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Opor Sotong

This is one of my favourite squid dish, try it !!


1 kg sotong(squid) - cleaned and cut

thumb size piece galangal (laos) - bruised

2 lemon grass - bruised

salt to taste

msg (optional)

several lime leaves

a few spoonful graded coconut - roasted


grind the following:

4 cloves garlic			

1 red onion

1/2 tea spoon tumeric (or powder)

some dried chillies - soaked

2 tablespoon ketumbar (coriander) powder

1 teaspoon jintan puteh (cumin) powder


Heat oil in wok and fry ground ingredients till fragrant,  add coconut milk and

season with salt and msg. Cook till thick, add sotong and cook for several 

minutes till it's done.

Source - Thian's Mom
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