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Marinated Pork Chops (from Malaysia)

	I'm de-lurking for a moment to share this recipe with 

you...I've made it quite a few times now and I'm always amazed

at how delicious it is, especially considering how easy.  I thought

someone else might enjoy it too.  It's from a cookbook of mine - 

"The Complete Oriental Cookbook".  I imagine it would be easier

on a BBQ, but aside from the sub-arctic temperatures, mine is

broken, and I've always done it with the oven broiler.  To

'reduce the heat' I just move the chops from up high to the

lowest rack.  You've just got to watch them so they don't burn. 



Marinated Pork Chops (from Malaysia)


2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 Tbs. crushed coriander seeds

8 crushed peppercorns

3 Tbs. soy sauce

1 tsp. soft brown sugar

4 loin pork chops

Mix all the ingredients except the chops together in a 

shallow dish.  Put in the chops and coat well.  Cover and

set aside for 30 minutes, basting the chops occasionally.

Preheat the grill (broiler) to moderately high.  Transfer

the chops to the rack of the grill (broiler) and reserve

the marinade..  Grill (broil) the chops for 2 minutes.

Reduce the heat to moderate and grill (broil) for 8 to 10

minutes on each side, basting occasionally with the marinade.

Serve at once.

Serves 4.

Contributed by - Katherine

Source - "The Complete Oriental Cookbook" ed. by Isabel Moore and Jonnie Godfrey

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