Makan Time in Singapore

Contributed : My mom


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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Ingredients for rice, chicken and soup:


	medium tender free range chicken 

	Ginger - shredded fine

	Garlic  - shredded fine

	a few cloves

	1 or 2 cinnamon

	some Pandan leaves (for soup and rice)

	some salt



Cook chicken in water with Pandan leaves and salt (to taste). 

Do not overcook chicken - 20 to 30 minutes.  Remove Chicken, 

let cool and cut into serving size. Keep the stock for rice and soup.

Fry shredded ginger and garlic with oil till golden fragrant, add to rice. 

Pour in chicken stock, add cinnamon, cloves, Pandan leaves and cook 

(in a rice cooker) as usual.

Add lettuce (or other leafy veg) to remaining boiling chicken stock and 

turn off heat.  Do not cook the lettuce.

Ingredients for chili sauce:

	fish sauce


	fresh red chilies


	local lime




Put garlic and ginger in mixer and grind till rather fine.  Add vinegar, 

fish sauce, salt and sugar to taste.  Squeese lime while serving.

Ingredients for garnish:


	tomatoes - sliced 

	cucumber - remove skin, sliced

	roasted sesame seed	

	sesame oil

	light soya sauce

	pineapple - sliced 

To Serve:

Put chicken in the middle, sliced tomotoes, pineapple  and cucumber 

by the side.  Splash with light soya sauce, a little sesame oil and top with


Remove Pandan, cloves and cinnamon from rice.  Fill rice in a bowl 

(used like a mould ), and transfer onto plate.  Add some tomatoes,

pineapple and cucumber to the side.  Served with soup and chili sauce

in separate bowls. 

Note :  In Singapore, food on a plate is eaten with a spoon and a folk. 

Source - My mom
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