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Soup good for congested chests and sore throats

Well, I actually learnt his one from a friend, Su-ling, who stayed in HK 

for 4 years. HK's famous for their Doubled-boiled soup. There are said to 

build up your immune system. Drinking one everyday is the best. Boil from 

morning till dinner time!

$4-5 loin pork

1 tray of chicken feet from supermarket

a handful of red beans

a handful of peanuts

6 chinese preserved date

6 waltnuts, de-shelled

a handful of kum-si (red nuts with chalky white insides)

2 slices dried orange peel

6 bowls of water

1. Boil the pork and chicken feet together. While waiting for it to boil, 

boil 6 bowls of water in kettle. Throw the rest of the ingredients into a 

pot and rinse once.

2. Throw away water from the boiled pork and chicken. 

3. Add in the rinsed ingredients and boiling water. 

4. Cover and boil over slow fire for at least 5 hours.

5. Serve hot.

Special thanks to - Su-Ling
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