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Hokkien Mee

Specially for JC, I think this is the way my mom does it. No measurements for this dish, follow your instinct :-) The dish is somewhat wet and the cooking is done in lightning speed if your stove is strong. Gook luck and let me know how it turns out.


thick yellow noodle (oil noodle)

chili paste (optional)

sotong (squid) - small rings

fatty pork - thin slices

garlic - chopped

prawns - shelled leaving tail

bean sprouts

fish cakes - sliced

fish sauce

chives - chopped





note :  if you do know like msg, you may consider replacing that with



Heat oil in wok and fry garlic and chili paste till fragrant, add sotong, 

prawns, fatty pork, fish cakes and splash some fish sacue over(it 

should steam).   Throw in the noodle, add salt, msg, toss and mix well.

Push everything aside, add oil in the middle of wok, break the eggs and 

scramble them. before it's too well cooked, throw in the bean sprouts 

and mix everything up.  Throw in some water, cover and cook briefly till

noodles are wet and juicy.

Served immediately with chives sprinkled over.

Compiled by - Thian
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