginger) - Pickled ginger.
  92. Nam Jim Wan - Sweet dipping sauce
  93. Bpeek kai yat sai koong - Stuffed chicken wings.
  94. Khao Tom Koong - Rice soup with shrimp.
  95. Mee Krob - crispy stir fried noodles

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