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  • ABC market
    • Great LAKSA and WANTON MEE at 1980s prices!!!NO KID!!! This stall at the older ABC market behind BLK 1 Jalan Bukit Merah serves delicious and large serves of tasty "harm" laden laksa at only $1.50 per bowl. Also, the Wanton mee comes with generous serves of wanton. SEDAP!!!!!!! Stall is at the middle row. Try it! :) - Bernard Yang
      Note: The wanton mee & laksa in ABC market, i think the stall name is Swee Kee anyway is the one with ST adv. paste on its stall front is cheap & delicious especially in such recession times.Sadly, only available in morning & afternoon. - BS
    • ABC market's hawker centre along Jalan Bukit Merah (near BM Safra)..the fried prawn mee is great. (opened from evening till past midnite into small hours) - Darren
    • You can have the best Wanton Mee in town. Not forgetting the Fried Kway Tiao and the Porridge stall that sells exotic varieties of porridge, ranging from fish, pork to pigs' organs. Hawker centre is busy at night. Most stalls open till late in the night. However, you can have the Wanton Mee in the afternoon also. - Khoon Lim
  • Alexandra IKEA
    • The food mall serves a lot of nice food depending on the daily menu. The America chessecake is also nice. Coffee and tea is free-flow - Angela Ng
  • Alexandra Road
    • There's a new Food Centre in Alexandra Road (former Gillman Camp) spanking new,clean environment and very good ambience Opening hours are from 0700hrs to 2400hrs Have a Beer Garden as well The NASI PADANG STALL is superb which cook authentic dishes only found in Indonesia itself cause the Chef is from there, try the Curry Fish Head for only $10.00. They also sell MEE REBUS (delicious with thick peanut gravy) MEE GORENG (Indonesian style, marvellous with lots of vegetables) SATAY (Good but price a little stiff with 40 cents a stick but real thick and long) Try for yourself, worth visiting - mdhaniff
  • Alexandra Village Hawker Centre
    • Mutton only!
      Here to recommend a good stall that sells only mutton! It's at Alexandra Village Hawker Centre. Can't miss it, it's the only store that sells mutton there!
      Go try the:
      a) Mutton with Dang-Gui soup ($4)
      b) Stew Chunks of Goat's Leg with Carrots & Potatoes ($3.5)
      c) Curry Mutton with Potatoes ($3)
      Slurp-delicious! All are served hot, so you don't have to worry about cold food. It's a fantastic meal if you take these dishes with rice. They have mutton spaghetti soup too! - XUESS!
      Served with cucumber and stew sauce, the goose meat were evenly cut (each packet comes with at least 7-8 thick slices of goose meat!), neither fatty or fibrous as imagined! The meat is very tender and literally melts in your mouth. A plate will cost you $4, which is well worth it considering that this is a dish you don't see everywhere else!
      The stall sells the traditional chicken and duck rice too, with small dishes like stew eggs, tofu and preserved vegetables. Pity the chilli sauce is too sourish to go with the food. - XUESS!
  • Amoy Street Market Food Centre
    • Those working Tg Pagar/Shenton wouldn't miss the famous fish/mixed soup stall at the ground floor (previously from China Square) - long queue during lunch time. - Agnes
    • 1. Loh Mee, 2nd Floor, stall you see when you climb up the stairs next to the POSB ATM.
      2. Nasi Padang, cheap and good. Behind Loh Mee row of stalls. In fact, there are 2 along this row of stalls selling Nasi Padang. The good one is the 2nd stall from the right, and not the corner stall next to it. This stall was previously from the Tian Fu Kong Temple around Boon Tat Street (that's the name of the street, I believe) Kathy
    • There's a new stall selling orr nee for 7 months liao, so popular it's even featured on TV. Guess u dun even know it exist. - Michael (2004 Nov)
  • Arcade
    • There's this stall in Arcade (opp the florist stall) that whip up a storm with their ever delicious Prawn Mee Soup and Chee Cheong Fun (the chilli - very shiok, pack with an abundance of oomph! -, special blend of sweet sauce & generous sprinkle of sesame seed ...yummy!)
      Also in Arcade just opp the Prawn Mee soup stall very good nasi padang and their mee rebus & mee siam .... wa! eating the brings me back to my childhood days! - Jean Tan (April 2000)
  • Armenian Street Old Coffeeshop
    • Sited next to the old US Embassy and opposite to the Asian Civilisation Musuem I (a few steps away from MPH Stamford), the coffeeshop houses a "char-kway-teow" store, a "wan-tan mee" store and a "wu-xiang" store. Tucked away at an unnoticed corner, it stands out from all the high class eatiung places and food courts around the area. Food is relatively cheap too, though not as cheap as I would want it to be! The char kway teow is good, simple and nice. Not laced with shrimps, fish cakes etc, it's cooked plain with chinese sausages and cockles. Literally "melt" in your mouth. Long queue during peak hours so one has to be patient! Certainly tasted better than a lot of those you would find in the food courts these days! Priced at $2 and $3. - XUESS!
  • Bedok Bus Interchange hawker centre (Bedok MRT station)
    • My fav stores here are the Char Kway Tiao and the nearby corner char siew, xio bak and roast duck rice store. Facing the main car park, you can't miss it! At 1 corner of the hawker centre is the goreng pisang and the dessert stores - excellent! There are 2 dessert stores - aim for the one with the long queue. Food prices are very reasonable. - phoinix
  • Bedok North Road Hawker Centre
    • There is a hawker center along Bedok Nth Rd which operates 24hrs, EVERY DAY! To get here,take the Townlink 222 at Bedok Interchange,get off at the 4th stop,(Interchange not counted)Anyway,you will be able to notice it.The best times to eat there is at the evening and at night.In the evening,the econmical rice stall's is cheap and good.Chicken rice is avaliable if you get there quick.Hokkien mee and Fried Kway Teow can also be found, but lots of MSG.At night,at stores near busstop and NTUC, there are two stores selling good satay.The cream of the crop is found at two stores selling ONLY minced meat mee.Both are equally good, but the stall which dosen't have a Mickey Mouse picture on its signboard(look up)is better but has a longer queue. Avoid going there on Mondays as many stalls are closed.For more info,email me at x25cc@mbox2.singnet.com.sg - Chia 2 Jun 97
  • Bedok North Steet 1 Blk 216 Hawker Centre
    • Make on the spot big pau .Very tasty & fresh. Better than Tiong Bahru one ... also at this Hawker Centre There is stall ( beside Soyo bean drink stall) selling very delicious Wanton Mee. - Tony Lau
  • Bedok North Steet 3 Blk 538 Hawker Centre
    • I find the Mee Rebus & Mee Siam are much more tasty than normal Malay's or Nonya's cooking. Ask for anything: separate the gravy, more mee hoon, ... ...
      Well, you could take feeder bus service 225 (Green Plate) and alight at bus stop in front of Block 534. - Lynn
  • Bencoolen Street
    • There is also good Murtabak just below WHY NOT HOMESTAY at Bencoolen Street. And you can also get good Teh Halia (Ginger tea) just next door. - Swee Bee.
  • Bendemeer Road
    • Guan Hin Teochew Restaurant at Blk 34 Bendemeer Road (turn off at Exit 14A along the PIE). Great tasting Teochew food - oyster omelette, crab rolls, sharks fin, crayfish, Teochew 'siew mai', 'aw ni' and lots more. Not very cheap though. - Jarrod Ng
  • Benoi Road, Jurong
    • Located at 44, Benoi Road....W & T Canteen, open to public from 6.00am to 2.30pm daily. They have got the best home-cooked BARLEY WATER in Singapore. THeir Malay Food is very good adnd second to none but expect long "Q" during breakfast and lunch time. Same goes to the Chinese Vegetable Rice. The Prices very, very, very reasonable and also the coffee and tea taste very superb, anytime better than most Coffee Shops.And the most friendly Boss, TONY, nobody can touch him on sincerity and honesty. Calling all jurong workers to really try out this outlet, already very Popular with the whole of benoi road area. Must try! I really swear by it. 2 Jun 97 - teo ngee seng, tony
  • Blanco Court (now closed) (2nd floor)
    • For ex Blanco Court fish soup, see China Square
  • Bras Basah Complex
    • Anyone tried the food court called 'Xiang Man Lou Food Court' at Bras Basah Complex (ground floor), facing Allson Hotel? This is the same premises where the Chinese restaurant of the same name used to be. Stalls featured there include:
      • 1. Yong-tau hoo - so, so.
      • 2. North Indian food viz. tandoori chicken, naans, rice and curry - good value for money, food quite good.
      • 3. Chicken rice - average quality.
      • 4. Wanton noodles, char-siew rice - average quality, slightly pricey.
      • 5. Halal Malay rice and dishes - good quality (fairly long queue, though). Latest addition is 'tahu goreng' which is pretty good - thick gravy with taste of freshly roasted peanuts.
      • 6. Bak chor mee - the most popular stall there (another long queue). Good value for money. For $3 you get slices of pork, meat balls, mushrooms and a piece of fried scallop. This stall also sells the usual fishball noodles and prawn noodles (hey-mee).
      • 7. Japanese food featuring sushi, shashimi, tempura udon, katsudon,etc. Quite good quality food for a fraction of the price you pay at a restaurant.
      • 8. Fish head/fish slice bee-hoon and, fish soup with rice. Above average, tasty.
      • 9. Fresh fruits and juices, and beverage stall. Why I am mentioning this stall, if at all? Because it serves the cheapest 'Boncafe' type of thick coffee straight from the machine - for only 80 cents. You normally pay about $1.20 at other places or $2.50 for the same thing at a coffeehouse.
      The place is open daily from morning till about 9p.m. You can choose either to sit in the air-conditioned area, or the non-airconed area popular with smokers. The cleaners here are also quite 'on-the-ball' so the place is quite clean and you don't find tables cluttered with used crockery.- Gary
  • Bukit Gombak Coffeeshop
    • the 1st coffee shop from Bukit Gombak MRT station to Swiss Cottage. It has two of my fave stores here, the wanton mee and the char kuay tiao. - Lee Ying Shin
  • Changi Airport
    • The stall at Changi Airport T1 has good vegetarian food and it's halal, also. Must try the Fried HongKong noodles. - FLY
  • China Square Food Court
    • #01-22 The stall is selling combo set meal. It have fish set, chicken set, pork set and beef set. The set include 1 bowl of rice, fish,chicken,pork or beef, daily change vegetable and fruits and a cup of drinks. The price is very very cheap range from S$4.80 to S$5.80. It is more worth than eating McDonald. I have try the food and is very nice and filling. - botek
    • Recently, I found a stall at China Square Food Center which serve great Nonya Mee Siam and Laksa. This stall is located on the 2nd floor unit no. #03. Their nonya mee siam is a typical and traditional type which I have never tried one before in Spore. People who love nonya food should give their mee siam a try. They also serve great laksa and prawn mee. Don't forget to try out their home-made sambal chilli. They really go well with the food. - SNI
    • A Great discovery is the fried fish soup store(Level one). They deep fry pieces of fish meat with egg. It is then served in a big bowl filled with piping hot fish broth. It is enough to make you go for 2-3 bowls of rice. Another recommendation is the fried sambal fish head. - Bernard Yang
    • I was at the newly opened China Square Food Court at Telok Ayer Street today and I found a REAL traditional nonya type Mee Siam and thick gravy traditional Laksa. If you like Laksa with a thick lemak type gravy, don't give this one a miss. Also, their mee siam is really delicious. They are located on the second floor next to a dessert shop. I highly recommend their mee siam. - LKC
    • There is a good vegetarian food stall at B1-31, restaurant standard but at food court price. I would recommend their rojak, hor fun & mee goreng. They also serve Tahu Goreng, thick sauce with plenty of cucumber & bean sprouts and of course with lots of peanuts on top. FYI; they are from the Lau Pa Sat - transit market quite popular with the Chai Piah (vegetable cracker) & Spring Roll. - Harry
  • Chinatown
    • Swis Ling Coffeeshop?
      The location is at Chinatown. This coffeeshop I think is called Swis Ling Restaurant. This place is directly outside the new outram mrt exit, oppsite pearl centre. It was a solely building on its own, I don't know the time of operation but I went at 9 plus in the night and 1plus in the afternoon. We were eating their butter pork, and it taste very nice but a bit spicy. The venison with shallot and ginger taste just right and the prawn paste chicken was very crispy.
      I personally recommended the marmite chicken which I had the third time with my friends at lunch time, the taste was quite unique and wasn't that salty either. Their cereal with prawns mixed very well too. You can order their home-made barley or herbal tea of the day only in the afternoon at a cost of $1, and is brewed by the lady boss. There wouldn't be any left at night because she went home by then. I enjoyed my foods there as it make me feel at home.
      The food that I ordered cost around $8 per plate. - Sarah Sia
    • Hi, I just recently got introduced to your website, and am excited because I am a food lover. I This is my first contribution. There is one new place that you must give a try.
      Zi Jia Ren at 38 Sago St - Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Hu and Curry Chicken
      The yong tau hu is hand made every morning by this nice old lady who owns the shop. Very fresh. The important part is the minced meat made with fish, pork and onions. Yum! The curry chicken is my favourite, much better than the stuff you eat at Marina South. Very thick and spicy, and the chicken is cooked to the point where the meats sort of slides off the bone. It is a must try!
      By the way, she also serves Pig trotters in Vinegar on the side. You know, the stuff that women love. Very good also! - Mel
    • Near Chinatown point is a famous chinese style coffeshop. Name is Tiong Seng or as the cantonese-folk in the area call it, Cheong Sing. Great porridge. Q is long and wait may be long. Quite expensive and great taste. Done to the traditional cantonese style by cooking the rice in pork broth and not water with seasonings. Fish porridge done in the same way. Hot and not air-con'd. The raw fish with chilli and seseme oil is done the right proportions.
      This place is known by the older generation taxi drivers too. Just tell them "To Cheong Sing!" Sadly this may not work as the younger generation of taxi drivers seem to know only tourists eating places.
    • Yes! at Temple Street there is a 24 hr Taiwanese Steam Boat Restaurant. Quite pricey but if you want a hot meal in the middle of the night and it had to be chinese, this is the place. Uses chicken broth for the soup and not water. Pot is not your regular steam boat pot but a bronze kwali-like basin.
      Many kinds of people drop in from construction workers to other denizens of the night. They have a small TV there and many are seen glued to the food and set. - Chia Jin Ngee
    • Great curry! Did you ever know that there was a restaurant in OG building on Upper Cross St?? It's the building opposite Chinatown point and hidden on the 3rd/4th floor is a cafe-type restaurant. They serve great homestyle food, and their curry is the best! Maybe not for die-hard curry fans, but the gravy is thick with coconut, and the chicken is plump and tender... mmm.. Definitely for those people who get overwhelmed by too much spices cos it's pretty mild. I would recommend their poh-piah, fried-rice, fried noodles and fried tung-hoon too! Don't get turned off by their set-lunches which are served in army-type trays. It may be strange but it's pretty damn good! :P~ - Nina Tay
  • Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre
    • Update:
    • I have made another great food find available in the morning for a healthy breakfast .
      CHINATOWN COMPLEX FOOD CENTRE in the heart of Chinatown alongside Smith Street . For an extremely healthy nourishing breakfast you will find it at a Niang Tou Fu Stall tuck away In the corner of Chinatown 2nd Storey # 02-99 namely Xiu Ji Cooked Food OR Ikan Billis Niang Tou Fu . It can be found up the escalator from the central circular void deck, a little to your left turn right , straight past a number of stalls look right and you will find the stall . You will not miss it as you will find most tables occupied waiting for their orders . The stall is opened on most days and weekends from 7.00 am to around Noon .
      The food is served in two bowls , one bowl containing six pieces of niang tou fu consisting 3 pcs of fishball , 1 pc tou fu , 1 pc tow pok and a mini ngoh hiang , all freshly steamed at the stall daily except for the ngoh hiang (fried ) in a ikan billis based soup . The other bowl will be your choice of noodle , kway-teow or bee hoon served dry with deep fried ikan billis topping with minimal oil . The chilli is grinded in heavy garlic served in a dish . All these for a mere S$ 2.00 . Give it a TRY .
      Also Don,t forget your coffee from the corner stall directly facing Xiu Ji , it is real strong . - Edmund Sum
  • Dover Food Centre
    • Just like to share, there's a great chicken rice stall and drinks stall which sells fruit juice at only one dollar at Dover Hawker Centre near Dover ITE. The stalls are those facing the carpark, don't really know the stall names but the chicken rice and oreo crush (one dollar) are great! - Pier
  • Dunman Food Centre
    The best food centre has to be the Dunman Food Centre (very near to OCBC Joo Chiat). The prawn noodle (basement) is very nice. The wanton noodle (Eng's) used to operate a stall at Onan Road. People driving Mercedes Benz would queue up to buy his noodle. Another good wanton noodle is Ah Seng's Wanton noodle. The soon-kueh on the basement and durian chee cheong fun/porridge on the first floor is very good. Of course, the best rojak in Singapore is also here (it is the only stall selling rojak). This rojak stall allows you to call to order your food. Take a name card from the owner. - Oh CW Roger (jun 99)
  • Dunearn Road Coronation Plaza
      1st floor corner makan place in Coronation Plaza, Dunearn Road. Students from nearby schools like the bubble teas & japanese bentos. But foodies like me enjoy the very good pohpiah and kuey pai tee (trust me I am Nonya with Melaka connections, I know) And very decent laksa lemak and meesiam. Wash down with good brewed coffee. Bonus are the friendly aunties who (wo)man the place. - Jackie Chan.
  • East Cost
    • East Cost Road Shanghai Restaurant
      The Best Assam Fish Head and Mee Siam i have ever tasted is in Shanghai Restaurant, which is located along East Coast Road(Katong). If i'm not wrong, it's opposite Katong Mall...(beside Pau Dian).
      I'm currently an overseas student and will never give this shop a miss whenever i'm back in Singapore. For those who know how deprived we are of local food when we are abroad for a long period of time, will know that we will head straight to our favourite food stalls once we are back. During lunch time, this place is crowded and to avoid crowds, be sure to go early. This restaurant offers authentic Nasi Padang(especially their Assam Fish Head and Mee Siam) and Nonya Kuih. Their Nasi Padang taste the best as compared to most of the Nonya food i had tasted. Their deserts are good too and if your stomach has got anymore room, be sure to give it a try. Prices are quite reasonable(some of my friends said it is a bit expensive).
      Personally, i feel that the price for a good meal like this is well worth it. Nothing can describe the greatness of their Assam Fish Head till you try it out. You will not regret it. - shawn keh (dec 2000)
  • Ellenborough Food Centre
    • A rare and disappearing food "sharks meat" jelly still found here, is a favourite among the old Teochews. Other good stuffs here include fresh hand-made "pau" and "a-bo-ling" (Teochew glutinous rice balls). Yes, the food centre will be soon giving way to the proposed MRT line , so it doesn't leave much time for the gourmets to savour all these old time favourites here! - Pek Yoong
    • The Food Centre has been demolished ... anyone know of the whereabout of this stall, please email me!
  • Empire Cafe at the Raffles
    • Empire Cafe at the Raffles is a place one shouldn't miss. It has just got a new look and also an interesting menu. The prices is reasonable and the food is really good. Best prata in town. The crabmeat fried rice is full of ingredients and is only $11.50. The soya bean is refillable throughout. My friends and I had a feast that night. We were impressed with the efficient, attentive and personalized service. The staff are very helpful. Our waitress came by to assist us in the ordering. Recommended and explained to us the different cuisines that's on the menu. We had a great time. Don't miss the new Empire. The good news is that it's opened till 2am on weekends. - Yu Sing Ding
  • Empress Place
    • cha kuay teow - a few stalls, but all are good. - Agnes
  • Environment Building
    • There is an air-conditioned hawker centre in the Annex of Environment building at Scotts Road, opposite Asia Hotel. It is open during office hours, primarily to cater to the staff of the Ministry of the Environment, and it is also open to the public. Some of the best hawkers in Singapore have set up their stalls there. There are Muslim food, vegetarian food, yummy chicken rice, etc. The food is the safest in Singapore as food testing is done almost every week. - Hamsterix
  • Gek Poh Shopping Centre
    • There is a food court at Gek Poh shopping centre. It is a small shopping centre and can get there by bus 243 from Boonlay Mrt station. There is a food court at the second floor and it serves great food. The Wanton noodles is great and the western food is also very nice. Try the chicken cultets as it tastes great.
  • Geylang
    • Geylang lorong 20 - fish porridge, teochew raw fish, oyster omelette and fish head steamboat. Junction of lor.20 and Geylang Rd.
    • Geylang lorong 7 - Thai food as eaten by thai workers. Glutinous rice,salads, roast pork etc. Main geylang rd. near lor.7. Name:Diandin Leluk.
    • Geylang Lorong 15 - Sik Wai Sin fish head, black chicken soup, salted fish with minced meat, bittergourd with pork ribs. Main road near lor. 15
    • Geylang main rd. near lorong 1.- Where you have to take a number (just like at the doctor) for your Malay Rice. Huge black sotong. Good sayur lodeh - Ng Tian Khean
    • Geylang Lorong 9
      • Beef Kway Teow.Also called "3 wives kway teow". - Ng Tian Khean
      • New Lai Lai Food Centre (Next to the Beef Kway Teow shop) open from 12 pm to 4 am. Price reasonable & taste fantastic. (Sometime Q quite long, especially on weekend) Special Highlight : First Stall in Singapore - Hong Yun Mee Hoon Kuay, previously when Singapore has only least than 10 stores selling, people coming all the way from Jurong, Yishun, Holland, Tampines and Woodland (Malaysian too) & have to wait somehow like 45 - 60 mins during peak hours. Must try! Second: Least oily and most fresh fried oyster, the Bah Kut Teh and Pig's liver Mee Sual also not bad. - Serene
    • Coffee Shop along Geylang Lor. 24A - There's a store that serves great 'Hae Mee' - Both the soup and dry version. They open at around 7am and sell out before noon. However, do not despair, in the same coffee shop, there's also an irresistable wan-ton noodle store. Ask for their specialty, which is the wan-ton mee with black sauce. Heavenly!!! - Bernard Yang
      Having the best and cheapest Claypot Frog Porridge and others side dishes. 1 pot $8/- for 2 - 3 serving. Can order plain porridge and chilli claypot Frog (sure to make you sweat and desire for more) or ginger & onion claypot Frog for those non-chilli taker. It open from 12 pm - 5 am daily. Most of I recommended said "Shoik" Try if not regret. It appears on Straits Times Life Section Cover Page sometime in July '97 reported that Frog meat is also a nutrient dish good health value and can cure some sickness like Asthma. - Serene
    • Lorong 39 - Chicken rice-no name stall on small old coffee shop at junction of Lorong 39 and Geylang Road.Opens around 10.30am and sold out by 1.30pm
      Lorong 27 - Fish soup and porridge-Hong Gin stall in old coffee shop at junction of Lorong 27 and Sim's Avenue.Opens at 4.30am and sold out by 2pm.Also sells stewed duck and pig trotters.$2 will get you a bowl of clear fish soup and 30cts for a bowl of yam rice.
      Lorong 13 - Wantan mee-coffee shop at corner of Lorong 13 and Geylang Road - Lim Lim
    • Lorong 26
      • No Sign Board Crab
        I know a good place of delicious finger licking food. ... lobsters, crabs, sharkfin, tau hoo with veg., Good Service. - Simon Lim (dec 2000)
  • Ghim Moh Hawker Centre
    • The reason why I want to highlight this place is that I have been having my stomach filled there since my junior college days.
      • Peng Kee Chicken Rice - very smooth white chicken with very fragrant rice, better than Swee Kee!
      • Char Kuay Teow - don't know the name but it's next to the chicken rice and you can't miss it coz' it's the only one and there's always a queue
      • Cocktail Jelly - ask any RJC student and he/she will tell you all about their staple diet! (there's only one there and it's self service with a long queue too!)
      • Duck Noodles - also the only one stall that sell duck noodles, very shiok noodles; try the laksa too!
      • Fish Head Mee Hoon - it's at a corner stall near the carpark, very good deep fried fish head! ( the stall also sell congee but forget that!)
      There's a lot more there, you just have to go there for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper for a month to find out (which I have been doing for 8 years now!) - LOU
    • Adding on to LOU's comments, the Chwee Kuay, Pau Store and Soya Bean Store are also very good.
      • The Chwee Kuay looks very "professional" which sells only Chwee Kuay but nothing else. The equipment and cooking utensils are well designed and effective. By looking at the quantity they are churning and the crowd you would know it's good staff. Ask for more " Chai Po ", it's tasty ! The stall is located at the centre row.
      • Try the Pau Store too, it's located in the outer row, corner store facing some provision shops, the Char Siew Pau and Siew Mai are good.
      • Don't forget to visit the Soya Bean Store. It's located on the other side of the hawker centre, next to the FisH Head Mee Hoon Store, facing the coffee shop. The Bean Curd is good and comparable to the one at Middle Road - but priced only at sixty cents.
      It seems like this hawker centre has many good food, I would need more visits to explore further. - Wong Weng Thong
    • Forget the Soya Bean Store facing the coffee shop! The beancurd is not bad but compared to "Super A1" (#01-72 - opposite 2 medical halls) at the same hawker centre, it still has some way to go. "Super A1" makes soya beancurd and drink on the spot. Very smooth and shiok! And healthy too since there are no preservatives added. You can also add abt 7 types of toppings including longans, fruit cocktail etc. Very cheap too. - Tan Seng Huat
    • Fresh made soya bean drink and soya bean gurd with many types of toppings etc. longan or lychees with bean gurd, peach with bean gurd, genko and lotus seed with bean gurd. Beside there are many others variable dessert which can try out and the price is resonable. Blk 20 Unit 01-72. Must try the special bean gurd topping which is made of good quality soya bean and it is good for health. - Spencer Maggie
    • Under ghim moh hawker centre, there was a recommendation "Char Kuay Teow - don't know the name but it's next to the chicken rice and you can't miss it coz' it's the only one and there's always a queue?"
      This is very disappointing because in my opinion, this stall's char kuay teow is terrible. Many are queuing up because they saw a queue and therefore the food must be good. In short, they are queuing for queuing sake! I know this store because I worked nearby. Whenever I see all those people queuing up, I really pity them because they can¡¯t differentiate the bad from the good.
      This stall was featured in a TV food program which further enhance its reputation and attracted more patrons. During filming, the cook cooks each plate of Char Kuay Teow individually and it may have been good. But it is not so when you are there now. I have patronised this stall a few times just to make sure I was not mistaken. This is what happens: the cook will cook a LARGE wok of Char Kuay Teow and scoop it into a big container. Then he scooped a portion and refry them again adding chilli etc depending on the order. This is NOT the way to cook Char Kuay Teow. It may be efficient but it is the wrong way and affects the taste totally. Char Kuay Teow must be cooked individually or at most 2 or 3 plates and not more. This is because the most important step is to control the wok hei?i.e. the fire?or the temperature.
      I urged all those who are still eating there on a regular basis to do this. First visit a truly good Char Kuay Teow stall and remember the taste. Next go to the Ghim Moh market stall and taste their Kuay Teow. The difference is very obvious and you’ll never patronised the Ghim Moh stall again, not until they be honest and produce the right quality for their customers. Char Kuay Teow is an important dish for Singaporeans ?let do justice with it and not accept any watered down version.
      Please feel free to post the above in your website so others can be educated too. Thank you. - Stephen Lim
  • Golden Mile Coffeeshop (opposite Hawker Centre)
    • Long Live Laska! The 'most happening' laksa I have tasted must surely be the one at the coffeeshop opposite the Golden Mile Hawker Centre. When I go with my friends, we eat two bowls each. Very shiok! The gravy is lemak and rich and the serving is just nice. Going for $2 and $3. You must try to believe it. The prawn mee, I have heard, is also quite good too. But it is $3 per bowl. - VY
  • Golden Shoe Hawker Centre
    • Nasi Lemak (2nd level) - the delicious chilli makes the rice even more palatable and Western food at 3rd level (surprisingly cheap as compared to neighbourhood stalls). Mixed seafood soup at 2nd floor is also very good (fresh fish/seafood and fish ball). - Agnes
    • Nasi lemak at golden shoe hawker centre... but there's so many there you might be lost. So must make sure you go the the one that says green rice and it's located between a fish soup stall & a chin chow drink stall. The chicken wings and the chilli is just splendid. closes late at about 8pm. - Jean Tan
  • Goodman Road Coffeeshop
    • Hi ! I am a 9 year old who knows of a great stall that sells Hor Fun and many other types of seafood dishes . Perhaps you won't believe , but this stall sells chicken and pork dishes as well . They all taste delicious . This stall is located at the corner of Goodman Rd and has been there for more than twenty years already . It has been there since my mum's childhood days . I still eat there often . There's also a mee goreng stall inthe same coffee shop . It also sells delicious food. - Keith Loke
  • Holland Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue (going towards Clementi).
    • Coffee shop at the corner. I don't know the name of the coffee shop. But it is not difficult to find as it is facing the main road. BBQ Stingray, sotong with chilli and oyster sause with kailan - Swee Bee.
  • Holland Drive
    • Good cheap food - There's this place at Holland Drive, Blk 44, (#02-12) named Rasidah's Cooked Food that sells very cheap, healthy and FANTABULOUS malay food. Basically, the shop sells nasi lemak, mee rebus, mee siam, mee goreng and tahu goreng for mere $1.50 and the servings are generous. They have lontong ($2) with a hard boiled egg and what is most important is that they've got the 2 types of good-licking sambal. They have additionals like sambal sotong, mutton rendang, chicken and sambal goreng too. Sigh, just talking about it makes me drool. Hahah, the best thing is that this shop rarely close and only close ever 3 to 4 months once And yes, I am their regular customer :) - Elena
  • Holland village
    • Batters Betters (or the reverse, didn't pay attention) opposite . Ambience is quiet, Curry Kumbeng (er, it's lamb meat) crepe is nice, though no service charge (you give the tips), staff is polite. Price reasonable..... - kit
  • Hougang
    • Hougang St. 51 Claypot Bak Kut The and Lor Mee
      I have been trying out deligently your recommendations in your website. So far no regrets! I would just like to bring to your attention of this Claypot Bak Kut The and Lor Mee stall in this coffeeshop located at Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Hougang St. 51. Think the coffeeshop's name is Kong Meng Eating House. Tried it last week when passing by, apparently newly opened. I would rate it as a Die Die Must Try!! So let's do everyone a favour and let us (people who enjoy eating) be aware that there are new food to trial?Normally I do not write in, but this time round... The noodles and Claypot Bak Kut The is simply heavenly?Both has got generous chinese herbal taste in its soup. - Henry Lim (July 2006)
  • Jalan Besar Hawker Centre
    • Fish soup in Jalan Besar Hawker Centre is tasty. Especially, the soup is well brewed. It located on 2nd floor, in the centre. Only in lunch hour and always with crowd. - Jacqueline Tan
    • hi i would like to recommend a very nice Wanton Noodle stall. At Jalan Besar Hawker Center stall nos #104 --Peng Kee They sell the best Beef noddles..and also a varity of Food like chicken feet, pig trots noddles..pork ribs noddles....its cheap and tasty...starting at $2 per plate - Joey foo
  • Jalan Besar and Plumer Road
    • Half an hour ago, I had supper at the Quan Xiang Yuan coffeeshop. This is at the junction of Jalan Besar and Plumer Rd. There were lots of taxi drivers there as the place serves good solid Hokkien peasant food at reasonable prices.I had vermicelli fried with leek, pork and pig's stomach. Followed by prawn rolls and crab meat soup. Washed down with Tsingtao beer. - Ng Tian Khean (22:58 2-11-95 Singapore time)
  • Jalan Bukit Merah
    • HDB Centre, Jalan Bukit Merah. Cheap and nice food there, but very crowed especially lunch time. I can't remember the name of the stall but I can tell the food it sell.
      1. A stall selling Shanghai mee with pork chop/chicken chop
      2. A Ipon 'hor fun' stall
      3. A chicken rice stall - try the chicken wrap in the tin paper
      4. A malay chicken stall - Chew Kam Chuan
    • Ah Chye Prawn/Lakse Mee, Block 28, Jalan Bukit Merah(Brickworks Estate)
      very cheap and nice, must try! - Lee Teck Hoe
  • Jalan Sultan Hawker Center
    • Known to most Ah-Peng Kors (army soldiers lah!), it's a nice place for good food tucked away unnoticed. Bus 82,107 & 181 should bring you there! Just opposite Golden Mile Complex or "Little Thailand".
      1. Chong Zheng Chilli Mee Store- great for chilli lovers, must try! Fantastic Sambal chilli, nice soup, generous servings!
      2. Traditional Rice Dumplings (Tang-Yuan)with fillings of Red Bean, Yam etc etc in sweet peanut soup and you-zha kwei. Difficult to find these days!!!
        And lots more! - XUESS!
  • Joo Chiat Hawker Center
    • Talk about char kway thiah at Toa Payoh. How about the won tan mee at Joo Chiat Hawker Centre and the fabulous rojak at the same place. They are good! - Thomas Yeo
    • Joo Chiat/East Coast Rd. coffeshop. Tau Kwa stuffed with duck meat, pork, fish balls, cucumber, ngo hiang, etc. Eat with a piquant chilli and soya sauce garnished with fresh cut green chillis and chinese parsley. - Ng Tian Khean
  • Jurong West St 52 Market/Hawker Centre
    • Jurong West St 52 Market/Hawker Centre - Just around the POSB Cash-On-Line, I think third store from the left, selling good FISH-HEAD BEE HOON and HOR-FUN previously from Bugis St. Also got good FISH BALL NOODLES, name of the stall is 'Wen Guang Yu Yuan Guo Tiao Mian', located at the behind stretch of the hawker centre, just in front of the florist and aquarium store. - Jorge UPDATE:The above stall has moved or closed down. No longer there, it is taken over by a Chicken Rice stall that co-incidently also sells very delicious chicken rice and oyster sauce veggies. Try It!! - Diana Chew - B Batok
    • Addition to the stalls that Jorge had mentioned, we must try the Cha Kway Teow stall which is located just a few stalls away from the fish head noodle stall. Can't remember the name but just look for a "bui soh" and that's the stall. - Mabel Ong
    • The left side of the fish ball noodle stall you mentioned at jurong west st 52 hawker centre.It's a Hong Kong noodle stall,it has great shrimp dumplings and wanton mee.The stall that has a "A-Soh"who wears a cheong sam kind of dress.That's the one. - Kelvyn Ho
  • Kallang Airport Hawker Centre
    • I think you had miss out these two special stall at Blk 51 kallang Airport Hawker Centre one own by father the other own by the son.Father cooked varieties of small dishes only from $3 and the fried rice is just super and best of all the fried kway teow is better than non-vegetarian one which had people quening.The stall food is cheap and nice and were recommended by many paper and magazines year ago.The stall manage by the son serve fried oyster ,carrot just as good as non-vegetarian food.And they are the first to serve western food and first to be recommended by U channel and also chinese newpaper.The fried Hokkien mee and yau tau foo are just tasty to make you go again. - Joe
  • Kallang food center
    • Nobody has said anything abt this place ... for lunch dinner and late supper??
      • the pork rib mee swa/meatball/fishball noodle soup is really great. Only starts to sell at abt 8pm till 11pm, or till they run out, which ever happens first. Damm tasty! Good favourite. n Located at the front row, next to the 2 fruit stalls and the 'chinese medicine drink stall', facing the main road.
      • western food - at the back row (to the left if you walk in past the prok rib noodle stall described above.) Next to some drink stall/chicken wing stall, kinda opposite a fruit juice stall. This western food stall sells the usual western food but the really nice thing is their garlic sauce!!!!! Fantastic. Some of the western fare comes with it, some do not. The recommendation is the chicken cutlet (or chop - the one without bones) and ask for extra garlic sauce!! Yum yum .. but watch out .. the garlic taste will stay with you (on your breath and tastebuds even the next day) for abt 24 hours ... expecially when you visit the loo thereafter.( sorry for being disgusting.)
      • there are 3 char kway teow stalls there. I hear the better one is the one behind the mobil station - only ate once during the day and I think they close at nite. Not bad. The other two are in the middle section and they do open at nites. Both pack the kway teow in the traditional 'white' leaf wrappers. ... both also taste not bad. - Jeremy Chan
  • Kopitiam, Meridien Orchard
    • The Kopitiam is quite good. I have tried the porridge which is one of the best. It tasted like those you paid in the restaurant. And the Laksa taste wonderful too. - Tay Ching Choo
    • must try,chicken chop,the one located just below the open space that sell spring and BBQ chicken remember best!xiaolongbao,next to the juices/desert store.IT'S JUICY,but rem eat while it's hot coz outer layer get hard after awhile.worth trying are the handmade noodle(mee hun huay),claypot noodle(few store opp xlb),popiah and indian rojak.others fishball mee,BBQ seafood,chai tao kuay,japanese food,kuay chap,tim sum........ - Loius Liew
    • the Japanese stall , Don Don serves good and value for money dishes. try their Teriyaki Chicken... really good and worthy!! - Vince
    • The Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling is good, the stall also sell a Korean dessert. Made of egg & flour with red bean paste filling, to dip into icing sugar before eating. The thought if it make me hungry! - Clariel
    • You get the usual plastic mass-produced food at this typical foodcourt, but there are treasures to be found here, if we know where to look... Here are some of my faves at this foodcourt :
      1. Poh piah stall, somewhere in the middle of the foodcourt, which sells poh piah in three varieties: normal / super(with some crispy stuff) / special(with crabmeat)... or was it normal/special/super(???), and choice of normal or hand-made skins... The more expensive the better, of course, but I usually order the second-best one (super?) with hand-made skin and it's deeelicious !!
      2. Tar Mee-pok (dry type) with soup served in a small boiler. Really tasty soup cos they add lots of meat, minced and sliced, and fresh scallops. Those with more to spend can order the ones with abalones.
      3. Breakfast deal : at the coffee counter nearer to the Istana side. When wasThey serve a set for $2.00 (!!!) which comes with coffee, roti-kaya and two soft-boiled runny-yummy eggs.. - hweeb
    • You got to try the westen food at meridein Kopitiam, their food is nice exspecial their Chicken Cutlet, Fish & Chip, Lemon Chicken Rice, Lamb chop and their Fried Chicken, it very Crispy n Juicy I think the stall name Taxen Fried Chicken Stall 36 and they got a prmontion card which u buy 5 set of meal and get one free.....try it yourself and you will know..... - Jason
    • Check out this new joint at the basement level of Hotel Meridian. Great place, but beware, your wallets may not be too happy about the outflow of cash. Some stalls not that cheap lah!!! For those Ban Mian (home made noodles) lovers, there is this unique and great BEEF STEW BAN MIAN. Chunky pieces of beef that you can really bite into with great home made noodles. Slurp! The other item that is worth checking out is the TERIYAKI CHICKEN with RICE for those Japanese food lovers. Very tasty, but a small portion too. Just right for small eaters you know. And then there is the all time favourite there among my friends...the HERBAL SPRING CHICKEN with NOODLES. The chicken comes nicely wrapped in aluminium foil to preserve all that juicy goodness for your taste buds!!! These three dishes have been keeping me satisfied for the past three months of regular visits!!! - Yu Khing
    • I think is Taxen Fried Chicken stall 36 near the tim sum stall their Fish & Chip is the best it goes well with the tartar sauce and lemon slice and their Fried Chicken is very crispy and juicy inside They also have Lemon chicken rice. not bad also .. one more thing their Chicken Cutlet is also one of the best . I go there everynight after my work...... Give it a try or you lose it .... - Jason Ang
  • Lakeview Food Centre
    • the lakeview market has the best black carrot cake which is not too salty or oily, a little sweet, and with lots of chai poh if you ask for it. The teochew porridge stall near the carpark is also fabulous and always sells out all the food by about 1pm, so must go early (about 12pm) to get the yummiest food. IT's very cheap, always crowded and the taste is simple and subtle and fresh. Even better than the teochew porridge at Goodwood Hotel. SM Chan
  • Lau Pa Sat
    • I'm an American in Okinawa, currently on holiday in Singapore. My friend brought me to this Laksa Stall in Lau Pa Sat where he sez the food's great - IT IS +ACE- +ACE- +ACE-
      We had Nonya Popiah, Laksa and Curry Chicken - all fine stuff, rather spicy though. Would be great if you check it out+ACE- - T. Pallotta
  • Lavender Food Court
    • I have found the hawker who used to sell zi cha dishes at the old Lau Pat Sat hawker centre! He and his team are now at a rather quiet hawker centre next to Immigration Building next to Lavendar MRT. I dunno about you but I will not forget his prawn paste ngo hiang which is just yummy to the max! The prices for other dishes like kailan and fish slices and chilli crayfish are also cheap. A dinner for three big eaters can come up to $30, still cheap judging the quality of food here. The satay at the hawker centre is also good. The stick portion is a bit small but the satay will keep hunger pangs at bay while your main entrees (zi cha dishes) take time to cook. Also there is the wan tan mee stall which only opens at 7 pm nightly. The auntie and uncle who prepare the noodles, well, let's just say you'd better not be very hungry or you may 'peng san' (faint) before you get to taste it. Not cheap, starts from $3 but do try it, it is likely to be worth the wait. Eat the satay first, that might help! - VY
  • Lenkong Tiga
    • Chinese food court under Lenkong tiga blk 110, Kembangan MRT stn. Their Sweet and Sour pork is the best I have tried so far in Singapore. Their Chicken Fried rice is excellent as well. - Fred
  • Lock Road
    • I'm sure many would know of the famous 'Ka-Soh' of Chinatown (across Hong Lim Complex) which has moved to Amoy Street. Did u know they also have a new branch (or possibly moved from Amoy Street) at Lock Road, a little road off Depot Road, near Henderson Road, HDB, etc. It's an old building which has been refurbished and looked like their own building. The fish noodle is their house specialty but i think their beef with bitter-gourd is good too, their tofu with sea-cucumber sauce is famous too. Try it. - esla
  • Margaret Drive Coffee shop/hawker center
    • Behind the margaret drive hawker center, there is a coffee shop, located next to an emporium-type store. It sells great popiah!! $1 a roll. Tasty and crunchy. I thot this was the better/best popiah around town .. but there is another similiar stall - forget where it was already .... By the way, there is another along Woodlands ave 2, called Grand City Food junction. A small popiah stall next to the drink standd. Good too.
      Also in Margaret drive - the hokkien mee but the dry type (not the fried ones) .... ask for extra dark sauce ... cheap and good meals to be had here. Lunch and dinner. - Jeremy Chan
  • Marina Fiesta Foodcourt(5 Jan 1999)
    • just trying to tell all nice food eater that there is a stall selling very tasty satay and rojak at marina south (marina mall) (adjacent to the superbowl). i think the place is call marina fiesta foodcourt. though, the price is abit X but come to compare to those malay's satay that we get outside($0.30-$0.40), it is bigger by at least 2 times. And the gravy is not the watery one that you've get, it is those creamy and rich groundnut sauce that i think had long being in the book of history. in addition, they also offer very nice rojak which they take great pride to prepare. their $3 serving is equvalent to those $4 one that we can find in our neighberhood hawker centre. with all these plus point that they prosess, i can't see why they won't be the next destination for people who enjoy good satay and rojak after the famous satay club. 5 stars for the food. - Sherman
  • Marine Parade Hawker Centre
    • i think you have left out Marine Parade hawker center. There are lots of great food available there .For eg , there is this Apollo char kway tiao which have delicious satay sauce on it ( but self-service ) and also at one end corner there this Katong Chicken Curry Puff ( behind the stall selling soya bean and ching qao drink ) their curry puff is very fresh as they make , fried and sell it on the spot . especially the curry puff skin which is so crispy and hmmm.. it smell nice too ! They also sell curry powder at $2 per packet and each packet is 100 g. As for the price $0.80 each,very cheap leh , got chicken ,got curry , got potatoes . Not like those Japanese Pancakes inside only have cheese or peanut and somemore it cost $1.03 !!!! - Lydia Koh
  • Marju Avenue
    • There is a place at Ban Heng Eating House at 2 Marju Avenue near Chomp Chomp or Serangoon Gardens roundabouts where they sell very good Pei-Tan and Fish Porridge (S$2.50/S$3.00) and Fish and Chips at S$4.50 per plate. I have tasted it and it is one of the best I have eaten so far. Besides that this eating house serve a special kind of Coffee, Tea, Milo, Horlicks and you can have ice on those as well for S$1.20 and Milo Special for S$1.50 (Mixture of coffee and Milo) They also have Tea and Coffee Tarik as well. Usually very crowded. - HH Koh (dec 2000)
  • Maxwell Market (and around)
    • Black pepper pork mee
      the mee is bouncy but not tough, the pork is tasty but not over-sweet, perfectly seasoned with generous amount of black pepper, it makes a hearty dinner with the stall's other goodie, "swey gao". Only available at Maxwell market. The stall faces the carpark. - seong sin chen (February 99)
    • is a treasure throve of great eats. Here, you would also find 2 wonderful chicken rice stall near the pig trotter stall(see our hall of fame page). They both offer terrific Hainanese Chicken but if I was forced at gunpoint to chose, I would say Tien-tien is the marginally superior one.
      Another find is the porridge stall immediately on the left when one enters Maxwell Market from the carpark.
      Just look around at the people waiting patiently around the stall and the number of bowls queusing on the counter to know that fellow Singaporeans are on to something good here. MUST try the pork porridge and the raw fish. Expect to wait for about half an hour at least. The man up front is a small-sized chap who can be found darting around with great energy. This man has an incredible memory!
      Do note that they open mornings only! - Hwang Yu-Ning
    • For those of you who crave for a piece of your childhood, there is a store which sells Tang Kee (I call them UFOs). This is a dying art and I swear that no one makes them as well as the lady here. For the uninitiated, Tang Kee are UFO-shaped deep-fried doughy things stuffed with fillings of minced meat, chye and oysters. They cost $1.20 for the smaller ones and $1.50 for the slightly larger ones. If you're afraid of oil and cholesterol - forget it! These must be eaten piping fresh from the boiling oil. I always have at least 2 at one go! Hang the diet! - Remember the famous deep-fried sweet potato balls filled with meshed red beans, or chopped peanuts, or pandan coconuts, or crunchy veges ?? Well, for those 'anything deep-fried' die-hard fans like me, this is another item to look out for!
      opens till 7pm everyday, closed on Sunday. - phoinix
  • Middle Road Hawker Centre
    • Middle Road Hawker Centre (opposite Bugis Junction) I have found another unassuming hawker who takes his cooking very seriously. His carrot cake is fabulous if you like it crispy like a pancake! The portions are big for $2 and $3. But be prepared to wait cos he is very meticulous! Another great stall is the Prawn Fritter and Ngoh Hiang stall manned by a middle-aged couple who speak very good English and are very polite! The prices are reasonable. You must try the Chinese sausage, ngo hiang and prawn fritters.... they even have pig's ears and tongues, if you are interested! The couple also does not stinge on the chili and sweet sauces to accompany takeaway food. - VY
  • Newton Food Centre
    • the food over at newton is great like cockles, satay, stingray, kangkong....and many many more it's located beside newton MRT. go try it out. u won't regret. - Hakka
  • Northpoint Food Court
    • Should try the mouth-watering Beryani Chicken(spicy)with Tiger prawns.The long queue is worth the wait and it only cost $4-5.50.Kavin is the name of the Stall. - Kovalan s/o L T Ramani
  • NUS Arts' Canteen
    • NUS Arts Canteen Char Kway Teow / Hor Fun
      I think this famous stall deserves to be mentioned again. Seems this stall has a super-long history 'cos my colleague who graduated from SU in the 70's can still remember the makan!! Yum yum!! Even though I've graduated for > 2 years, when I go back to NUS (for whatever reason) I'll still eat the fantastic kway teow or hor fun. The kway teow is fried with fantastic black sauce for just the right amount of time. The eggs are evenly distributed among several servings so you can be sure you'll get your share! I've asked my boyfriend who's from Batu Pahat (food paradise...) what he thinks of the kway-teow, and he said "okay lah," which means really something.
      While you wait for your kway teow, have fun watching the aunty do her dance while she cook up your meal! Or see the uncle with the cute teeth cooking fantastic hor fun / yee mee at the other side!
      The hygiene is something else, so those who're VERY particular abt cleanliness be warned. Not for the faint-hearted (imagine the aunty using her spatula scraping all the chao-tah from the wok and conveniently dumping them outside the wok!) but the food is YUMMY so who cares?!? Usual price for 1 ingredient (beef, chinese sausage, cockles...) is $1.50. My favourite combi of beef and "harm" comes up to only $2!! - Eveline
  • Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
    • I didn't see any mention of Lor Mee or Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. There are a lot of good food in that hawker centre. Besides the Lor Mee, Hokkien Mee and Char Kway Teow is good. The hawker centre has Chinese, Indian, Malay, Western and Japanese food. Many stalls selling the Fishhead Beehoon Soup. They have Emperor Chicken in half or whole and other herbal soup. Well, have fun and go check it up!!! - Jamie Tan (dec 2000)
  • Pasir Panjang Rd Food Centre (near PSA Wharf Gate 5)
    • chut-chut and cockles
      Sambal chilli chut-chut highly recommended. You can recognise the stall by the big cuttlefishes, illuminated by spot light, hanging in front of the stall. Stall closed on Tues
    • fried Hokkien prawn noodles
      ingredients like prawn and squid are fresh. Price from $2.Stall closed on Sun
    • special Roti-John
      Comes with choice of sardine, tuna, chicken as fillings. Price from $2.50. Stall open during evening time. - Pek Yoong
  • Pasir Panjang Village
    • Coffee Hub
      At Pasir Panjang Village there is a small shopping centre - South Bouna Vista Centre. If you are around at PP Village, make it a point to go the SBV Centre - there is a cafe called Coffee Hub when they serve great fish and chips and grilled salmon. They also serve a wide range of coffee and wine. Don't miss it. - Amanda (February 99)
    • I am not sure if you are aware of a chain of restaurants at the corner between South Buona Vista Road and old Pasir Panjang Road, next to South Buona Vista shopping centre, called Pasir Panjang Village. The shops serve a variety of cuisines, including Indonesian in Sari Mas, Swiss in Restaurant Lucerne, Fusion food in China Blue, French Vietnamese in Qhue, Spanish food (there is a tapas bar there) and mediterranean seafood. There are also 2 dedicated (local) seafood restaurants there (Ubin seafood and wharf seafood) So the choice is quite wide. There is a covered mall at the back which is open and breezy, in which you can eat,and there is a very good ambience, facilitating a very pleasant meal. Food quality is quite good. After the meal, there is always Mata Hari, if you are thirsty. We Pasir Panjang residents find it closer to us than Holland Village, and go there for a good night out. We want to share it with the rest of Singapore - Jenny Soon
  • Prinsep Street
    • Hyde Park Cafe at prinsep street. reggie and bee serve a mean dish of curry fish head. reeeally appetising. but try also their fried long beans, omelette, stir-fried everything. you musn't leave without tasting the coffee. with a bit of nudging they also serve, not on the menu, superb pancakes with ice-cream. bee must be cursing me for divulging this. - seong sin chen (February 99)
  • Queenstown blk 40A Food Centre - Recommended Food:
    • Char Kuay Teow open everyday except Sunday from 5pm to 10pm. Expect a long queue every time you want to eat. Price range from $2 no egg, $2.5 with egg, $3 with egg and extra cockle.
    • 2nd Food: Fried Hokkien Mee. Nice texture with good amount of ingredients. Price range from $2.5, $3, $5 and $10. store name I don't know. It located at corner, beside the fried 'you tiao' store.
    • 3rd Food: Western Food. A must try is the chicken cutlet, price at $5.5, I think? Located just beside the fried 'you tiao' store. Store name call 'ye lei xiang' in chinese pronunciation. Open Monday to Thursday only.
    • Lastly: Fish Ball Noodle. Store name I don't know. Two lady handle the store, one fat lady take order one thin lady prepared the noodle to be served. Price range from $2, $2.5 and $3.- Ng Cheekai
  • Queensway hawker centre
    • There's a good cantonese restaurant serving very tasty hor fun fried with fish meat and spring sprout. This is their specialty. There's other nice dishes as well ... like the steam fish head in hot chilly bean paste. - Philip Chen
    • The BBQ stingray, for both stalls. The Claypot Bak Kut Teh is the best. - Angela Ng
  • Raffles City - Westin STamford Hotel
    • Good place to go to, is the Kopi Tiam Restaurant at Westin Stamford...value for money food with good ambience, no need to suffer from the queues. All the good taste of local hawker food with the ambience of a restaurant. Laksa, Nasi Goreng, chicken rice and rojak all at reasonable prices. Open from 12 noon for lunch till 10.30pm at night. No reservatinos needed although preferred. - Francis Goh
  • Rasa Marina
    • siok! the stall(beside Meng Kee noodle stall) simply offers the best Clay Pot Rice and Stingrays in town! With it's unique ikan bilis-chilli, it complements the main dishes so well that it's too good to give this stall a miss! - Siew
  • Redhill market/hawker centre
    • This place has a very good variety of food - carrot cakes, pau, Hokkien mee, deserts, prawn noodles, curry rice, wantan mee, kueh kueh and many more. Some stores sell the same variety ie. carrot cakes but they are fried in different styles. The prices are also cheap - 1980's price and this place has a long history. It is better than the ABC market. - Bobby Teh
  • River Valley Road
    • Yes! The famous Cantonese chicken rice Boon Tong Kee has finally joined us at RIVER VALLEY ROAD.Opens past twelve.Besides their famous chicken rice,they also serve great fish-head and pork ribs.Friendly staff will never forget to tempt you into trying their homemade lime juice.Place is nice,clean and bright.Just next to 7-ELEVEN and 2 bus stops from my place.- KURK.
  • SAFRA Seasports Centre
    • The food are just delicious eg the Soombong sotong. Most of them are local favs. u get a soombong sotong for as cheap as $4 and a big bowl of fish head curry to be shared among 4 big guys for $32.Must try. SAFRA Changi. It is opened from 11am to 11pm. - Jasmin
  • Scotts's Food Court
    • Hey, the Penang laksa at Scott's food court is delicious and so is the stall next to it which sells northern Indian food. - Collin
  • Sembawang Road
    • Chye Lye restaurant located across the Road from Sembawang shopping centre serves great fish head curry. Other dishes to try are the deep fried prawns, frog legs and spring chicken. Coffee shop ambience. They close on Mondays, however. - Collin Fernandez
  • Serangoon
    • Serangoon garden market sell very excellent Char Kway Teow.... I think it is one of the best Char Kway teow in town.....
      There is one tim sium stall that sell char siew bao, vegetabil bao.. it is also at serangoon garden road. it is at the coffee shop... outside there isa carpark....
      Serangoon north ave 1 blk 153, sell very nice Roti Prata, roast duck and hainense chicken rice.... It is excellent........ - Kevin (dec 99)
  • Serangoon Gardens - Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre
    Take a look at Ng Wee Kwang's page!
    • Best Dishes : Carrot Cake, Hokkien Noodles, Ngoh Hiang - Bernard Yap
    • Chomp Chomp night hawker center. u can find a wide variety of food there (ie. 2 stalls of fried carrot cake, 3 stalls of dessert-ice kachang etc, fishball stall, western food-chicken chop, satay stall, satay bee hoon, chicken rice, fishball noodle, wantan mee, porridge, grilled chicken wings, seafood-all of a sudden, i could not remember the name of the fish that is square?? ) that about covers much of it. am i making u hungry?
      to end it all, there are a haagen-dazs cafe, cake shops, a japanese restaurant, chinese restaurants right across the street. besides, the above, there are coffee shops selling chay qua tiao, chicken rice (not bad!!), roti prata, kentucky fried chicken, russia restaurant, western restaurant run by christians, another branch of the famous Jimmy's chain of restaurants, a cafe selling fish head curry (not bad too!!) and cheap chicken chop!! (in a restaurant atmosphere), a pizza house (only take-aways) and last but not least (i may have missed out any) a seafood restaurant which was just recently started by serangoon garden country club. this restaurant, called jumbo restaurant, boosts karoake facilities while u're eating, a hugh screen for those who cannot afford the room charges. the food there is not bad, and i love the buns that u eat with the chilli crabs' sauce!!! - Carole
  • Serangoon Rd. and Opal Crescent
    • There is a foodstall at the corner of Serangoon Rd. and Opal Crescent which attracts so much people that I think if I want to eat there, I have to take leave from work and go there to line up at 4pm for dinner. I have been there 3 times, as early as 5.30 pm, but not able to get a seat. Even if I manage to get a seat, the waiting time is so long for the food that I can read half a novel by Mishima.
      The tables and chairs overflow to the nextdoor shops and into the back-lanes. I don't know what is so good about it. The food I saw was: Fish steamboat with yams and vegetables, braised pig's tendons, kang kong with rehydrated cuttlefish, steamed freshwater prawns, and oyster omelette.
      If you eat there, yell me what is so wonderful about it - Tian Khean
  • Short Street
    • Just thought people would like to know the two famous eateries at Short Street, just diagonally opposite Paradiz Centre, next to the night club. The famous Rochore Rd tau huay (soybean curd and milk) is now just next to the Mama store. Their old location, next to the bakery, is now taken over by the landlord who set up his own tau huay store. It's not that good, so go back to the other famous one. The new store (next to the Mama store) is called the Rochore Restaurant. Yummy. The other humble eatery worth mentioning is the Fishball Noodles at the corner coffeeshop right at the end of SHort Street. The ingredients are very fresh, the fishballs are hand made and very fresh. Double yummy! But long wait, lemme warn you! - Corinne
  • Siglap
    • Lemo Grass - Same row of shop houses with KFC and Pizza Hut.
      I love the soft shell crabs, Olive rice, fish"more" soup (spelling.). Tom Yam soup is really spicy. Nice but spoils the fun of eating the other dishes. Hurts your tongue. Must try SOFT SHELL CRAB! - xteam
  • Simpang Bedok - (opposite the army camp):
    • All the food there are very nice especially the rojak and the cheng tng.The price are reasonable and the place is always crowded. Expect to share table . - Nizam
  • Sin Ming Rd Blk 24
    • Roti Prata - if you think the Jln Kayu or the Sembawang Rd/Yio Chu KangRd/Casuarina Rd pratas are good, then you haven't tried the one at Sin Ming Rd Blk 24 coffeeshop. This guy used to be at the old cornershophouse at Bukit timah Rd and Cluny Rd junction where chaeuffers from huge cars use to queue. The pratas are fantastic. And what's more, you pay 50 cents for a much bigger piece than the shrinking Jln Kayu pratas. Also, must try the chicken curry - tastes heavenly. - Dennis Ng
  • Off Sixth Ave along Bukit Timah
    • FULL HOUSE coffeeshop, fantastic black pepper beef (stir fry), salad prawn, lemon chicken and great roti prata - Swee Bee.
    • Not a reccomendation, but a commendation! - Tried the restaurant "FULL HOUSE", it was a most wonderful makan experience! I was out of new places to go to eat, so I tried looking for a reccomended restaurant near my area and Whallah! I've linked my home-page to you now, so my friends will be able to share in such a wonderful "Makan" link! - Terrence
  • Tampines Mall
    • Found this newly opened cafe at Tampines Mall... EATZ UNLIMITED! Does REALLY DELICIOUS pasta, gourmet burgers, East-Meets-West cuisine, and specialty coffees, ice mochas etc. And the price is as wonderful too... it's unbelievable what a wonderful meal you can get for the low prices you pay! I've been there several times, and I intend to go back for more! - Josie
  • Tanjong Pagar Hawker Centre (Above the wet market) has 2 outstanding stalls:
    • 1. Ice-kacang: For $0.70, you get a full bowl ice topped with Carnation milk and Red Bean cooked so that it doesn't taste powdery and ground roasted peanuts. There are goodies under the ice too. Make sure you get the right stall, which is nearer the bridge leading to Tanjong Pagar Shopping Complex.
    • 2. Fried Carrot Cake: If you like your carrot cake a little soft, this is the place to find it. For $2, you get a filling plate of soft cha tao kway. None of that stuff that they push out elsewhere with plenty of egg and not enough carrot cake. - Chris Tan
  • Tiong Bahru market hawker centre
    • Food there is great. The fried carrot cake, near to the fried oyster there. BBQ chicken wings taste great. Porridge is nice if you are not hungry. Pau is well-known. Chwee Kuay is also best in town. - Angela Ng
    • The fish porridge is delicious and get there early as business is so good that it's finished even before 8pm or 9pm. BBQ chicken wings is also highly recommended. - Verena
    • I like to go to Tiong Bahru market hawker centre. Why?
      You can get:
      1. Pau - char siew pau, meat pau, red bean... very good pau!:-) (5 pm to 9 pm)
      2. Teowchew crystal pau.....this stall is the best! (Tue to Sat 5.30 pm to 9 pm, close on Sun and Mon)
      3. Cantonese fish porridge/chicken rice......yummy yummy!
      4. Loh Mee (2 stalls inside the market, the one w/long queue) (Lunch time)
      4. BBQ chicken wings......
      5. Oyster omelette...
      And many more....but these are the stalls that i like best! - Dione
    • I think the stalll selling roasted duck, char siew ,roasted pork is good. Beside that they also sell chicken wings, pork ribs and thats all taste good. the jian bo shui kweh over there is great. The koh's brothers' selling the soup is great too.And all this is located at tiong Bahru market and food centre. - Yvonne_ (Jan 2001)
  • Toa Payoh Lor :
    • at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 (Blk 127), u can find the best Hokkien Mee, Carrot cake ... at Blk 123 n' 128, the best Cze Cha store - Christen
  • Toa Payoh Lor 5 Hawker Centre:
    • char kway teow - two stalls side by side selling one of the best kway teow this side of the island. Competition ensures quality and quantity with low prices. If you like your kway teow similiar to the one at Newton (wet and messhy), then this is the place. Actually, the two hawkers look quite alike. wonder if they are brothers.
    • Flour noodles (with the ikan bilis and egg in the soup)- this stall serves good flour noodles. A must try if you're in the vicinity.
    • Kway chap - very good kway chap. Intestines are very well cleaned. Gravy is sweet (not MSG spiked!) and clear. Portions are generous.
    • Fish ball noodles - No need to say anything here. Just ask the people around the neighbourhood. One of the best in Singapore. Although I'm not a fish ball noodles fan, my friends swear by this stall. - Dennis Ng
    • just to add to Dennis Ng's recommendations at the Toa Payoh lor 5 hawker centre. There's a fried hokkien mee that's ooh so delicious. Certainly one of the best I've tasted. Its a treat to watch the cooking skills of the Ah Pek as he goes thru the motions. Alongside this stall is one that sells BBQ chicken wings which go along with the fried hokkien mee. - Denis Chua
  • Transit Food Center - opposite the new Lau Pa Sat.
    Closed, see Where to Find page for the whereabout of the hawkers.
  • Upper Paya Lebar Road
    • Claypot fish head steamboat and claypot dish

      Hi, have you guys hear of the new one in town located at No 145 Upper Paya Lebar Road in - Family Eating House, there is a claypot stall name Le Le Claypot kitchen serve all dishes in claypot, it taste yummy and cheap - must really try it with no regret. And they do sell claypot fish head steamboat at only $25 serve in the big claypot and it taste real good.
      I had accidentally found out this stall with my friends once we were looking for something special and there we tried the food there it really worth and the coffee shop is bright and clean, and best of all I think the claypot stall has a excellent serving attitude, my friends all do agree with me, so guys you must really check it out. - Poh (2003 Oct)
  • Victoria Street
    • Jin Soon(Fried Oyster, Char Kway Tiao, Carrot Cake, Fried Hokkien Mee & Oyster Omelete). This is all the items that this store is selling.. The fried oyster and carrot cake have the tradition taste that i can hardly find in local.. The oyster is fresh and big and the chilli is best of the best.. Is fragrant and there nothing much i can compare. The Char Kway Tiao is slippery and bit of oil and when you shallow it, you will never forget the taste. If i were to give stars, out of 10 i will give 10.. It is located at Victorial Street next to Allson hotel. Best Try!!! - Ichi Ban (2004)
  • West Coast Hawker Centre
    • Here's to add to your collection of "good food hawker Centres". West Coast hawker centre the hawker centre that had been burnt down twice so far! The malay food is superb, the Chinese Roasted Chicken rice is great, the barbequed stingray is wonderful and basically all the food there is really mmmm........ Enjoy makaning! - Rose Ang
  • West Mall Food Court
    • black pepper udon noodles - Running of black pepper, but their soup udon noodles are great too! Another recommendation - first stall selling Dim Sum especially their Chee Cheong Fun. They come with crab meat, pork or prawns (best). Their sauce taste right for the food. - TSY
  • World Trade Centre (food centre right across)
    • Anyone who craves for a bowl of good seafood soup or fish soup on a cold day can try this stall. The stall is called "Hao Wei". Very nice clear soup laced with fish slices (NO BONES!), fish balls, veggies, tofu etc etc. Terrific to the taste buds! Best seafood soup ever tasted! Long queues during lunch time, so be warned! - XUESS!
  • Zhu Jiao Market (K K Market)
    • 1) No. 1389 - Teochew family selling soon kueh, koo chai kueh, rice cake, yam cake and many more delicious foods at very reasonable price.
      2) Bak Koot Teh - the name of the shop is K K - Peggy Chan (February 99)

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