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Maggie's Clay Pot Rice

I believe this is the way my sister Maggie does it. The best way to cook it is of course in a clay pot over the stove, but you could used just any pot that could take a little burning. The "real thing" tends to be somewhat greasy and has always a crispy, sometimes a little burnt layer of rice underneath(that's the part I love best!!) and the claypot itself is black and burnt. That's also how I tell a "real" claypot rice from the common commercial "normal rice served in claypot." version.



chinese sausages

salted fish - tiny pieces, without bones

spring onion - chopped


sesame oil

ginger - shredded

dark soya sauce

light saya sauce

blachan(dried shrimp paste)		)

lime					)	for sambal blachan

chili padi (very hot small chili)	)


Cook rice separately in a rice cooker or a pot.  When it's done, 

put a plate of Chinese sausages on top to steam.

Brown shredded ginger in oil, throw in the chicken, add 

dark soya sauce, light soya sauce and cook till it's done.  Add 

a little water if necessary.  Splash a little sesame oil and set 

aside.  Make sure there is enough sauce for the amount of rice 

you've cooked.

Brown salted fish in oil and set aside.

Put cooked rice in an oiled clay pot and cook over medium heat till 

the bottom is crispy.  

Put all the ingredients over and pour in the sauce, splash in addictional

black soya sauce, sprinkle some spring onion over and serve.

It's to be eten all mixed up acompanied by sambal blanchan.

To make sambal blachan:

Grill blachan over fire till fragrant.

Pound small chilis,  add blachan and pound till it's well mixed.

Put in small dish and squeeze lime over.

Compiled by - Thian
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