Checklist of Purchases

Baby’s Room

Baby’s Cot

Changing table (optional)

Cupboard or Chest of Drawers


PILCHERS (pants worn over nappies)

A basket full of diaper/cotton balls etc.

Thermometer (Check room temperature)

Nail clippers

Drapolene cream to prevent nappy rash

Oil for wind (Ru yi or ‘White Tree Oil’)

Ziplock bags for checkups and outings. Use to store soiled pampers or nappies.

Woodward’s Gripe Water


Baby bathing


Baby bath tub

Bath mat

Bath towel

Bath sponge (optional, small cotton handkerchief from Chinatown would suffice)

Baby soap/ bath lotion (Johnson’s baby foam bath recommended, use very little for each bath)

Baby shampoo

Baby vest

Disposable diapers (Pampers Newborn recommended for night use, Searlers is cheaper-day use)

Baby blanket

Cotton diapers

Cotton buds

Sterile thermoplastic tray with swabs & swabsticks

A jug of cool boiled water

Polythene bag for soiled diapers

Baby oil

Baby changing mat

Rubber mat

Dish/ container (to wash baby’s face)

Baby powder with puff (medicated baby powder recommended)

Tissue paper

Care of the Umbilical Cord Stump

Sterile swab applicators

Sterile cotton swabs

Sterile container for cord spirit

Cord spirit

Laundry for Baby Clothes

Buckets with lids

Nappy detergent

Nappy softener

Basket for baby laundry

Clothes hanger for drying

Feeding Baby

Milk bottles & small sized teats (NUK recommended, buy 2 first)

Bottle scrub brush

Warmer cum carrier bag

Thermometer (to use when baby is unwell)

Large pan/pot (for sterilising)

Tongs (to handle hot bottles)

6-Bottle Electric Steam Steriliser (optional)

Milk containers





Rubber protectors




Baby carrier


Toys & Playstuff



Baby gym

Mummy Care

Maternity Dress/ Pyjamas with Front opening for breast feeding

Breast cream (Lansinoh recommended)

Cotton balls (Sterile)

Nursing pads

Disposible panties

Sanitary pads (Whisper - Long Ultra dry recommended)

Bedroom slippers

Painkillers (with doctors prescription only)

Nursing pads

Breast pump

Other optional items

Plastic bowl/ container, 10-12 inch diameter for both baby and mother.

Electrical Flask (autoboil), quick access to boiling water for milk

Thermoflask without autoboil, for mum’s drinking water

Claypot or double boil claypot for mum’s confinement soup

Claypot or earthenware for cooking pig’s trotters in ginger and black vinegar

2 pails for mum’s bathing and face cleansing.