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  • Is there any good wah kway out there? please email me!
  • Where have all the hawkers from Farrer Park Food Centre moved to? Please let me konw
  • Looking for Beef Doner Kebabs - where they slice the meat off while it is on the spit .. please email me!

  • Ah bo leng
    • Ah Balling (Glutinous ball peanut soup) - One of the best compared to the one in old Ellenborough Market. It's situated on the second floor of Beach Road Hawker Center. It's got a "B" grade. By the way, our MOE now grades the hawker from A to D for cleanliness of their stall. - Grindle (February 99)
    • Teochew Street ak bo leng stall is now located at Kreta Ayer Market (Chinatown) 2nd floor. - Weng Yew & Christine
    • I've another recommendation for ah bo leng. BEACH ROAD!!! Golden Mile Hawker (2nd Floor). The stall was there for the past decade. I believe the present seller is the 2nd / 3rd generation. Personally they are the best among the others. (I've tried both of them --- Clementi & Chinatown. Regards - Grace Tay (February 99)
    • your readers might want to know about the good "ah-balling" (glutinous ball with peanut, seseame, red bean etc filling in pandan soup) that was at Ellenborough Market. The shop's name is Hai Seng and it's moved to Chinatown Complex hawker centre (along Smith Street). Stall no is 02-90. It's still as good!!! Spread the word 'cos I don't want the stall to close 'cos people can't find it. - FHY
    • Clementi ave 3 BLk 445 Coffeeshop
      Great glutinous rice ball served piping hot. Very popular with the residents in Clementi. The rice balls are supposed to be hand-made, and come with 3 types of filling: peanuts, red bean, and sesame. The soup is not the normal clear type; it's real yummy peanut soup with lots of soft yummy peanuts!! Yumsest!!! Comes in servings of 4, 5 and 7. (5 is enough to fill you up - the rice balls are LARGE!) Prices from $1.20 to $2. You can add yu-tiao but somehow supplies usu run out. The stall is self-service (one-man operated) so donch run away after placing your order or the poor stallholder has to abandon his stall to deliver your goodies! - Eveline
    • Jalan Sultan Food Market. 2nd Storey. "Ah-Bo-Leng" served with sweet soft peanuts soup. 4 types of fillings are available - red bean, yam, sesame and peanuts. Prices ranges from $1.20 (for 4) to $2 (for 8). You can throw in a packet of you-tiao (Fried dough) for 30cents as well. Simply one of the best I have tasted. One can't find such peanuts soup anymore as it takes a whole day to stew the peanuts soft. Do hunt for it while you are there - it's a delicacy not to be missed! - XUESS!(jun 99)
  • Bah Kut Teh
    • Check out the great Bah Kut Teh at Toa Payoh Lor 8 Hawker Centre . It has been there for 20 odd years and only opens after 6 pm daily. Try the side dishes as well , like the boiled peanuts ( so tender ........), salted vegetables ,ooooooh so lamak !!!!!!!! - Christine 2
    • Best Bak Kut Teh can be found at the Lakeview food centre, right at the end near the housing board shops. 1 Jun, 1997 - Angela Khoo
    • Circular Rd. Bak Kut Teh. In a quaint coffee shop, the road behind Boat Quay. The tenderest ribs, pig trotters, liver,kidney, There are many Bak Kut Teh but few are outstanding. This is one. - Ng Tian Khean
    • Upper Serangoon Road - Just opposite Upper Serangoon Shopping Center there is a 24 hrs corner coffeeshop selling delicious traditional claypot "Bak Gut Teh" from 5 pm - 5 am. Try it now! - Evan Tay
    • The Circular Rd Bah Kut Teh stall... soup is not aromatic ....not as outstanding as some would commend..... sometimes ppl only go (for the yuppies) to be seen at Boat Quay eating local food....
      Try the one at Rangoon Road.... they dont have it at nite.... but one of their partners left and opened one for nite biz.... opp. Jln Besar Stadium..... - Eliza
    • Hua Kee Bah Kut Teh - Whampoa market
      Psst.. pssst... calling all bak kut teh lovers!! Have you tried out the bak kut teh stall at the Whampoa market? It's called Hua Kee Bak Kut Teh, serves really great pork legs and the bak kut is really nice! With a price that won't kill, it's worth giving it a try. It's open daily except on Monday, from 9am to somewhat 9pm, sometimes there's either not enough of rice, or meats, so better be there early!! - David Nah
    • Heng Heng Bah Kut Teh - Owen Road
      Of so many bah kut teh, I think their is one of the best. Mainly due to the herbs they used, one person can only have one serving of soup, no more, no less. Rather spicy and as a warning. Many of those crazy over bah kut teh, esp Ah Moh and Japanese love it and they end up going there very often. - Andrea Yeo
    • East Coast Hawker Center
      there's a good bak ku teh at the east coast hawker centre. they only sell until mid-noon. the soup is no nonsense and the ribs are lean and meaty (from good cut). their stewed pig's trotters are as big as your knuckles! And they taste fabulous together with the sauce. the stall also serve "mei chay" (very authentic). Go & try immediately! - Michael Low
    • Ah Soon's New World Bakuteh in Tyrrwhitt Road opposite Jalan Besar Stadium.Opens from 7am till 10pm. - Lim Lim
  • Bah Chor Mee/ Ruo cuo Mian
    • Tampines St 72, Block 742 coffeeshop: the noodles stall there has one of the best tastes I ever had. The dry barchor mee and fishball noodles. The Tze Char there is not bad too. - Kogen Chan
    • I refer to smDragonís review of the bak chor mee in Toa Payoh Lor 1 next to the wet market. I couldn't agree more that it is one of the best, traditional teochew bak chor mee around.
      The bak chor mee, especially mee pok dry, tastes great with the flavourful mushrooms, generous dash of vinegar and crispy tau pok (fried lard). The noodles are also al-dente and not overcooked. However, it is the heavenly chilli sauce which makes all the difference. My Malaysian friends who are working in Singapore said this stallís bak chor mee would be one dish they would miss when they return home.
      This hawker centre (itís Blk 132 or 130) would be demolished soon this coming December and the hawkers are relocating to the newly constructed centre behind. The bak chor mee uncle said he would operate in the daytime as well in the evenings when they relocate. And like smDragon, I hope uncle will put some tee po (dried solefish) and also maintain the same prices when he moves! - EpicureanSg
    • Very nice, noodles not too thick (in between the size of mee-po and mee-kia). Good sauce prepared specially by the hawker. Cheap at only $3. Besides the ingredients,with the specially prepared chilli sauce and vinegar, really makes my mouth waters. This stall can be found at the night-market at Toa Payoh Lorong 5. Have to wait for some time for the food but is really worth the wait cos' the noodles are REALLY GOOD!!! - Goei Sang Lang (February 99)
    • The Mince meat noodles in the food center in Marina Square(open air) is the best I've eaten. Expect to wait for around 30mins though. The price is quite expensive ($4,$5,and $6)...but the ingredients are quote plentiful. You can't miss it...its the only stall there with a long queue. - Ang Kian Seng
    • Nothing beats the Bak Cho Mee stall in Paradize Food Court. The fantastic concoction of sambal chilli, sauce and vinegar is ultimate. Not to mention the exquisite taste of their tie-poh (dried flat fish) and their meat ball. Definitely the elite of bak cho mee. - Alex Ang
    • Everytime I go home, the first place my parents take me from the airport (even before going home) is this hawker center next to the Bedok police station (the big blue one). There's this Bah Cho Mee store there that's REALLY good...the soup is very spicy and shiok and the pork balls are to die for. It's open at very weird really early in the morning (about 5-10 am) and really late at night. (from about 8 or 9 pm to 3 am) NB there are two bah cho mee stores's the one on the left. (more in the middle) can see them both from the road. - Cheryl Tan
    • There is this little known place called Trademart Singapore at Martin Road (off River Valley Road) which has a pretty 'cool' canteen. Clean, air-conditioned and good selection of food, with ample paid parking. The 'bak cho mee' here is one of the best I've tried. The fishball is fresh with lots of minced pork. Who knows, as a bonus, you may get to buy branded clothes at bargain prices if one of Trademart's tenants decides to have a sale at the function room. - Gary Chow
    • This isn't about the mee siam....but the ba cho mee at paradiz centre food court deserves mention here... - Bien
    • There are different versions of Bah Cho Mee. The one I'd hihgly recommend for an authentic Teochew taste is a small unnoticeable stall at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Hakwe Centre next to the Wet Market. It operates only in the evening. Unfortunately they don"t provide Tee-Poh (the dried fish). Otherwise it would be perfect. Price starts from S$2.00 (used to be S$ 1.50 some months ago)per bowl. Bring your table cloth and a bottle of Italian wine. Have fun !!! - smDragon
    • Sorry not about mee siam but how can anyone miss the famous High Street Centre Teow Chew Bak Cho Mee which has a branch over the Marina Centre Food Court ( the non airconed one ). - Carey
    • There are different versions of Bah Cho Mee. The one I'd hihgly recommend for an authentic Teochew taste is a small unnoticeable stall at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Hakwe Centre next to the Wet Market. It operates only in the evening. Unfortunately they don"t provide Tee-Poh (the dried fish). Otherwise it would be perfect. Price starts from S$2.00 (used to be S$ 1.50 some months ago)per bowl. Bring your table cloth and a bottle of Italian wine. Have fun !!! - smDragon
    • The best Bah Cho Mee/ Ruo cuo Mian I have eaten is at the West Coast Drive Hawker center. It is even better than the ones at Marina Square and Paradize Food Court which I have tried. The price is cheaper at $2 and $3. The $2 serving is more than what you can get anywhere. Most importantly, the superb preparation of ingredients such as sambal chilli, mushroom, mushroom sauce combined with vinegar and good quality key-poh (dried flat fish which taste much better) is simply unmatchable. One special mention is the minced pork is pre-prepared with other ingredient that somehow make it taste better. Please try it out yourself of the one of the last un-commercialize/ traditional Bah Cho Mee around. - Stanley Teo
    • There's a stall on the 2nd floor of Kreta Ayer Food Market, sited side-facing Smith Street, selling good Teochew Bak Cho Mee. Comes in $2 and $3, with good servings of mince pork, different types of fish cakes, prawns, seaweed, dumplings and fried flat fish pieces! Love the chilli! Make a good lunch!!! - XUESS!
    • I Strongly recommed the Nah Cho Mee at AV hawker at alexendra road. The man selling the noodles is a bit of limping. VERYYY nice. - Dawn Lee (Jun 99)
    • Chinatown Food Market, 2nd storey, wing facing Smith Street, last row. The store serves with purple bowls. Fantastic noodles! For $3, come with 3 prawns (not slices), several types of fish balls/sticks, dumplings and served with tung-ho (crysanthemum leaves). Chilli paste is heavenly too! - XUESS! (jun 99)
    • Has anyone tried the bah cho mee in AMK central hawker centre??? it's called Hup Hup....real good man! and best of all....value for maoney too! the soup version is definitely better than the dry version! - Yew Meng (jun 99)
    • although i have not tried on the noodles this website had recommended, except for the one in blk85 market in bedok north, which i think is not very nice, i feel the one in blk 511 bedok north st.3 is the best. the stall name itself is ABC. try it and u definitely will agree. operating hours is in the morning. - Goh Chun Peng (apr 2000)
    • Bak Chor Mee>>>Please publish this because it's really very good! This is my favourite hunt for food during midnight.It's at Blk 85 situated at Bedok North beside a police station you can see it from the roadside.To confirm, there's a NTUC nearby the hawker centre.Mind you, therre's two stall situated side by side.The stall is at the corner from the right, with a Mickey taste better.The specially homemade chilli sauce and the bouncy meatball is highly recommended! Warning: Have to wait at least 20 minutes for it's long queue.Operation hour is from 6:30pm to 1am.Hurry!!Try it!! - Glan Chew (dec 2000)
  • Ban Jian Kueh (pancake)
    • Pancake King at 228 Sims Ave(Corner of Lorong 23 Geylang) & Victoria Food Court - 50 years old recipe from Penang. No oil, vegetarian, healthy yet tasty!! Best of all, it gives unconditional "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" on its food. The best peanut and red bean pancake (Ming Chiang Kueh) I can find in Singapore. Can contact them at 7474546 if you want to order in quantity. Besides, they also have very solid and sinful chocolate cake as well as other tasty cakes. - Rena Chin (February 99)
    • Check it out the best ban jian kueh in town. It is situated at Punggol wet market - at the junction of Hougang Ave.7 & Tampines Road. It is reasonably price, service is good and if you eat on the stop - you would wants to queue to buy more! - Danial Lim
    • there's one great store in Clementi (at the coffee-shop facing the main road, behind the Clementi Theatre) known as 'Ah Gu's Ban Chiang Kueh' and you must try it! - yoki (dec 99)
    • Located at Blk 159 Mei Ling Steet Market #02-107F (not quite sure of the unit number but easily recognize with the stall at its left and right which sells porridge and vegetarian food respectively. Near to the staircase.) Although the owner just start the business not long ago, many customers who patronised the stall have many good comments about the pancakes and many would come back for more. As usual, they have peanuts or red bean as the fillings for the pancakes.
      Opening Hours : from 7am to 1pm.
      How Much? : $0.50 for one piece Or $5.00 per pan (11 pieces).
      Where? : Blk 159 Mei Ling Steet Market
      Nearest MRT : Queenstown MRT (turn to your right to the escalater and walk towards the HDB flats.) - Tammy Tan (dec 2000)
  • BBQ chicken wings
    • Specially for those chicken wings craving dude. Its located at Commonwealth Crescent Hawker Centre. I can't recall the stall name but its is facing the main car park. You will never miss its, just look out for the stall with longest Q everynight....Really everynite i am not joking....longest Q. Best fried chicken wings and cheapest fried mee hoon u can ever find in town!!!! So what u waiting for? Go down and check it out yourself!!! PS The stall open till about 2.00 am. - Lee Kok Yong
    • I know this place at the Punngol Park Bicycle Kiosk Selling BBQ Chicken Wings, Satays, Dried Bean Curds and You Tiao. The Chicken Wings is very nice. Waiting time is about 30 mins - Adrian
    • The place is near the Clementi MRT (next to NTUC fairprice & clementi bookstore). The taste is great, especially with coleslaw that go with them :). They also have fried chicken that taste pretty good too. The price is good, at least student can pay :) (S$2.5 for chicken wing+rice and S$3.5 for 1/2 chicken+rice) The place is very crowded at lunch and dinner time. They open from 11 am until midnight or when their stock sold out. So for chicken lover, it's worth to try. - aang
  • BBQ Seafood
    • I came across this really BBQ seafood stall at Bedok North Hawker centre. Think it should be Blk 85. The chilli is very addictive as I just can't seem to get enough of it. It's better to go on weekdays as I always have to wait for more than hlaf an hour on weekends. Note that there are 2 stalls there and the one in the middle is the better one. - jianxing (jun 99)
    • BBQ Stingray. I know this stall in Alexandra market directly opposite the Bukit Merah SAFRA. They sell the best BBQ stingray topped with the hottest mouth watering chilli. The stall is distinctively larger and unmissable, just look out for two combined stalls with young stallholders who wear thick gold chains and bracelets. Also remember to try their fried rice topped with a hor pao dan, before you start eating, remember to order \a large sugarcane juice. Now, that's what I call heavenly! - RyN & AlF
  • Beef
    • Best Beef in town. As Beef freak, I recomend Kobe Beef of INAGIKU which has pedigree certificate of genuin Tajima Family. Definately best in Singapore and not to easy to taste in Japan. Sushi is good as well, Try Fatty Tuna. FishTopping is much bigger than other restaurant. AAA - Sam2 (Jun 99)
  • Beef Kway Teow/Hor Fun
    • -The best beef kway teow , Geylang Lorong 9 - Ng Tian Khean
      - Been there, salty, no big deal. Try the 24 hr bean curd resturant next door instead. - James Tan
    • Great Beef Hor Fun to be had on the corner of Lorong 9 and Geylang Road. - Stephen
    • Sorry, this isn't about mee siam, but I just had to add my views regarding Beef Kuay Teow braised with dark sauce (Xi Zhap Ngow Hor).
      I think the best one is NOT the coffee shop on the corner of Lorong 9 and Geylang Road, it is the one directly opposite that has dim-sum as well.
      Mmm, I can just taste the tender slices of beef (very generous) with the lovely, gooey bean-based sauce. If you're extra hungry, order the dim sum - pretty good, too. Of course, for dessert, cross the street to have soybean curd or drink. - KimBeng
    • The best beef hor fun that I have eaten can be located at the coffee shop opposite Thomson Medical Centre (next to a petrol kiosk). The beef slices are tender and the gravy is yummy yummy delicious. Try it !!!! - cooper (jun 99)
  • Beef Noodle -
    • one of best noodles around. 22 lor 7 toa payoh 01 41 singapore 310022.
      The store name is The legend beef. - pengfei Yam
    • Tampines Mall Foodcourt: Beef noodles there with superb gravy and taste with succulent beef pieces.. Making me wanna have more. Lol. Just the first stall from the left if u enter if I remember. - Kogen Chan
    • The Best Beef Kway Teow Soup
      Its the one at the East Coast Park Hawker Centre. It has lots of cow insides as well(optional & doesn't have a "sang" smell) that is cooked to perfection and the soup is sweet and rich (not cos' of MSG). REAL Beef Kway Teow Soup afficianadoes will know that its really good when they see the kiam chye in it. The stall is on your right as you come in from the carpark. Don't be deceived by the long queue at the Wan Tan Mee stall next door. Its noodles are sticky, soggy and lumpy.The only thing its got going for it is the char siew , which is only OK. - Yvette
    • The beef noodle stall located at East Coast Lagoon hawker centre is really fantastic. I think there is only soup available. There is a special ingredient in the soup which makes you thirst for more! There is only one beef noodle stall so I'm sure you won't miss it. You can notice its super long queue. Price is at $4/5. Self service and its closed on Sunday & Monday. Business starts from 6pm. - Colin
    • See our hall of shame entry for East Coast Park Hawker Centre Beef Kway Teow!
    • The one at Scotts Picnic food court. It comes with lots of Dao Gey and the soup is really tasty, If you r having the dry one the chilli is good if you have lots of lime in it. - Jeffrey Tan (jun 99)
    • I would like to share with all the makan fans out there of this stall that sell beef noodle. No particular name though, the stall-owner called it plain "Hainan Beef Noodles", located at Tien Hong Food Court/Coffee shop, 45-48 Syed Alwi Road, just opp the New World Centre (Jln Besar). The boss is very generous with his ingredients. I thought it is a good buy at $3, with lots of bean sprouts, kiam chye, tender beef slices, etc. The gravy is superb, so is the soup (one of the best). I actually went back to the boss and asked for more. Lots of cincalok and lime goes with the chilli - yummy! Located among the shophouses, and using traditional porcelain bowls, spoons and wooden chopsticks, it brings back many fond memories of the times when I started to eat beef noodle/kway teow since I was young (at that time they actually sold beef noodle for just 70 cents)! Do give it a try! - Jeess (dec 2000)
    • Oldest beef noodle stall in Singapore
      Introducing great food. Happen to pass by Century Square foodcourt (Tampines). Tried the Beef Noodle. Fantastic taste. Came to know they are the oldest beef noodle stall in Singapore. They are the 3rd generation Hainanese Beef Noodle - Hwa Eng Beef Noodle.
      They used to be the Famous Odeon Beef Noodle, along North Beach Road, opposite Odeon Theatre. Currently Raffles Hotel.
      Their gravy, especially is tasty. The soup is fabulous. I'm not good in expressing, try it yourself and you will definitely love it. A must try for all beef lover. - Javier Beef lover
  • Black Pepper Crab
    • Vera loves the pepper crab at Ponggol which is now somewhere at East Coast.
      - Yes very good. Go there often. You tend to overstuff yourself - James Tan
    • I have just found a coffee shop called Eng Seng Coffee Shop at the junction of Still Road and Joo Chiat Place which I believe serves one of the best Black-Pepper crabs in Singapore. The crabs are first selected by the customer and cooked till it is just right. Crabs are juicy and succulent. Very Shiok! Very fragrant! Must try. - Chris Yeo
    • The place i'm refering to is at Ang Mo Kio St 61, a coffeeshop "zi cha" stall which serves up a hot, spicy & delicious plate of "Black Pepper Crabs". The block where its located is #635.
      If you drive by St61, you'd be able to see the shop at the first bend you come along the road. After the bend, turn on the first left turn into the carpark. If you come across the hawker centre, then you've ventured too far.
      Note: All garlic & black pepper lovers are in for a treat!! - Jim
    • Our most favorite restaurant was the Golden Lagoon Restaurant off the East Coast Parkway. It is truly wonderful. I would fly back for this meal: pepper crab, mee goreng, deep fried grouper in sweet n' sour sauce and baby kailan in oyster sauce. - RomitoDini (Jun 99)
    • See also Chilli Crab below.
    • One of the best Black Pepper Crab Seafood outlet is NO SIGN BOARD Restuarant at No 414, Geylang Road. The Crab is fresh and good. Chilli crab is equally good. Normally packed after 7pm, especially on weekend. Not to worry about car parking as there is car jockey service at the entry of the restuarant premises. Go and get it a try. - Jeff Ang (Aug 2001)
  • Carrot Cake and Yam Cake
    • BLK 256 Bangkit Rd Wet market, Zhenghu Food center
      This place has good Chai Tao Kueh~! White one tends to be more fragrant as compared to the black one, but black one is nevertheless tasty if you want something different other than white. The old aunty never holds back in her ingredients like eggs and fish sauce and garlic. For 2 bucks, it's a hell lot man. Gotta try! Check out the store beside it, where it sells black pepper chicken at a reasonable price, quite tasty as well. Nasi Padang beside it, heap,good,value for money as well. - Soh Shaun (2008)
    • In Chinatown hawker centre, other than the famous steam carrot and Yam cake that sell only 2 hours in the late afternoon. I would like to recommend one fried carrot cake that is very good and cheap ($2). It is run by only a single madam. Heard it has almost a history of 20 years; since the opening of this hawker centre. On Sunday morning there is always a long queue. Try the white fried as it can bring out the carrot aroma. Location is (think is) 02-184 beside a coffee drink stall opposite the stair that goes up to the carpark and down to the wet market. So different and so try it if you want real traditional taste .. - mags (Mar 2004)
    • It's rather marvellous. It's in the Redhill hawker centre (opposite the Redhill wet market, across a small "square"). They sometimes do wayang in the square. Approaching the hawker centre from the busstop, you walk along the square with the rows of hawker stalls on your right. The stall is located in the second furthest row of hawker stalls. From the square, you'll turn _right_ into the aisle (where the tables and chairs are). There are two chai tao kuay stalls in that row -- both on the same side of the eating area. The correct stall is the one you come to first. There's an old lady, her son and his wife who run it. The son usually cooks but (frankly) I prefer the old lady's cooking. She's very slow and careful but she really ladles on the grease, the sweet dark soy and the garlic and chives etc. Mmmmmm. The son's much more workmanlike about it. Catch old auntie on Sunday mornings when she's alone (the son and wife appear to turn up a little later), for a good plate of black chai tow kuay. You have to ask specifically for the black style or, alas (like most other SInagpore stalls) they'll give you the anaemic white version. - Eleanor Wong (February 99)
    • i think the best black carrot cake is at lakeview hawker centre - the old couple only sell in the morning till lunch. As for the white variety it's the Lau Goh stall at people's park. If I remember correctly,it's called Good,Good carrot cake. At the Lakeview Market there are 2 hawker centers, one that is directly adjoining the market itself and facing the Lakeview HUDC estate and another that is on the other side closer to Upper Thomson road. The chai tow kway stall is at the food center next to Upper Thomson Road.
      Just in case you don't know where Lakeview is, it's on the left hand side of Upp Thomson Rd just after the Little Sisters of the Poor - after Macritchie Reservoir as you come from town.
      As for the white variety it's the Lau Goh stall at people's park. - Steven
    • The Carrot Cake store at Kallang Basin Food Market, across the road from Victoria School is also great! You can actually taste something , not like the other places where you get fried egg and nothing else! The chilli is fantastic and the prawns that comes with the dish is actually marinated! It does not taste like they are "fresh" out of the sea! - XUESS!
    • Homemade Carrot & Yam Cakes - Anyone who LOVES carrot and yam cake had better take note: there's a VERY fantastic store at Chinatown Food Market!!! It's on the second floor, facing Smith Street (where there is a KFC). Only opens at 5pm (& closed at 7pm) and boy you should see the queue!!! You have to be VERY patient, cos everybody is buying lots of packets! Be smart, eat there on the spot, it's faster!! Very good homemade stuff, especially the yam cake. Rich servings of fried shallets and spring onions to go along. And don't worry, it is definitle not FLOUR cakes! Do give it a try! - XUESS!
    • For the best carrot cake, go to the hawker centre at 7 mile Upper Bukit Timah Rd, opposite the Post Office, the stall is facing the carpark. Happy eating! - Yeow Pang
    • Also yummy...this carrot cake stall at tanglin halt (10-storey) hawker ctr. run by a very courteous & pleasant elderly. Generous toppings! Shiok! - Wendy
    • I just wish to inform people about this little stall in a coffeeshop at Blk 107 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 that sells one of the best fried carrot cake. Not only is it cheap but also delicious. Crunchy on the outside, the carrot cake interior is soft and tasty. The chilli macam shiok. Try it! The owner still sells portions at $1.20!!! I think the best value is to buy take-away. He is quite generous and does not stinge on the eggs. - Sherin
    • I agree with Sherin that the best carrot cake is at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. I found it in your website and decided to try it and true enough it really is delicious. - Lwee G (Jan 2001)
    • i cannot understand why people rave abt the chye tau kueh at upper bukit timah hawker center. i must say that it was good 5 years back when i tried it, but now, the carrot is not fragrant, relatively expensive,and i would not even call it average. - mel & nik
    • located at Alexandra Village (AV) hawker centre opposit Bukit Merah SAFRA. (previously at junction of River Valley Road and Mohamed Sultan Road)
      The carrot cake is fried to a golden brown with lots of egg, into palm sized "omeletes". Pure perfection. - Keith Heah
    • The BEST Fried Carrot Cake aka Cai Tao Kway in Singapore is at Blk.125, KimTian Rd. This stall is run by a Teochew old man below a block of flats... he is extremely generous with the eggs, you can have it black or white, and a packet worth only $2 can really fill your can reach where he is by simply turning in to the small road opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza... go straight all the way till you see a multi-storey carpark... then turn right [ do not enter the multi-storey carpark though : ) ]... from there you'll see his stall directly opposite the old one room flats block. Opening hours are 9pm to 11.30pm... Monday to Sunday... no fixed off day. P.S Help with the packing!!! - TuttiFudge
    • Carrot cake : there is this stall in Mountbatten Food Centre where the carrot cake is simply superb. Hawker is an old man and he uses paper plate.. Why I like it ? The $2 portion is ample and not very moist. Crispy and munchy . Comes in the 'white' form - Robin
    • The best carrot cake in town is without doubt the one located at Toa Payoh Lor 1's hawker centre. Situated just next to the neighbourhood wet market, customers flock the stall every morning for a taste of the best. Pan-fried to golden crisp, the egg on top is a mouth-watering sight, but under the crisp is the soft white fluffy cake...all this with a generous amount of fragrant chye-poh. Heavenly! - ben
    • Try walking around Albert Mall - go to row 3 at the Albert Street Food Centre, I believe you will get the most tastiest Carrot Cake in town. I know the guy since his days at Hock Lam Street. While there go to Row 1 and believe you me, Singapore Rojak is the finest in Singapore. All the above items at $2.00 per serving!! Take away you get additional helping. Bon Apetit... Alfred Kader
    • Toa Payoh Lorong 8 market.
      There's a stall selling char tao kuay (either black or white) by this fat man. He is running the stall alone, frying plus serving. His char tao kuay is not so oily and very tasty ! Only selling at S$1.50 ! Give it a try ! - Shirley Kong
  • Char Kway Teow
    • "Ah Peh's" char kway teow is really really shiok... or one may say - 'no horse run'! The stall is located at the coffee shop opposite the Substation. Singapore style, ie sweet... just the right texture... a little expensive though, because ah peh's portion isn't too generous. But the quality should more than make up for it! While there, sample the Ngo Hiang at the neighbouring stall too ... - Gaius Ho
    • The Cha Kway Teow in Pasir Panjang Park hawker centre is simply make the competitor 'green' with envy. Loaded with veggies on top of moist kway teow, the blend is just heavenly. And to make things have a choice of more cockles, more egg, more veggies or more of everything. A must try. Closed on Monday. - Alex Ang
      Note: it's closed on Sundays too!
    • Newton Circus 302 Chao Guo Tiao Address: 64 Hill St, Hill St Food Centre #01-42. But will soon be shifted to Serangoon Garden Wet Market, Stall No 1. ** By the way, there is also a very famous duck rice stall at the same wet market. - Alan
    • Holland Drive has a coffee shop that serves up Penang-style char kuay teow. My colleagues and I frequently drive there for lunch. Yum Yum. Its the best kuay teow outside Penang!!!!!!!!! 1 Jun 97 - Ling
    • Corner stall next to the Ngoh Hiong stall (which by the way has freshly made items everyday, and one of the best selections around) Mouth watering Chaw Kway Teow with cockles and great chilli ($2, $3), not the wet type, and not as sweet like the Outram variety. Run by this couple who do not believe in late hours, so you can usually get their food fr 12:00pm till abt 7:00pm ++, they like to go for long breaks too, so the kway teow addicts have to go without it sometimes for a whole month! 1 Jun, 1997 - Sim Soh Hong
    • The Char Kway Teow in Outram Park is the best I ever tried in Singapore. For $2.00 a plate you can enjoy the best and tastiest food in town. Forget about the calestrol and tuck in !
      I think it's Block 21. It's next to the multi-storey carpark, corner coffeeshop. You can't miss it because it's always pack during lunch hour. Nine out of ten tables in the coffee shops are waiting for their food. It's closed on Sundays.
      It's real value for money, with lots of cockles and Chinese sausages. But be prepared to wait for at least 20 mins. - Wong Weng Thong
      Update: Jan 2001. They have moved to Upper Cross Street hawker centre which is near to Chinatown Point shopping centre. I dun know the block but I think it is Blk 535. I hope you are able to locate it. Enjoy your Char Kway Teow! - Woodstocktan
    • I'm surprise the Char Kuay Teow at Zion Rd hawker center is not featured. Well, this is one great stall that serve a very tasty Char Kway Teow. The stall is next to the fruits drinks stall, you can't miss it ! Oh and while you are there, you might like to check out the 'Ching Tng'which is just opposite the Char Kway Teow stall. Cheap and good !! - Yeow Pang
    • Tanjong Pagar Market - David Gwee
    • Havelock Road, block 22. The stall next to the chicken rice one serves great char kway teow, but only for those who are not on a low cholesterol diet. Also great prices, - a substantial plateful for $2. - Esther
    • I simply 'lurve' the char kway teow at the hawker centre next to Parkway Parade, next to Toys R Us. It's called Apollo Fresh Cockles Char Kway Teow; sells the best wet kway teow complete with fresh cockles, not overdone-rubbery-cockles, one can actually request for those cockles in their original bloody form. Won't miss it for the world. Although for X$2, you'll only get a small plate equivalent to the size of chai tow kuay($1). Mark my words. - thErEsa
    • try the Cha Kway Teow stall at the coffee shop near the bus stop...not the Pasir Panjang Coffeeshop but the one opposite it.. Great taste and cheap prices!! - Carey
    • Remember the famous Char Kway Tiao stall at Newton Circus? Its the one that was in the old shophouse. They're now at Serangoon Garden Market, stall #1. Do not get confused with 'Chomp-Chomp'. - Michelle (su li)
    • The stall is situated in the Coffesshop at Lavendar Street near the junction between Serangoon Road and Lavendar Street. It is just a few shop houses away from the Wah Lim Yuan Coffeeshop. What is unique about this fried kway teow is that a layer of specially prepared gravy is added to the fried kway teow instead of the normal sweet black soya sauce used by in most stalls. Do try it. I just eaten it yesterday. Still taste as good as I what used to eat more than 20 years ago. Heard from my parents that stall is in busineess since their childhood. Difficult nowadays to get such stalls still using old recipe passed down from their earlier generation.I think the stall is called "Seng Hing". Price is $4 per plate. - Hwee Ling Seow (June 99)
    • I am surprised the Char Kway Teow at Maxwell Food Centre is not in the list. Its called River Valley Char Kway Teow and has been featured in the papers a few times. To me a char kway teow addict, it is one of the best I've ever tasted in all my 50 yrs. The only comparable one is Apollo at Marine Parade Hawker Centre. - Boo Hock Cheong (jun 99)
    • At Queenstown Food Centre along Margaret Drive. Near to a Church Third stall from Margaret Drive Unit #01-550. Hai Kee, Teochew Char Kway Teow, The best in town. Cheap and Good Only S$2.00 operate from 1 pm till 10 pm closed on Sunday. Have a try a I am sure you will not regret. Long queue daily. - Tom Koh (apr 2000)
    • The one at Blk 22 Havelock Road is also nice too. You should try it if you have the chance.:) - Woodstocktan (Jan 2001)
    • Ah Hao Fried Kway Teow
      I've known this Fried Kway Teow stall in Bishan area, are you interested?
      This stall have Black & White fried kway teow and I've tried the white one cos for so many fried kway teow I've tried was black one, and I've never tried the white one. And guess what? Taste really super good!
      The food is not oily, and they use white eggs to fried. Furthermore, they served with betel leave on plate, and they also have phone ordering facility too..
      You can go to their website at: Ah Hao Fried Kway Teow to check it out. No Joke! Die Die Must Try! You definitely will agree with me if you have tried the White Fried Kway Teow. - Lin Teo
  • Chee Cheong Fun
    • My favourite place would be the Chee Cheong Fun at Macpherson 24hr coffeeshop.....Believe me, skin almost seem to melt in your mouth! Check it out... 1 Jun 97 - Sim Boo Eng
    • Dunman Road Hawker Centre, a stall that sells excellent, freshly made Hong Kong style chee cheong fun. You can have it plain or stuffed with the freshest prawns you have ever tasted or with delicious chicken slices with braised mushrooms. Sorry, can't remember the name of the stall, but opening hours from 6pm only. When you reach there, you have to take the stairs up the hawker centre, NOT down.
      Also good at the same stall are their porridge (so thick and rich and flavourful!) and their yee sang (raw fish).
      Don't forget to bring your empty stomach! - Ho Lian Ya
    • Albert Street Hawker Centre, the row facing Bugis Village. The store's name is called "Jun Ji" - sells very nice Chee Cheong Fun rolled with turnips and dried shrimps. Serve with slices of lettuce and plenty of sesame seeds! Simply fantastic! Price is $1 for a roll. The store sells pretty good fried bee hoon (served with lettuce and fried bean curd skin) and good old cantonese porridge. - XUESS! (jun 99)
    • I have found one of the best Chee Cheong Fun at ONLY 70 cents a piece at 183 Cooked Food at Bukit Timah Food Centre. This man came from the famous Cchee Cheong Fun stall at Whampoa and now is selling it at Bukit Timah Food Centre. A MUST TRY!!!!!. However, he only sells from 4 pm to 10.30 pm. - Tom Koh (apr 2000)
  • Chicken Pie
    • If you are a fan of chicken pies like me, you definitely must NOT give the BOULEVARD CHICKEN PIE shop along Joo Chiat road a miss!! These are the most delicious chicken pies I have tasted in my 26 years!
      Let me tell you why...firstly, the pies come in 3 sizes - SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE, it all depends on how hungry you are at the point of time. Do not attempt the LARGE chicken pie if you are not that hungry, it's really huge and full of chicken chunks in a yummy potato sauce!
      Definitely should be eaten as a main meal, not a snack,and at only $3.50, it beats all the pies I have tried at all the cafes in singapore!! Wonderful!
      The SMALL n MEDIUM pies cost $1.50 and $2.50 respectively, and not to worry, the fillings are still pretty office used to be near the shop, but now we've moved...I crave for it very often and none of the other ones can match this! :O( sigh... if only they have a delivery service!!! - Genyth Tan
  • Chicken Rice - see Chicken Rice contest
  • Chilli Crab
    • there's a very good seafood and "zi cha" chinese restaurant which has a lovely atmosphere overviewing a swimming pool. It's near Chinese High School, if you are travelling along Bkt Timah Road towards Jurong, after Chinese High, turn into the small road which would bring you to the hostels. Enter the carpark which is near the tennis courts, and after parking, go up one floor to the second storey, turn left, and that's it! Shiok, man! The chilli crab is so fantastic, it's full of roe, and lots of sweet meat! So is the butter crab! The hot-plate tofu is also great. DO you know they serve it with egg? Cheap, too! - Sp
    • Farrer Park hawker centre basement - "No Sign Board" crabs. Yes! That's the name of the stall ! . All your favourite crab dishes viz Chilli Crab, Black Pepper etc. Specially selected Sri Lankan crabs with plenty of roe or milt. - Ng Tian Khean
    • If you are talking about the best crab in town then you got to try the stall at race course called "No Sign Board" restaurant. - Benjamin Goh
    • Mattar Road 'no-sign board' seafood - For lovers of chili, pepper crabs. The renowned 'no-sign board' seafood Restaurant has relocated to Geylang Road (before Lor.22). They normally start cooking about 5pm. Besides the crabs, a must-try is the dry hor-fun and the 'you-tiao' with shrimp paste. - Bernard Yang 25 July 96.
    • The hawkers' centre at Farrer Park no longer exists. "No Signboard" is now at Race Course Lane. Still very good. Service is much faster now. - Vivien Tan
    • Thor Guan Seafood, BLK 164, Tampines St 12, #01-301. Opens 4pm-11pm. This place serves the best chili crab in town. It tastes spicy and it's very aromatic. Besides the chili crab, they have black pepper crab, butter crab and salted crab too! The price is also reasonable, $26 - 28 per kg. If you're not a crab lover, there's a lot of other dishes for you to choose from. To name a few, the chicken dices with dried chili's sure to spice up your stomach, there's the sambal crayfish, yi-pin gou and deep-fried baby squids, just to name a few. The place is not so prominent, it's in a few blocks of HDB flats, just opposite Tampines Secondary School. - Goldwyn Lim
    • Jackson 24-hour coffeshop,Macpherson Rd Kopitiam #01-13. Open from:5pm - 4am
      Delectable Sri Lankan crabs at $25 per kg,relished with golden brown man tou,crispy on the outside,spongy-soft on the inside.The crab's simply irristable,and it's really spicy and delicious and the thought of it makes my mouth water. - Joanna (dec 2000)
  • Chilli Mee
    • Just dropping in to recommend a dish that either you love or hate (well...depending on whether you are a chilli lover or not!!!) It's at Jalan Sultan Food Market and it is FANTASTIC! The store's name is Chong Zheng and it sells other dishes like prawn noodles...blah, blah, blah..... Do give it a try....BIG servings, FANTASTIC sambla chilli, good soup......MUST TRY!!! - XUESS!
    • Chilli Mee at Stall 59 Beach Road Food Centre You may be interested to check out this unique staall serving Chilli mee - must try to believe. I have been a customer since the 60's as a small boy till today with kids. Your stomach may take a few times to get used to the special chilli and not too expensive too. It brings back memories when I taste the chilli mee. What a way to go back in time when we were young? It's not the usual mee pok with special chilli. Various types of dry Noodle topped with Chilli(mixed with various stuff) and come with some ingredients eg prawns/bak tuk. They started selling near Chong Cheng School in Aliwal Street many many years ago before moving to current place. There was a former stall holder next to them(corner) who tried to imitate thier chilli mee unsuccessfully and close down. This guy is a grand father now and still working hard. Wonder he will market his secret recipe one day as I don't see their kids will pick up the trade. The soup from Prawn mee is good too. - Alex ce.
  • Chwee Kway
    • Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre. Mouth watering "zhui kueh" selling at reasonable rate four for $1.00 only and very delicious. Located beside a drink stall facing the BusInterchange. Open from 5.30 am till night. - Yifeng Chen
    • Fav chwee kuay - Tiong Bahru Market ~ $1 for 4 ; Kit Chan's recommandation too! - ER
    • The chwee kway stall at Ghim Moh hawker centre sells very good chwee kway too! Got alot of people queue up during lunch time.. - viovio (jun 99)
    • Tried the chwee kuay at Tiong Bahru. Much too oily. Not worth the wait. - Choo (jun 99)
    • Located at the back of Old Airport Rd Wet Market , there is a stall specialises in selling Chwee Kway in the morning. It is hot & soft. 7 peices for one dollar .Packed in styrofoam box for take away. - Tony Lau (jun 99)
      Update: Sad to say that this stall moved sometime this year. (April 2000)
    • How can noone know about the Chwee Kway in Bedok North Blk 85. Its the best! Everyone that I have introduced to, said its worth the wait and they kept going back for more. - Joanne Ong (2004)
  • Claypot, Rice and Noodles
    • The best claypot chicken rice is now in Orchard Emerald Foodcourt,(opposite sommerset MRT station). The special sauce that make me always remember. The branches have already open bussiness in kopitiam at new Plaza Singapura, never miss the good food next time you passby. - William (February 99)
    • Claypot rice? Check out the one at Brickworks hawker centre (between Bukit Merah & Alexandra). Can't remember the name of the stall but it is located at the corner nearest the entrance to the carpark. Tasty chicken wings with sufficient 'lup cheong' and salted fish. And of couse, like all claypot rice must have - 'burnt rice'! Scrape it right off the sides ... - Gaius Ho
    • There is a good Claypot Chicken Rice located at Block 115, Bukit Merah View.It is the best I have tried before,the chicken is fresh and it is cooked the traditional way (with charcoal).The price is reasonable and the only advice I can give is trying is believing. 31 May, 1997 - Andrew Gan
    • see buffet in our where page.
    • there are 2 that i know of, one in blanco court hawker center (at the 4th or 5th floor), they hvae fantastic seafood soup there too. the other is at Maxwell Market. the market is one of those old hawker center packed with truly delightful eats, and i recommend the claypot rice there and the "zhu1 za2 tang1" (pig's internals soup - sound gross, but real good). they have an interesting stall there too, they sell "ham3 chi1 beng2" a chinese pastry, but this one you gotta fry them yourself and they cost only 10 cents per piece, and they are good !!! - clement leong
    • I agree that one of the best claypot rice is at Maxwell Market! - Edwin Tay
    • My favourite eating place is at parkway parade in makan parade basement It servers the best claypot rice in the east of singapore. almost every day i would go there just to eat his claypot rice. the claypot rice is cooked specailly because they use mirowave to cook it rather than using the gas. the claypot rice dish i like the most is the oyster chicken claypot. at first i tought the claypot had oyster but actually it was only the sauce. everytime i go there during lunch time it is sure to be crowed with to get the best claypot in the east of singapore go to parkway parade now. - Alvin
    • Best noodles and claypot - The stall has located in Orchard Emerald Food Court ( Tung Seng Delights). The popular foods are popiah, mini pot noodles and claypot noodles and rice. The taste is very good. - Mike 2 (jun 99)
    • Clementi MRT coffee shop, near MacDonalds. Claypot chicken rice is really DELICIOUS. Many people come here to eat it. - Lye Ng (Aug 2001)
  • Crayfish hor fun The best crayfish hor fun is found at level 2 of Hong Lim market. Why best? cos the sauce is unique unlike those that taste like each other in the food courts. The stall only opens for lunch cos business is really that good! The stall has appeared on the paper before and besides crayfish hor fun, they have prawn-shredded chicken hor fun or crayfish-prawn hor fun. The best is the $5 crayfish hor fun - 3 halves of crayfish. yum. - Michael Low
  • Crystal Pau
    • Jalan Sultan Food Market - 2nd storey at Wing facing Golden Mile Complex. The store is called "Yong Ji" or Eng Kee. Very traditional Crystal Balls. Come in 3 types of fillings - Turnip & Shrimps, Yam & Red Bean. My recommendation is the yam variety though all 3 are nice. Skin is clear and thin and fillings are plenty. Once you have tried it, all those factory made ones taste like sawdust with those brownish THICK skins. Price is 50cents for Turnip & Red Bean fillings while it will cost 70cents for the yam fillings. - XUESS! (jun 99)
    • the best are found at the Tiong Bahru food centre where the popular chwee kway is. The chwee cheng pao skin is thin and the filling tasty. Both the salty n sweet varieties are superb. - Choo (jun 99)
  • Curry
    • Great curry at the curry store beside the Bedok Interchange. Called NaNa Curry, it serves great curry chicken, vegetables, mutton and curry fish head. All prices at $3 per bowl of curry and 30 cents for rice and 50 cents for bread. Service is really prompt and that is what impressed me. So far, all my friends that i brought there said that teh curry there is wonderful, the right taste and spicy enough to make you want more. So check it out at NaNa curry beside Bedok interchange at the NTUC coffeeshop. - Cheong Kum Wah
    • There was a reader that recommended NaNa Curry as one of the best curry in Singapore. I absolutely agree but wish to point out that NaNa Curry has several outlets in Singapore and the central one is in Amara Shopping Centre's food court on the 4th Floor. They not only sell curry chicken, but they have curry vegetables, curry pork ribs & curry fish head. They included curry fish bits on their menu last year. Happy eating!! - Chris Siah
  • Curry Chicken Noodles
    • Fook Hai Hawker Centre This is my favourite hawker stall in Singapore without a doubt! The gravy is fantastic, while the chicken is of that found in Hainanese Chicken rice. (same large quantities as well). Without any exception, each and every one I recommended this stall to (a) finished every drop in the bowl, gravy and all and (b) has been back several times. A real classic!!!! - Teo Chor Guan.??
    • Champion of Curry Chicken Noodles is in Coffee Shop of Blk 722, Ang Mo Kio Central. The same stall also serve best Laksa I ever tasted. Must try!!!!!!! - Sook Kien (jun 99)
  • Curry Rice
    • Scissors Curry Rice - Their unsucessful franchisees were a disgrace to the name and mainly their pork chops are inedible. The only one that remains is the one at Bugis. Its fantastic! However, I still prefer the curry rice stall at Maxwell (not Scissors) food centre. Still remembered going to their previous place at China Square with my dad. Used to hate that place though... - nightowl
    • Everyone should not give the curry rice stall at whampo hawker centre a miss. It is simply the best curry rice I,ve ever tasted. It is just behind Loy kee chicken rice stall. The business is so good that they just open from 7.30am to 11.30am in the morning. - Kris Sim (Nov 2000)
  • Cuttle-fish - Best fried cuttlefish is at the Lagun Sari at 76 Peck Seah St. Also good fried tofu stuffed with seafood, fishhead curry and satay. - Maynard Chen
  • Cuttle-fish Kang Kong
    • tonight I went to eat "cuttle-fish kangkong" at Long House Eating Place at Lavender Road I must tell you this is the best cuttle-fish kangkong I ever eat.You should try it .It's finger licking good. - Benjamin Goh
      April 2000 Update: moved to Upp Thomson, somewhere near the Lake View Estate.
    • I still find that the Cuttle Fish Kang Kong at Bedok Central Food Centre the best. Stall name "YE LAI XIANG". and the Cheng Teng is the best in town wif lots of ingredents and very tasty and very cooling too - Fai Fai Quek (jun 99)
    • Gotta try the cuttlefish kang kong at the TJ market (so called cos it's beside Temasek JC) in Bedok South. Best in town! Ingredients are piled high up (there's more cuttlefish & kang kong than the bee hoon!) & it's cheap! Only $2 for a humongous portion (imagine how big the $3 portion is). Definitely value for money! - Celest (dec 2000)
  • Cze Char
    • you just know that the food tastes different when you take a look at the way the dishes are presented. the ingredients are not mixed together or buried in a dark sauce or a gluey mess. the dishes always look neatly presented and the ingredients look their natural colours. they are not huge servings so you get the chance to savour other fabulous dishes, which this place has a lot of. their presentation being only a bonus, these dishes will taste better than anything you find in the best cze char/taiwan porridge place you can think of. the name of the shop is not dificult to remember, it's called simply "the old place". but remember it's in owen road. otherwise you may end up in one of many places, some not even remotely associated with food. my fav dishes include cold bean curd with century eggs, any omelette, kangkong and cuttlefish(one of the best served anywhere in singapore), thai chicken (devilishly tangy and surprisingly juicy), jiu-je chai with pig's liver (until maybe half a year ago, it used to be the even better jiu-je chai with pig's intestines), spare ribs with bitter gourd, fried long beans. the dishes are very reasonably prices at $5-$8 enough for 2 or 3 persons to sample. opens only after 5 p.m. daily( i think they close 1 day of the week). if it's not raining, the outdoor dining opportunity offered by this shop is very attractive. - Seong Sin Chen (17th Feb 99)
    • Best chinese 'zhi char' place in bukit timah! - Definately among the best 'zhi char' place is this place called 'Yong Chye Chicken Rice' (along Coronation Road and opposite Shell station, off Bukit Timah Road).
      As the name suggests, it serves chicken rice during lunch time. This place just started serving 'zhi char' in the evening from 6-9pm. I am really difficult to please, and I think this place is the best!
      Everyone of my dinners there is satisfying, both to the tastebuds and wallet.
      Hey, don't take my word for it, go try it for yourself! - Mel and Nik
    • One of the most popular, if not the most popular makan place in Tiong Bahru is the 'Cze-Char' shop called 'Sin Hoi Sai' along Tiong Bahru Rd (left side) just before the 'bird corner'. Exact location ?behind the bus-stop along Tiong Bahru Rd, between Tiong Poh and Seng Poh Roads. Great dishes there include yam in claypot, frogs leg in chicken essence, deep fried chicken marinated in prawn sauce, fried Hokkien mee (the dark version). Dine in clean open-air location with quick, friendly service. - Gary
    • Sin Hoi San coffee shop along East Coast Road (opp Holy Family Catholic Church) offers good 'zi cha' and seafood. Fried rice, fried bee hoon, pepper crabs, and sweet and sour pork - not bad! Lots of other exotic delicacies too, such as hot plate tofu (recommended) and 'choot choot' - a conical shaped shell where one is supposed to suck out the slug inside - quite disgusting but not bad if you are starving. Also serves hot chrysenthemum tea (hope I got the spelling right). - Jarrod Ng
    • u guys got to try out this store i came across at maxwell market. The dynamic dual is a couple namely shirley & simon... The store features some of the home cooked khek & cantonese dishes like "ha jiong chicken", red dates chickens & not forgeting their specialities:- black pepper crab which is much far better than the long beach or even some Crab dishes houses.. Shirley the store owner told us that their crab is immersed in black pepper sauce not to drown the crab but letting it absord the pepper fragrance into the meat & can be available any time of the season except that one has to make advanced booking for this particular dish.. one thing to take note that 14, 15 &16 of every month this dish is not available due to that is full moon for crab mating season & the meat is little. Not forgetting alos those who like the "gao" - yellowish eggs within the crabs, this store features the most creamy yellow eggs i have seen so far & is lot tasty.
      Ox tail stew cooked in italian style is another specialty which is rare in hawker centres, bright orange stew sauces with soft tender meat from the tail portion is definitely finger licking- I personnally drank up the remaining of the stew each time i patronize the store. Others like the hong kong kai lan in fish slice is as fresh as u can get. Their black sauce beef ho fun & fried rice is good too, especially the fried rice , u don't see oil left over on the plate's surface.
      Last but not the least, the store featuress no msg added, fresh ingredients(really fresh), warm & welcoming conversation from the owner won the eating heart of my friends & I. Their store is situated at the front entrance of the maxwell market, the signboard is red color(the only one i think),operating hours is from 6.00pm to 4.30am( the boss-simon has given a tip that the best time to eat in is at 8.30pm when other stores starts to close shop & is less smokey & cooler so improves appetitte (is true i try it out myself). The contact is 92000609, maxwell market -SONG FONG YUEN, boss is simon & wife who it the PR is shirley. Before i end here, nearly forgot shirley also make very good pine tarts & curry chicken that the sauce is sticky & yummy, that's all for now & hope this willbring new eating place for people out there. - Don Leow (jun 99)
    • Previously ,this Cze Char Stall located at the coffeshop besides RUBY (now the newly built balestier point ) cinema and shifted to the current location at BLK 82 , Whambo Drive , beside the whambo CC five years ago.I have been scouted them sinced they move out until recently chanced upon MOSES Lim recommendations in the i-weekly.This is a traditional cantonese style Cze Char stall, and their serving is generous. Recommended dish are Hor Fun , Clayport fish and others.$22.50 can buy u a Clayport fish , Hor fun and a fried mixed vegetables and the serving is enough for four.Best value for money and good taste. - yeefon & ck (jun 99)
    • The Cze Char at Happy Seafood Garden at Blk 233 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh coffeeshop, stall number 1 is simply irresistible. Besides the usual dishes such as Hor Fen and Beehoon, their Black Pepper Crab, Fish-head curry, sin-chew beehoon and "Leng Pan" (cold dish served in fried yam ring) are fantastic - mouthwatering and very delicious and delectable. All gastronomes should try the food there. - Elizabeth (Apr 2000)
  • Duck and such
    • Here's Singapore's 1st white duck rice - TeHaB Cuisine @ Blk 51, Old Kallang Airport Road #01-164 - Xavier Tan
    • This stall No.8 is at Rochor Centre Block 1(Mui Siong Coffee Shop) sell the best Duck Soup (shi quan tang) at the price of only $2/........ and the duck rice (with brown rice-vegetable rice) and also the rib mutton soup. Best in town. Must Try!!!!!!!!!!! - Lydia Tan
    • Duck Rice anybody??? There's a reasonable stall at the food centre across World Trade Centre. It's the only store there that sells duck rice. It came with white rice topped with dark sauce....the way I like it. I simply loaved those stores that had soggy "sauce-infested" rice. It also came with slices of duck (not broken chunks), and fantastic chilli!!! Serves good duck porridge in the morning too!! Not exactly heavenly, but certainly a cut above the rest! - XUESS!
    • The best duck rice that I've ever tried is the one at Tampines Mall's Foodcourt, name of stall is Mr Bagus. The duck meat is especially tender & juicy, unlike the tough & stiff ones that are commonly found. The tantalizing sauce compliments the fragrance rice and the finely cooked porridge (which is my personal favourite). The duck noodle is also very popular! - Francis Chua (jun 99)
    • I have just taken Duck Rice from Block 94 First Stop Cafe at Toa Payoh. It is just great. There is only one person running the STall. Try it and you will not regret it. Not so much crowd but a nice place to take your meals. You can find the person who is known as AH HUAT at the stall. You cannot miss it as there is only Duck Rice stall at this cafe. - HH Koh (dec 2000)
  • Egg Tarts
    • I recently check out this new place in Keong Saik Road, called Tai Gu Lai (means biggest sister or something) serves one of the best custard eggs tarts in town, and try their baked pastry with sweet ginger and century egg...a must of century egg lovers! They also serve excellent steam rice, and double broiled soups. Keong Saik Road is also quite an interesting street..considering its colorful past! I can't remember the unit number, but it is next to one of those boutique hotels.
      Just me with my two grains worth of comments. 31 May, 1997 - Edwin Tay.
    • Just outside Erskine Rd. Shop's name is Tong Heng. Makes traditional chinese pastry. Most famous for the egg tarts. Better than St Honore. People usually stop their cars outside while wives and children run-in to order take-aways. Egg tarts run out really fast this way but they replenish it really fast too. Pastry is very flaky and very good. Sticks to your teeth as it should :) A fantastic cholesterol filled tart :)
      For those guys getting married and you really want to impress your fiancee's relatives, you can order the pastries for delivery rather than deliver those icky-yucky-too-much-cream cakes that are from neighbourhood confectionaries.
      In this shop, you can also 'eat-in' by ordering the pastries you want and some drink. I advise you to skip the drink and get some peanut cream dessert or seseme seed cream dessert. They have recently removed the almond cream dessert :( - Chia Jin Ngee
    • Tong Heng is good but may be a little too sweet for some pple.You can find good egg tarts at Teck Kee Pao(at Newton and Killiney). Its a different variety. pastry is not the flaky type, n the egg custard is not so sweet like Tong Heng's.Sell out fast - Choo (Jun 99)
  • Fish & chips
    • Singapore Telecoms food court (Somerset Road)
      Those from Bizad faculty's (slightly more) glorious days will remember this husband-and-wife team from the canteen. The wife will take your orders and shout very loudly to the husband cooking in the background. Yumsest fish-and-chips, chicken chop and pepper steak! Even students from faraway faculties like Science will travel the long and tortuous way to eat the food!!
      I'm not familar with the prices but I'm sure they've been "upwardly adjusted" to take into account rental. I think the fish & chips cost $3+. The queues are super-long so be warned!!
    • Have'ya heard of the GillHouse Blues Fish and Chips and Ginger garlic chicken chop?????...fresh Dory Fish Fillet topped with secret recipe......for abt $12 with fries and beans....5/5 stars tender chicken chop with plenty of ginger and garlic...and a dash of high grade Scott whisky too...5/5 stars All at Roomful of Blues at 443 MacPherson Rd beside the Great Eastern BP station. - Jun Lim (jun 99)
  • Fish Ball Noodles -
    • Wah Lim Yuan Coffeeshop, 310 Lavender Street (located at the junction between Lavendar Street and Kempas Road)
      There are many fishball noodles stall in Singapore. But this one is my favourite. I have patronised the stall since my childhood. Cooked in the traditional Teochew style, the dried "mee piok" is good. It gives the right proportion of black vinegar, "zhe cu" to give the dried "mee piok" simply the right taste. Texture of cooked mee piok is just nice. Not soggy at all. Price is also reasonable with $2 for a small bowl and $3 for a big bowl. - Hwee Ling Seow (June 99)
  • Fish Head
    • Serangoon Rd Teochew Fish Head
      When it's a cold rainning day , automatically me and my husband will go to have our dinner there because of the hot tasty soup .Waiting time is at least one hour . So we ask for plain rice first if really can not tahan .Poor thing right ? - sayping
  • Fish head Bee Hoon
    • My favourite stall is at Changi point Hawker Centre. its locate at the last 'lane' that closer to the park and to the shop houses. The soup is really sweet and the fish is fresh. Bee Hoon used is also different but taste good. - Alex Wong (February 99)
    • Damenlou restaurant at AnnSiang Hill has good Fish Head Soup/bee hoon. Modertate prices....@$10 for two persons. Its on the Ground Floor of a boutique hotel. Nice "Sang Yu" Fish slices. Ask for "yu pin yu kai" soup, u'll get boiled fish slices as well as lightly fried fish chunks(without flour/batter) Its very good and not too oily. They serve dishes like Bittergourd in Black Bean Sauce with Pork Ribs too) Fu gua pai guat in Cantonese). All in all pretty good food as reasonable prices and the soup isn't oily. Enjoy! - Timothy Gan (February 99)
    • Recommendation for the stall at "S11" Kopi Tiam in Ang Mo Kio Central, near the Bus Interchange, just beside the Jubilee Cineplex, which sells Fish Head/Meat Bee Hoon. The soup is sumptious with lots of taste & 'oomph!', the bee hoon cooked to perfection... Yum Yum Yum...:) - Jenny Teo
    • Coffeeshop on the ground floor of Block 808, French Road. This stall located inside the coffeeshop called 'Tai Sun Eating House' is the last stall, facing the drinks stall. The fish head is deep-fried and the soup is thick and tasty, with traces of wine. You may also have the plain, clear fish soup to go with rice. But to make sure you get to try the fish-head beehoon, go early at lunch time as this is a popular item. There is a multi-storey carpark next to the block but it's usually packed. Try parking at the carpark outside Lavendar MRT Station if you can't find a space. - Gary Chow
    • Bamboo Jade Snack Shop, located at Unit No. B1-66, Golden Mile Tower (next to Golden Mile Complex where 'mini-Thailand' is). Though this is a new item on their menu, it's doing very well indeed. Again, the fish-head is deep-fried with thick soup and lots of vegetables. The shop also sells Chinese dishes with rice and other daily specials which are quite good. - Gary Chow
    • Bukit Timah Hawker Centre. There is a stall which sells Great fish and fish head bee hoon,fish porridge,fish soup,both fresh and fried fish.$3.00, per bowl ,n, $3.50 taking away and $0.30 for rice.The stall number is 188 - Ong Kok Wah
    • the most delicious , yummmmy & tasty fishhead noodles ever existed . Available in a really big , fat & generous serving at " nancy foodstall " in the coffeeshop beside parkway parade cinema . For $3--5 ( not at all pricey if you consider the amount of ingredients served ) , a big round bowl of crunchy & transparent noooodles topped with lotsa crispy & gigantic ikan bilis , not forgetting to mention the big portion of real fleshy and fragrant- smelling , freshly - fried tender fish meat / head will be all yours !!!. Soup ' s pretty nice and not at all oily , perfect for a wonderful but low -caloried meal . Almost always sold out by 7 p.m , so those of you who ' re drooling right now better hurry !!!! Slurrppp !!!! - comical (1-2-99 15:40:56)
    • Boiled Fish head been hoon
      Try Hong Kong Street Chun Kee at Commonwealth Crescent. Supposed to be one of the best. Be prepared to wait for at least half an hour unless you are in time for the current batch. Opens from 5 pm. - Alfred Teo (26-6-99)
    • Just about one of the best I've eaten for a long while in the one at Block 46 Food Centre at Holland Drive. For a $5 bowl (smallest), you will have a hard time finishing. The "sang yee" is fresh but is not the fried variety. You know why some other stalls fry them? To hide the fishness of less fresh "sang yee". The soup is full flavoured without the help of "bee cheng". You will know its good by the crowds there. Be prepared to wait at least 30 mins during weekends. Also try the fried "hor fun" with "tow gay" and big and thick slices of "sang yee". Its a dream! - Teoh Leong Kay (jun 99)
    • Boiled Fish head been hoon - opposite the Peacock Hotel. Very authentic fish head bee hoon soup boiled from unfried fish head, soup boiled to semi-milky with no milk added . MUST TRY. While you're there, don't miss the coffee/tea and toasted bread. - Clariel Wong (april 2000)
    • *beside the bukit merah centre (HDB)* There is this 'Sin Guan Kee' fish head that is opened from 10 am to 8pm. The stall sells delicious fresh fish head noodles. The soup is too tasTy (undescribable) and most of all, they provide fresh fish and sells them at a reasonable price. Fish head noodle lover should not give it a miss....jas (sept 2001)
  • Fish Head Curry
    • Excellent curry fishead can be found at the coffee shop on Geylang Lorong 35. The stall's name is Ocean Curry. I suspect it is one of several franchises ( however this is the best ) serving "economic rice". The curry fishhead is always served boiling hot in a claypot. The curry gravy is heavenly with a slight "assam" taste that whets anyone's appetite. The curry fishhead comes with generous servings of lady's fingers, brinjal, tomatoes, pineapple slices. The sad thing is that it only opens for lunch. Have fun eating! - Leonard & Pauline (February 99)
    • Clementi West St 2 - Coffee Shop at Blk 722
      The Malay stall serves superb fish head curry alongside with other Malay fares. Fish Head curry quite different from those of Mutu's, in that less Indian spices are used. Instead it gives a distinct flavour quite similar to that of Thai's. Definitely must try! - Pek Yoong
    • Banana Leaf Apollo at Serangoon Road - Peter Chia
    • See our Local page - Chye Lye restaurant along Sembawang Road.
    • Try the fish head curry at Marina South next to the Marina South SPA. Its open in the day time especially during lunch hour. The curry is spicy and hot...shiok. - Eddie
    • I got an entry for the BEST Fishhead Curry. It's this little restaurant called Nutmeg & Curry in JOM (Junior Officers' Mess) in Ladyhill Road. Walao, their curry gravy major shiok,man! So spicy and tasty, I literally drink'em up!! You can also ask for a generous helping of brinjal and other veggie!!!MUST TRY ONE!!!!
      Yup, the Junior Officers' Mess is open to public! And I have the restaurant number on hand now, might as well give it to you : 734 3113 - C Y Ong
    • Would gladly like to introduce The Specialty Dish Of This Stall located at Bedok North Ave 4, New Century Eating House. Just the thought of the Curry Fish Head from this stall, Robinson, makes my mouth watered. It's simply marvellous !! For those who loves spicy stuff, this is definitely a stall not to be missed. On top of this unique home recipe delicacy, Robinson, which is also a Mixed Vegetable Rice Stall, serves its customers with a great variety of choices that goes with the rice. Some of these include its fried chicken pieces, curry vegetables, chicken in prawn sauce, fried sotong, sweet and sour fish........ and the list goes on and on.......
      The operating hours of this stall starts from 10 am to 2pm. For those still scratching their head off on deciding where to go for Lunch, this is the place that is indeed worth the try. You will not regret it. - Hong Liling (dec 99)
  • Fish Head Steamboat -
    • Coffeeshop opposite Serangoon fire station - This coffeeshop faces the road. They have very nice fish head steamboat and nice sze char also. But you must wait for at least 1 hour on weekends. One warning - They have super bad attitude but food there is nice. - Ls
  • Fish Noodle Soup
    • Ship Restaurant, 4th floor of Shaw Centre. Very generous portion of perfectly fried fish pieces, served separately from noodles so they're still crunchy. Milky soup has both ginger & kian chye. Only served at lunch daily except Thursday. Value for money set lunch price of $10.50 includes tea/coffee and dessert. If you go Tuesday the dessert is goreng pisang fried in yummy crispy batter & with condensed milk dip. Sinful.
      Also among the set lunch specials, excellent chicken curry (also 10.50) This comes with soup of the day, plus tea/coffee and dessert. The curry is served with achar, keropok and salt egg. - Jackie Chan
  • Fish Soup -
    • Leng Kee Fish soup stall - located in Bukit Timah Food Centre. He serves good potions of Batang fish with dried fish stock . Great taste and cheap too. - Raymond Chan
    • I think one of the best fish soup is in China Square ! Very tasty ! But you have to wait a long time just to get a bowl ! But its worth the wait ! - Lee family (17th Feb 99)
    • Two great places for Fish Meat soup with Rice. one at Taman Jurong No.1 Market near DBS Bank Taman Jurong and the other one at Brickworks Market Blk 1, their seafood soup is also fantastic. - Wee Boon Chong
    • Serve good Chinese fish soup, different variety, at Victoria Square Restaurant, Great World City. - Jocelyn Chua
  • Frog Legs
    • the best frog legs in claypot must be at Geylang Lorong 9 coffeeshop. spicy & very sedap !! - Fiona Ke
  • Fruit Juice
    • The fruit juice stall at the market (Sembawang Hill hawker center) in between the mobil station and the SPC station at upper thomson road (near Singapore Institute of Management- the old thomson secondary school campus). The stall is right at the end. Although it's a hawker stall but it serves the "cut-up" food in a decorative position! (no other hawker will ever do that!!) and the fruit juice that it serves is simply really fresh, especially the grape juice!!!
    • The soursop juice at the foodcenter outside Botanical Garden is great!! there are several stalls, I'm afraid I don't remember which. - Thian
  • Goreng Pisang - see Snack N Such page.
  • Hae Mee - Please see Prawn Noodles.
  • Hainanese - Mooi Chin Restaurant, Basement, Funan Centre
    Extremely good food, a whole list of Hainanese dishes to choose from. Try these:
    1) Sambal Promfret
    2) Soya Sauce Chicken
    3) Hainanese Pork Chop
    4) Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup - Xuess!
  • Hokkien Mee
    • Fried Hokien Mee at ABC food centre ( stall sells Satay too ). Die Die must try . - Raymond Chan
    • I would definitely (with my life) recommend this Hokkien Mee stall for all food lover. Even if you feel neutral about Hokkien Mee, this is a DIE DIE must try stall.
      It's located at Jalan Besar, just directly right infront of Jalan Besar Plaza (a very deserted complex). Going there is easy with Farrer Park MRT station.The mee is just so mouthwatering by simply thinking about it!!! It's HOT, not too wet nor dry, generous amount of ingredients, EXCELLENT balachan chilli, resonable price (S$3) and the stall owners are super friendly! What else can you ask for? They even got a website i think ""
      Oh yes if this is interesting for you: Andy Lau even went specially to try their mee. (READ: SPECIALLY). - Fu XiangChun
    • This well known old man who fried one of the best hokkien prawn mee is now back at the same old place at block 306 GC Eating House Woodlands Road. Prices starting from S$3 upwards. Try it and you will keep coming back. Eat while the food is hot and you will love this. - Koh Hua Hong (2003 Oct)
    • I just want to recommend one of the best fried hokkien mee i 've ever tried which is located at the coffee shop at Serangoon North Ave 1, Blk No ? Sorry ,I forgot ! But it is near the road side. Won't miss that coffee shop if you turn in from Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 to Serangoon North Ave 1.Also the chicken wing stall owned by a china man at the corner is very good too .My son and myself like it very much .We use to go there to have our dinner .If you happened to pass by there , must try or else regret. Good food must share with all !! - Liping
    • The best Fried Hokkien Mee I ever taken in Singapore is from the Bukit Timah hawker centre at the junction of Jalan Jurong Kechil and Bukit Timah road. The hawker centre is located on the second level( on top of the market)
      The stall is named Kian Seng Fried Hokkien Mee at stall no 151. It opens from 6.00pm to around 1 am.
      The Hokkien mee is superb, not too dry or too wet and the sambal chilli is shiok!!!!
      Undoubtedly, it has to be the best Fried Hokkien Mee in town. - Go and try it! - Alan Chong
    • There is a wonderful fried hokkien mee in Clementi Interchange hawker centre called NAN JI. THe hokkien mee is just simply heavenly . JUst cannot tahan lah. - Jeremy Tan
    • I would like to recommend another Hokkien Mee stall at the corner coffeeshop of Lor 29/Changi Road. It's got some old charm. Try it! - Josept Lee
    • the best hokkien mee I've ever tasted is from the hawker centre in Toa Payoh Lorong 1,which is beside the wet market.The noodles are fried just to the right texture,just moist enough and full of the 'WOK' flavour which I like.Even if the noodles are eaten after an hour,it's still delicious,with the flavour still locked in. - Jaimie (jun 99)
  • Hokkien Mee and Satay - Here's a stall that has been selling Fried Hokkien Sotong Mee and Satay since my kindergarten days (when my mom ordered the satays for my birthday party then). It's at hawker centre just next to SAFRA (Bt Merah); just behind the new IKEA. I think the stall's name is YI SHENG and it's really quite busy usually, so it isn't too difficult to spot. And it's only open in the evening. It used to sell at a hawker centre next to a cinema at Kim Tian Place (the hawker centre and cinema is long gone already - it's now Central Green Condominium) if anyone who used to live near Tiong Bahru could remember. - LOU
  • Hokkien Sotong Mee - Coffee Shop at Corner of Geylang Lorong 29 - Great Fried Hokkien Soton Mee, Since '60 till now, you can't find any stall in Singapore have such standard Soton Mee, get try out yourself. Only start from 6p.m. sometime closed on sunday. - Y.S. Tan
  • Hor Fun
    • The cafe on Level 1 in Merchant Court Hotel serves the best Hor Fun in town, in my opinion. I don't remember the actual name of the cafe, but you can't miss it. Its on Level 1. Other items on the menu which are good include the claypot rice and lamb chops. - James Yong
    • The yummiest HOR FUN ever is at a little Chinese zhi-char called THE CHARCOAL GRILL along Cheong Chin Nam road opposite Beauty World Shopping Centre. The sauce is so delicious that you'll scrape your plate clean and the hot noodles seep in the flavour well.They serve it with lots of sotong, prawns and other ingredients. $5 enough for two people! Oh yeah- try their FANTASTIC SHUI-JIAO soup too! Huge crunchy prawns and black-fungus in every big shui - Jane
  • Hum-chim-pen - Maxwell Food Market
    One stall which deserves mentioning is the "Hum-chim-pen" stall. For many many years, the price has remained at 10 cents each. The thrill is you have to fry the dough yourselves and patiently wait in the queue for your turn. Partons buy in tens and hundreds, believe it or not ! Choice of sweet and saltish dough are both available. Very different from the usual thick and big "hum-chim-pen" available elsewhere. Open everyday after 1pm. - Pek Yoong
  • Indian Food
    • One of my friends swears by the banana leaf curries at Apollo Hotel. The Indian food at the Hawker Center at Adam Road is good.- Keh Yoe
    • The name of the place is banana leaf by the resort, It is in NTUC lifestyle world downtown east unit no #01-39, for those staying in the east now you don't have to go down to tekka to have indian food. the food is so tasty especially the fish head, go early to be not dissappointed. the decor is nice, clean and the prices are reasonable. it is my favourite place to hang is open from noon to 11pm. try it to beleive it. - Sha18 (dec 2000)
  • Indian Vegetarian - the new woodlands restaurant has got to be the yummiest and is also great value too! so good is the food that you will always see a good mix of all races eating there during dinner. as for myself, i go at least once a week. location is upper dickson road off serangoon road. my personal favorite is the rice set meal, but other dishes are also worth a try. 1 June 97 - Mel & Nik
  • Kambing/Mutton Soup
    • The Roti John and Soup Kambing at the Hawker Center opposite the Botanical Gardens is good. - Keh Yoe
    • I recommend the Mutton Soup outside the PrimeMart some distance from the Tampines Interchage. It is in a coffee shop and had a poster saying "Best 5 Food " The mutton is tender and the soup is very tasty complemented by tau pok and salted veggies as side dishes. The chilli sauce is shiok man . Hot and sour goes well with meat . U can also order mutton balls, intestints or other parts . Comes in the form of soup with rice or mee soup. - xiaosa
    • How can anoyone forget to mention the famous ( but stuck up ) mutton soup stall in Chomp Chomp?? Spicy ginger soup stock with tender mutton slices....fantastic!! - Carey
    • I fully recommend the mutton soup stall at the Bukit Timah Market.. Opens from afternoon to evening. Usually long queue when Ah Peh open his stall. Must be patient, he's rather slow and has no helpers. - wrc555
    • West Coast market blk 151. The chinese mutton soup is the best I have yet to find another better. Don't know to stall number - forgotten. They also sells Bah Kut The. BUT not as good as the Mutton Shop with Chinese herbs. Must try to appreciate. - Leonard
  • Kebabs
    • Uncle Tony's Kebab (OTK) - Scotts food court
      Heard from those who've eated real kebabs that the kebabs sold here are "mini-sized", but no harm trying. Can choose various meat (chicken, mutton etc) with fillings (cheese, pineapple, mushrooms) and add your choice of sauce. The helpful staff will be more than willing to help you make your choice. The fries are big fat crispy goody too. Price not exactly cheap (at least $6) for a small pita-rolled kebab, but taste is fantastic. The food is halal too, I think. - Eveline
  • Kway Chup
    • Thousand apologies to all the health concious, but the stall at the end of Bedok Central food centre (nearest the entrance to MRT station) serves marvedelicious kway chap that has not only the tastiest, cleanest and odourless pig entrails but also the smoothest and softest kway chap! Happy gourging... - remy
    • the quay chap stall at pasir panjang road in a old-type kind coffee shop sells very nice quay chap. the pig trotters are cooked in thick dark soya sauce, the cook Mr Tay even provides bitter gourd, doutua, doukee, fishcake, egg, salted vegetable for people who don't take intestine. HE and his wife have been there for 10years and price charged are reasonable. i think they are closed on sunday and monday, operating only for breakfast and lunch. by the way, the intestine, pig stomach are cleaned thoroughly, smell-free, must try. - taycp
    • At Suntec City food court, there is one Thai Kway Chup stall. The intestine, tau pau and tau gua are very delicious..the kway chap hot and smooth. Quite expensive though..Oh yes, the chili is GOOOD! - viovio (jun 99)
    • This authentic "Kuey Chap" stall in the foodcourt of Shaw Plaza (new shopping centre), Balestier Road serves outstanding, delicious kuey chap at all time. Available for breakfast, lunch, dinner (operating hours from 8 am to 10 pm) at this NTUC Foodcourt. Very good value for your money. Heard that the Master Chef was formally from famous Orchard Road carpark. Really should give it a try. I am already a regular of theirs. If you are one who fuss about hygiene, check this one out for what they use to call - Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSCV). Worth your round during your makan time. - Lionel Chong (apr 2000)
    • This "Kuey Chap" stall is located at 2nd floor of Shaw Plaza. Stall No. 12. Not bad. Good price and very tasty. Try it to confirm. They even have toys promotion/giveaway. - C. Lionel (dec 2000)
  • Laksa
    • Bedok North St 2, Block 128 coffeeshop: Katong Laksa at its most original. Not chopsticks! Just a normal soup spoon for ur laksa. Generous with cockles and the soup base is simply great! - Kogen Chan (2006)
    • Laksa yong tau foo
      This place I know was by chance I came across. It is selling 'laksa yong tau foo'. At $2.00 a bowl, it is cheap and good. The stall is located at a remote corner without English name signboard. Literally translated, it is called 'Wu Kee' @ Chinatown Complex, Blk 335, Smith Street, #02-057. - Koh Kok-Kian(april 2003)
    • Laksa / Curry Yong Tau Foo (4 Jan 1999)
      There is a stall at Loyang Point shopping centre called Wang Wang Laksa at the food court serving laksa/Yong Tau foo. The curry is thick and not too hot unlike some others - which make it great for those trying to break in the children into hot food. If you want it hotter, be sure to ask for the specially blended chilly which is simply heavenly. I could slurp up this chilly concoction neat. MUST TRY!! - tengs
    • Other than the above suggestions, I would like to share with you the best Laksa I have tried. The little coffee house in Ghim Moh, there is a stall called Peranakan Food, which is next to Yu Yi Roast Meat. The Laksa there is fantastic. The gravy is superb, the portion is generous, they serve it with chichen, prawns and fish cake, and NO Cockle. So you don't have to worry about hepatitis. On top of everything else, the stall is clean and the service is very good. - ET
    • There is a great laksa store in Centrepoint on the fifth floor (Marketplace Food Court) which sells laksa at $4.50 with prawns and big cockles.Very delicious gravy.$5.50 for laksa with clayfish. - Ong
    • I consider his place local 'cos its so near S'pore. Just drive along the coastal road after JB custom and about 3 to 4 KM you will see a sign that reads "Straights View Hotel". Turn into this road and when you reach a T-junction turn left. You will see a Mosque after about 500 metre and the Laksa stall is about another couple of hundred metres. You have to park alongside the road. Opens only in the afternoon. Closed on Wednesdays I think. This is by far the best Laska I have had. - Ho Khai Mun
    • No mention of ROXY Laksa ?? Very lemak and comes in $3/$4/$5 portions. Definitely one of the better ones I have tasted. The stall is in the East Coast Food Centre facing the sea. Wonderfully relaxing eating Laksa and enjoying the sea breeze. Just right to finish up with a refreshing ice jelly from the dessert store next to it. Enjoy ! 1 Jun 97 - Stal12
      - The Laksa there is the worst that I've tasted. It taste more like diluted curry than authentic Laksa soup. They serve only coarse beehoon & no other choice of noodles, & also no cockles just 3 prawns & a few miserable slices of fish cake. They have the cheek to charge $4 a bowl. It was bad recommendation in the "best" column. - Phil Wong
      - I have not tasted Roxy laksa myself, so I cannot attest to its quality, but I am surprised that Phil Wong considers cockles to be "authentic". Speaking as a Nonya, laksa lemak doesn't contain shredded chicken, tau pok or cockles. But it should have bean sprouts, prawns, finely sliced fishcake, grated cucumber, daun kesom (shredded laksa leaf) and finely sliced bunga kantan. And it is always made with coarse beehoon. - teratai
    • There is is stall in Ang Mo Kio at the Hawker Centre next to Broadway Cinema selling Laksa. I have been eating their laksa quite often and its simply one of the best I have eaten. The stall is situated at the other corner of the hawker stall near the Teleshop side. The stall is operated by a middle aged couple. The wife does all the cooking and the husband do the rest. The stall also sells other kinds of mee and kwa Teow too. Most important of all, their cockles are fresh. - Eddie
    • Best Laksa, Kopi Tiam at Westin Stamford. Its Signature dish, very shiok, with its large prawns and overspilling ingredients.....value for money too, large bowl ... - Francis Goh
    • Claypot Laksa at it's best! - There is this coffee shop at Blk 107 Depot Road, with a stall that has a Yellow Signboard, that serves fantastic Claypot Laksa at $2.50. Yummy thick and pipping hot gravy with cockles and chicken slices (and if you opt for no cockles, the cook with give you prawns). Bought my friends, collegues and auntie there and they just loved it! Stall opens every day (Mon to Sun but only for the Lunch crowd). This is a MUST try!
      p.s. The owner also makes very good Kai-si (Chicken sliced) Mee at $1.50 - Karen Tan
    • I've tried all the laksa stalls you've listed as the best. I still think you've missed out the absolute best!! The stall at "Jiu Shan Coffeeshop", stall name "Katong Laksa (& carrtot cake), junction of Telok Kurau and Changi Road serves laksa that beats everybody else. It is so good that everything is normally sold out by 2 pm. - Poh Yeang Cherng
    • Best Nonya Laksa, Lion City Coffeehouse at Lion City Hotel near Paya Lebar mrt station. Very shiok, with bean sprouts, prawns, finely sliced fishcake, grated cucumber, daun kesom (shredded laksa leaf) and finely sliced bunga kantan. The gravy is superb, and it is always made with coarse beehoon. - Gary Chan
    • The laksa at East Coast Road junction of Ceylon Road is the best I have tasted. Abit expensive, per bowl $3.00/. Operating hour morning to before 5.00 pm. - Jim Lim (jun 99)
    • Just tasted the laksa at Stall No 23 - Redhill Laksa but name is in Chinese. So good I had two bowls. One of those cheap and good stalls. Stall opened only about two months ago. Opening hours is 10am to about 8 pm, closed on Tuesdays. - Joy Sng (aug 99)
    • Perhaps you guys should try the laksa at "AH Meng". This is a nice place at Orchard Point. The Ambience is also very good. They served very lemak laksa. - James F (dec 2000)
  • Law ah (Teochew soya braised duck)
    • Newton Food Centre. This is a very special preparation of 'teochew lor' duck which is deep fried.
      I was served with this dish by mistake which the owner say it was supposed to be for the Japanese customer. The sizzling hot and deep fried lor duck was very crispy on the outside and tender inside. It topped with the 'lor' gravy which reminds the teochew's flavour. The stall was just facing the car park. The owner serve this special by specific request only. It cost about S$35.00 each much better than any 'peking' duck I have experienced. - Sng YH
    • Just discovered a new found stall that stews succulent and tasty "Lor" ducks It's actually the newly re-opened FAMOUS Garden Street Kway Chap stall that was formerly from Blanco Court. Now relocated at Blk 209 Hougang St21 Hawker Center #01-02 This was actually an undiscovered talent of the old TouKay... Since the "Pig Crisis", he was out of his usual Kway Chap business for 3 weeks before he started selling "Lor" Ducks!!! Though few of his faithful patrons knew about this, he's now got many new faithful patrons for his "Lor" Ducks!!! While I was in the queue, I saw people "DaBao" (take-way) in half and whole-birds!!! I usually will visit the Serangoon Gardens stall for "Lor" Ducks, but now, I'll have to change from that. - Food Monster(Jason Koh)
  • Law Mee
    • I have recently tried a Lor Mee at Blk 10 North Bridge Rd (coffee shop nearest to main rd). The stall is called Chia Bee Lor Mee (name a bit "china"....kekeke). Love the fried fish and the sauce....yum. The boss look a bit fierce but he is alright..... Heard it open from 4am to 11am. - Lee MC
    • Telok Blangah Crescent Market (and very cheap too!!) Have not tasted any better. Very friendly , very popular yet never have to wait long!! don't forget to ask for the garlic sauce. They stopped for a while because the daughter got married and there's no one to help out. But returned because everyone misses them so much - Thian
    • should be eaten at the China St. hawker centre 2nd.Flr - Ng Tian Khean
    • There's a good lor-mee store at Kandang Kerbau Market (facing the fruit stores). The owner is an old lady. Very good lor-mee; gets your money worth with $2. Real Fried Fish pieces, fish cakes, and pieces with meat garnish the noodles. Quite unlike the other stores where they serve it with wu-xiang and some unknown fried stuffs. It's only open in the morning, and not for everyday of the week. Must give it a try though!!!
    • Very good lor mee at Maxwell Food Centre, the one at MND Building, not the old one. Second stall at the first row as you come up the stairs from the carpark. They are one of the few hawkers left who actually are NOT stingy with their red cut chilli and have them in bowls on the table. It's only open for late breakfast till lunch. Reasonably priced at $3 a bowl. Absolutely must try, can forget about all other lor mee. - Angela Khoo
    • Best of the best! Have you try the Lor Mee :- with mixture of lor -mee soup and prawn-mee soup together ? The tastes is really super fantastic !!! And you can even request to put either Lor-mee ingredients or Prawn mee ingredients , or a mixture of both. The price is $2.00, and I always can finished 2 bowls at one time.You really must try it. Address :- Blk 4,Taman Ho Swee. - Rick Goh SL
    • The best kept secret in town! I've had Lor Mee from this stall since I was a kid and still feel that it is the best ever. Go to Telok Blangah Crescent market, next to Radin Mas Community Centre, and you will find the stall at this market/hawker centre. Each bowl costs $1.50 or $2.00 only and you can ask for the full works! It faces the carpark and opens everyday but only up to 11 am (that's when they're sold out). - Edmund Ng (jun 99)
    • I would like to introduce to all the best of the best LOR MEE in Singapore and not simply just lor and mee, the lor sparkles like diamonds just like the traditional shark fin soup. It taste like no other lor you have ever tasted. The smell of the lor will awake anyone from sleepiness in morning. The ingredients are very justified considering the amount of money paid for. It includes all the ingredients you will find in other lor mee and there is a special crispy fried stuff which is very tasty that i always buy another packet of that as my snack during break time.
      Actually none of my words can describe the HEAVENLY taste of it. You really got to taste for yourself to appreciate these delicacy. It is most surprising that the man running the stall is a young man which demonstrates his excellent cooking skills when the queue of patrons start growing during the peak hours.
      The price is very reasonable and economical: $2 /$3 The important information is it is located at Telok Blangah Drive, Blk 80, Sin Hin Coffeeshop. Business Hours : 5:30am - 2pm sharp. - root (jun 99)
    • Seems that no one has mentioned abt the Lor Mee at the 3rd Level of Golden Shoe....
      Its really wonderful & price is economical at $2 per bowl. Its really value for $ as the stall owners are generous with the ingredients & what really matters is the heavenly gravy that makes LOR MEE outstanding. - Wong Siang Leng (April 2000)
  • Lemon chicken
    • Funan food court serve great lemon chicken. Very nice. - Angela Ng
    • My favourite lemon chicken is @ Clementi, a chap chai food stall at the coffee shop beside Clementi centreal KFC. Very crispy and tasty, especially when it is hot! - viovio (Jun 99)
  • Lontong - Good place for lontong is this stall at Block 40A Margaret Drive (opposite the Polyclinic, facing the car park, 3rd stall from the road.) The gravy is thick, tasty, with generous servings of vegetables. The chilli is great too. Portions are slightly about average size, guaranteed to satisfy most hungry people. This stall, run by a pleasant lady, also sells 'mee siam' which is equally delicious. The stall is opened for breakfast and lunch. - Gary Chow
  • Meat ball Noodles - Yes!!!! We all know about the famous "Meat ball Noodle" Stall at Bedok North. But do you all know how to pick the correct stall without fail ??? The trick is to pick the stall that only serve "Meat Ball Noodle" with soup only, this stall does not serve it dry, believe me, I had my share of experiences during my "clubing" days.
    Should you have a craving for "Dry Meat Ball Noodle" that is good & cheap. I suggest you "tah bao" the noodle home & add your own sauces (be creative & adventurous, lah!
    Got to go my sister is nagging that I am "cheong hay". - Sandra
  • Mee Hoon Kway
    • Mee Hoon Kway is gaining popularity in the last few years in Singapore. The noodles come in different forms: mee hoon kway, mee pok and ban mee. If you have not tasted this before and would like to try one of the best in Singapore, try this "Chiew Lian" (not sure if the spelling is correct) which has various outlets in Singapore (Lorong Ah Soo, Bishan, Changi Airport etc). The one which I am very familiar with is at Lorong Ah Soo where the 24 hours food centre is located. I am a Mee Hoon Kway fanatic and so far, this is the best I have ever tasted! Opens everday and closes at 10pm. - Lily
    • I'm a big fan of the Mee Hoon Kuay stall at Jurong Point foodcourt. The stall charges $3 for a reasonable bowl of ban mian with generous sprinklings of ikan bilis and meat. The soup is especially tasty and is not too salty . A must- try if you are there! - namiyo
    • Whampoa food centre, next to the wet market.It's between 2 drinks stall and closed on mondays.Usually sells out by 1pm. - Lim Lim
  • Mee Goreng
    • The best Mee Goreng in Singapore is sold (strangely enough) at the restaurant in the front of the Kallang Theatre, next to the Indoor Stadium! - Jason
    • The mee goreng at Chnagi Airport T2 Food Centre is definitely one of the better one's around. Its sold at $2 and comes plentiful of egg and mutton. Sedap man! The mee kuah there is also a hot fav. Ask any airport terminal worker and they'll testify to its greatness. - Gurmit
  • Mee Pok
    • Best mee pok stall Just to add into the menu, you may like to try the one along Jalan Datuk, at the corner coffee shop. Be prepared to wait, not for those who are in the hurry. Bring something to read whilst waiting. - monk8888 (Nov 2004)
    • When you feel the need for a real tasty bowl of Mee Pok, then you could do worse than try the stall called 1-3-2(corrected), I think it is the one at the corner coffe shop [Tua Yew Soy] of Jalan Tua Kong and East Coast Road. Like all good things you have to be prepared to wait about 30 mins when they are busy. They tend not to be open on public holidays and Tuesdays. If you cannot wait so long you may wish to try the one in the makan place opposite the Siglap Centre, well just behind it actually. I think it is run by an ex-employee of 1-3-2, a little inferior in taste to the original - see above, but you get it quicker. Happy eating! - Peter Dorrell
    • I think the mee pok there is overstated - certainly not worth waiting 45 minutes! I'd rather go to the coffee shop next to siglap centre for the mee pok there. - Steven
    • The Mee Pok U had mentioned (Tua Yew Soy Coffeeshop), is the best mee pok that I had eaten. Although U have to wait (sometime) for maybe half an hour, but I think it is worth the wait. And by the way,the oringinal store is 132 and not 321.And as a bonus to all food lovers, actually they have two store operating. One at Jalan Tua Kong and anothera at Kembangan Housing estate. Don't miss it!!! Happy eating. - Ken
    • 132 Fishball noodle at Kembangan Housing Estate has the best mee pok in east coast of Singapore, if not the best in Singapore! Whats so good about it is that you will find this simple dish has not much drawbacks unlike other mee pok that tends to be a tad too dry, too wet, chilli paste not spicy enough, etc. Simply put, 132 Mee Pok tastes like what a mee pok should taste like!!! The secret to its no-complaint status lies in the freshness of its mee pok as well as the all important chilli paste! Chilli paste so delicious and spicy that there are regulars who will "ta bao" only the chilli paste back home !!! So if you are in the neighbourhood, I would strongly recommend 132 Mee Pok for its mouth-watering noodle as well as the impeccable service from its staff! - William Chua
  • Mee Siam
    • I would like to recommend this place that serves in my own opinion one of the best mee siam that I have ever tried.
      Location : Takashimaya Food Court
      Name of store : Indonesian And Malay Cusine
      Price : Very reasonable (consider it to be a orchard food court standard) Serving : Pretty generous
      The soup is terrific, its not too spicy (but if u want it to be spicy u can add chilli to it) and the soup has the correct amount of sweet and sourness. Most importantly the soup is not as oily as compared to those sold outside. Its mouthwatering even when you see them prepare the food. - Jimmy Foo
    • I know a place that sells tasty and spicy Mee Siam. It's at West Coast Hawker center (opp. Ginza Plaza). There 's only one stall selling Mee Siam there , so it's not too difficult to find(hint: it is behind the Muslim stalls). Forget the one at Ginza Plaza. The Mee Siam there is quite lousy with so little ingredients ..... the one at the hawker center is much better and the soup is sooooo appetizing. A definite must try !!!! - namiyo
    • North Bridge Road Wet Market (Blk 10), Level 2 Stall Number: 266 What's good about the Nonya Mee Siam: The gravy of the Nonya Mee Siam is just at the right sweetness and sourness. It is also just right for those who cannot talk hot stuff (just don't put too many chilli). The homemake chilli taste nice too. The stall also sells Mee Rebus and Laksa only. The stall was once featured in Morning Singapore (the Mandarin version of AM Singapore) sometime back for its delicious Nonya Mee Siam. - Tan Hui Li
    • The new food-court at Shaw Towers, Beach Road. There is a stall selling mee-siam, laksa, po-piah nasi lemak. The mee-siam is good, at a rate very reasonable rate of s$3.00. Very nice n tasty. Well, I can't remember the name of the stall, but it is either the 3rd or 4th stall on the left when you walk into the food court from the main entrance. Before I forget, very good po-piah too! - Jeslyn Tan
    • ok Mee Siam - try Mrs Gin's at Ginza Plaza. Can tahan if you are desperate. 2 Jun 97 - gck.
    • I do hear a lot of friends mentioned about a mee siam store at Changi Airport but I have not try it yet. 1 Jun, 1997 - Derrick
    • Best mee siam I ever ate at Win coffeeshop on Upper Cross Street, opposite/behind the Subordinate Courts. 1 Jun, 1997 - Angela Khoo
    • Try out Mrs. Gin's Corner in Ginza Plaza, West Coast Rd. Her little shop is right outside the back door of Prime Supermarket (B1). She doesn't cook up a storm. Only three items on her menu (at least the last time I was there): Mee Siam, Laksa and roast chicken. Price is cheap too: $2 - Priscilla
    • There's a coffeeshop at the corner of Tai Thong Crescent and Siang Kuang Avenue (Sennett Estate), opposite the 7-Eleven Store which sells good 'mee siam'. The texture of the beehoon is soft and the gravy is tasty - just sour enough. For a bit extra you can request for larger prawns. The sambal chilli is great too. Incidentally, you can also try the 'kueh pie tee' and 'hae mee' soup while you are there. It's another treat! - Gary
    • try the teochew stall at Shaw Towers (food alley , the one at Beach Road). - Mary Chan Hui Huang
    • Lately, My friend & I've discovered a new place that sell MEE SIAM with the traditional taste.
      Place : Opposite Botanic Garden Food Centre (We does'nt know the name )
      Stall No : 3rd or 4th stall down from the car park staircase
      Food : MEE SIAM ( Indian Rice Vermicelle with peanuts gravy )
      Price : Very Cheap & Reasonable
      Taste : Very Good - Allen Chew
      Note: The food center, Taman Serasi, has closed.
    • The mee siam stall at the Jalan Tua Kong coffe shop (in Siglap area) serves delicious stuff. Helpings are generous, and the gravy is just the right mix of sweetness and sourness. - Praveen Kashyap
    • Try the one at siglap centre very good 'quah' but abit on the pricey side. - Joseph Lim
    • The 2nd stall from the left at the Hawker Centre next to the Serangoon Gardens Wet Market serve cheap and delicious mee siam only in the morning. The same stall also serve great breakfast dishes like yam cake, nasi lemak, peanut porridge, glutinous rice. Since you are there, try the Malay stall at the rear right side... serve great mee rebus, lontong, etc. Enjoy yr breakfast! - Victor Lim
    • Best Mee may like to try the 2 sisters' stall at Food Court, Ground Fl. of Shaw Towers. One of best! Try their popiah too. - pkoon
    • Best meesiam is in the hawker centre infront of the Bontanic Gardens. good luck! - sqtop
    • Ever tried this new stall at the new coffee shop at the junction of East Coast and Joo Chiat Roads. Called Hui's or something. Wonderful Mee Siam. Haven't eaten this style for ages and no msg. Interesting tagline : Ordinary Food Made Extraordinary. seems to live up to it. - Sing Chinese (dec 2000)
  • Nasi Briyani
    • Hi, just wanted to share about a recent finding. I was at Longhouse Upper Thomson and in the midst of busy chinese chan of foodstalls found an indian stall Papad Pickle & Curries that served Nasi Briyani. Upper Thomson is filled with food outlets and on a busy weekend I got a place at Longhouse. Wanted to try out indian food and to my surprise the taste was filled with richness and aroma. For a $4.50 had a hearty meal that comes with a choice of chicken, lamb or fish. I can't get over the taste of the mouth watering thought of posting a note to some of the why not give it a try and let food lovers have a taste of the Briyani. I am a Briyani lover and so far have tasted most of the best ones and this will be in my list too. - Melani (2007 Aug)
  • Nasi Lemak
    • Very nice Nasi Lemak at Loring Ah Soo Hawker Centre. There is this stall manage by one middle age man and two lady Selling nasi lemak at lorong ah soo hawker centre. The hawker centre is Just in front of a wet market. The special thing lies with the way the Food is cooked. The cuttlefish is the best, even when it's not hot, It's still as crispy! There is long queue every morning and the stall Finish selling around 12 noon everyday, somethime might be earlier. Don't know the exact stall number but it's easy, when you go to the Hawker centre and you see a long queue, it's them! Just try it, you Will not regret!! - Joanna Goh (February 99)
    • Chong Pang Hawker Center located near Admiralty Mrt...the best food there is the lasi lemak (cheap and simply fantastic) u will LOVE IT but it only opens at 1230am, go after 130am to avoid the crowd. the market also serve other local food like bbq food. - Jerix
      UPDATE - hi there, i posted a nasi lemak sometime back..the place had moved and the chong pang hawker center is closed and they had their own coffee shop selling nasi lemak. it is located near sambawang mcdonalds at the end of the shophouses. u would not miss it....'CHONG PANG NASI LEMAK' - Jerix (apr 2000)
    • there's a pretty good Nasi Lemak at Changi Village, but you got to wait 20-40 minutes for it. - Daniel
    • Punggol Nasi Lemak, the BEST Nasi Lemak I ever eat!!!!!! Started at 6 pm and close at 5 am. Try it and you will appreciate it! - Su Lili
    • There is one just opposite Hougang Super Bowl.Its quite expensive,but the chillies served there is superb.You simply loved it.It sell to quite late a night.BUT quite expensive. - marcus
    • I know there's a place for fresh Lasi Lemak. It's in Hougang St 21, near Hougang Super Bowl. That's what I know. But I think you can try that out. - jannes
    • Found a nasi lemak stall next to the Kent Ridge Bus Terminal (NUS). It's on the same side as the terminal. Serves great nasi lemak, otak, chicken wings, etc. Try their chille paste. It's sweet not too hot though. After the nasi lemak, down it with a glass of lemon gives u the kick! - Kian Teck
    • You must try this new nasi lemak location. Coconut City, behind the Yio Chu Kang Stadium has one of the best Nasi Lemak. It is a chinese nasi lemak and it occupies a whole coffeeshop. Must remember to try the coconut juice and the fantastic homemade mango pudding as well. Good enough to go there for just those alone. - Jeremy Tan1
    • I would like to recommend delicious nasi lemak at Yishun Ring Road Blk 256 coffee shop. I have it for breakfast everyday because the rice just taste so good! - Koh Siau Wei (april 2000)
  • Nasi Padang (see Muslim page)
  • Ngoh Hiang
    I like to share with you that I hav etried soem nice curry chicken from Lucky Lucky restaurant at Pagoda street which they serve as one of the dishes and also their Ngo hiang. Even better than Beng Hiang at Upper cross street. - Alan & Jacqueline (2003)
  • Noodles
    • The popular wanton noodles and chicken hor fan (by Ocean Sunshine Cafe) previous at Apollo Centre, have moved to a new location. It's new place is at 216-5 Syed Alwi Rd. Now operating from daily (alternate tues rest) morning 7 am to 4 pm. The wanton noodles is especially delicious, good sauce and char siew and the soup is best. - Alex_Yuan Ang
  • Nonya food
    • See entries in the International Fare page.
  • Oyster omelette
    • Best Oyster omelette on a hot-plate can be found at the Jumbo seafood restaurant in the East Coast Park Seafood centre. Oysters are larger and plumper than the ones usually found in hawkers centres and the $10 price is very reasonable for the size of the serving. - Maynard Chen
    • I think the oyster omelette that you guys claimed as the best has competition! Kopi Tiam.. the new one located under Le Meridien hotel (end of Orchard Rd) has really good omelette.. where the starch is little.. n eggs n oyster portions are really generous. Light n fluffy! - Eugenia Ng (February 99)
      Response: Lwee G (Jan 2001) the Fried Oyster at Kopi Tiam in Orchard Road leaves much to be desired. I checked it out after reading it on your website.
    • Well there is this stall in Whampoa Hawker Centre, along Whampoa Drive. Do be aware that there are two hawker centres there, this stall is located in the middle of the newer one. The name of the stall is call Ah Hock, opposite the satay beehoon stall. Well you may ask what so special about this stall? Its in the flour. Ah Hock fries it just right with crispy on the outside and around while not having it too thick. Chilli is just right and finally, the oysters are of decent size. The only thing that may turn you off is the attitude. You may find some days when you travel miles just to to be disappointed that the stall is close for the day without prior warning. However, hope you will enjoy savouring this dish. - Vincent Poon (June 99)
    • I love oyster omelette ever since I was young.( That was after I have tried my Dad's oyster omelette.) I have tried many others so-called "The Best Oyster Omelette".... however, to tell you the truth....I was rather disappointed!! Those omelette were either dry & flat or oily & over-cooked! As for the oysters..... you should can only find a few of the tiny-winny flatted beads in the omelette..... and that can cost me @$10!! Well...... everytime my friends ask about the location where they can find Best Oyster Omelette.... I would always proudly advice them the following address.?East Coast Lagoon Food Centre Stall no. 3. Leng Heng Seafood..... Dun believe me? Just go and try it!! - Angie Lee(jun 99)
      Note: Angie is the stall owner's daughter.
    • Oyster Omelette, also known as 'Oor Rua' is one of the favourite dish in Singapore. As the saying goes, good food comes with high price(high in fats, cholesterol, heaty).
      I have tried many recommended stalls around but find none as satisfying as this one in a Coffee shop at Hougang Ave 3 Market (old Tampiness market). The store is operated by a couple where the husband fry omelette and the wife fry 'Chay Kuey Tiao'. The price ranged from $3-$5. The oyster is not too big (generous portion) and so you will not be sick eating a packet by yourself. You must ask the uncle to fry it more crispy if not if there is a queue, the outcome will not be as good (I always remember to tell him). Another secret lies with the chilli where freshly grated gralic is added (ask for it!! Sometimes they packed without it). Tender, juicy oysters, fried with crispy eggs (and tapioca flour) matched with power chilli sauce. What else can you ask for? - Kenneth 2
  • Pau / Siew Mai
    • Block 7, Kampong Arang Rd. near off Mounbatten Rd.For a simple meal of Char Siew Pau with strong black coffee. This this stall is so special that people queue and wait for it to come out of the oven or whatever they make pau with.And you have to take whatever they happen to be baking at the moment. Sometimes they have the big pork pau, tau sar pau or chicken with glutinous rice. - Ng Tian Khean
      - most expensive pau in Singapore. Eat there about 5 times to convince myself it is only so-so - James Tan
    • Best Pau in Singapore - You have gotta bite into the juicy, tasty large "ba pau" at Swee Choon (along Jalan Besar Road) opposite the Jalan Besar Hawker Centre... also serves great "siew mai" and other goodies. - Gavin Koh
  • Pig's organ soup
    • I thought a good fav food is the Pig's organs soup.the one at Tiong Bahru mkt is undoubtedly the best I think, wif long Qs each weekend n lunch hrs.. - Yummiest! - Eugenia Ng (February 99)
  • Pig Trotter
    • a store in Maxwell road food center. Almost at the corner, almost side by side with a very famous Char Kway Teow. he sell fantastic pig trotters and shank and a excellent pork soap. Not to be missed. be prepared to wait at least half a hour. I think mon to sat only from about 10 am to 2 pm. sure will be sold out after that and you can find him with a log queue. 1 Jun 97 - Kit Mei
    • Top of my list is definitely some of the great stalls in Maxwell Market:-
      The pig trotter stall facing the surface carpark is very popular - just look for the long queues around lunch time. Besides serving a MEAN pig trotter in black sauce that manages to be really tender without being greasy, it also has a wonderful soup with an assortment of pork slices, meatballs, liver and the like.
      There are 2 stalls facing each other - the one the carpark with the long queues is the real McCoy! The stall opens between 11am - 2:30pm. - Hwang Yu-Ning
    • There is a very good one at East Coast Park Food Centre towardsthe beach side- - James Tan
  • Pizza
    • I am a real, original, 100% neapolitan and, as pizza expert I would like to rate the best Pizza places in Singapore. I tried almost all. The best Neapolitan Pizza, served exactly as the tradition wants is at Al Forno East Coast. I can guarantee you that is exactly like a pizza you can have in Naples.
      A "NO" place for pizza is "Pasta Fresca" where 2 times consecutively they have made a pizza with "too hold" base. the result is orrible.
      For a non italian pizza, I suggest you Domino's. I have to confess that I like to order my own custom pizza when I cannot go to Al Forno East Coast. So, if you can, rush to AL FORNO EAST COAST or, (on tuesday) call DOMINO's. 2 pizza for 1. - Nello Castellano
    • We just had the best pizza we've ever had in Singapore and we went looking in Makan (already?) Time to see if the place had ever been reviewed. It appears that it has not ever been, either under Italian or Pizza. The name of the place is Ristorante Roma and it's at 833 Bukit Timah Road (Royal Ville #01-09), just down the sidewalk from Pasta Fresca. The place is small and unassuming but attractive. It has only been open a few months as I write, Sept. 1999. But never mind, how's the food? The pizza we had there was absolutely first-rate, with the thinnest crust, the tastiest sauce and just the right amount of cheese, i.e., not too much, just nice. It was apparent to me that it had been made fresh, from crust to sauce. The place was not busy, so I don't feel I can give an opinion as to the service, but while we were there the staff were all friendly and we even had a nice chat with the chef. The house re was a nice accompaniment. I believe it was a Montepulciano. - Jim Walseth (april 2000)
  • Pork Jelly and Shark Meat
    • It is situated at Jalan Besar hawker centre and it has been to TV before .It has been for 3 generations. Not only pork jelly they are selling but also shark's meat. If you are free ,go down to Jalan Besar hawker centre to take a look. - yqf (june 99)
  • Porridge
    • One situated in the middle of a row of shophouse at Simon Road. Sells only teochew porridge/rice. Available only from 6pm to about 11pm close on Sundays and chinese festive seasons A MUST TRY! - Porridge fan - Justine
    • The hawker centre in Queenstown Central (forgot its name) on the second level has a Chicken Rice cum Porridge stall that serve one of the best porridge I have ever tasted, as good if not better than some of the top Tim Sum restaurant in Singapore. And price-wise, you have to see to believe, $1 for Century Egg Porridge and we are not talking baby bowl. Go see for yourself. Open after 11pm. - Alex Ang
    • Good one at one end of Hong Lim Food Centre opposite Fook Hai Building. Corner stall behind the kueh chap stall. Open for breakfast and lunch. The regulars help themselves to everything and everyone trades insults with the stall operator. Also help yourself to the change. Food is nothing fancy but typically Teochew and just like homecooked. - Angela Khoo
      Ah, this one good! - Li Lit Siew
    • Best Pork Porridge in Singapore! Located at Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre ( along Smith St ), the name of the stall is Tian Tian Pork Porridge at #02-133/134. The Pork Porridge ( S$2/3 ) is served with minced pork balls, intestines, liver etc. We always order a side dish of sliced raw fish ( S$2/3 ) to complement the porridge. The combination of the sliced fish with the pork porridge is heavenly. It is open only till about noon and is open on weekends too. - Leonard & Pauline (Jun 99)
    • There's this place near the Indoor Stadium called Oasis that sells delicious Taiwan Porridge from 11 am till 4 am in the morning. My dad brought me there when I was much younger in the 80s and I heard that it's been around for over thirty years now. These days, I still go there for my supper and with the restaurant facing the peaceful Kallang Bay, I've a delightful sight of the city in the distant while I filled my stomach with Porridge cooked with fragrant sweet potatoes. Away from the crowded city after a hectic day, Very Peaceful, Very Unwinding. - Danny Siak (Jun 99)
    • there is this coffee shop in Chinatown call Tiong Shian(Great Wall) which sells very good and also a wide variety of porridge ....and raw fish too....! dun miss's open till abt 3am everyday!and it's quite crowded be prepare to wait for ard 15-20 min. - Joei (Jun 99)
    • for those who have'nt tried ti before, i have to say that the pei dan chok at the ghim moh market is the best.. eat it with the you tiao and you are sure to fill yourself up to the brim and all this cost about $2.40 altogether. - Tricia Lim (jun 99)
    • I have found a another place to eat for good pork or fish porridge and it is cheap only S$2.00 and additional of S$0.30 for egg. It is at Albert Food Centre just in front of Fu Lo Shou Building Stall Number 01-115 Name of the stall is Seng Huat Porridge and in between a fresh food stall and a sugarcane stall right in the middle fo the food centre. - tom 2 (dec 99)
    • I recommend Beo Crescent's (at Havelock) teochew muay, second from corner rather than corner store as they are less surly and they have aircon. A little expensive though for muay. - Stephanie Kan (dec 2000)
    • Teck Whye Crescent pork/intestine Porridge
      Am always not a big fan of pork porridge, however I like to highly recommend the pork and intestine porridge located at Blk 145, Tech Whye Crescent. The stall is open for breakfast, from morning till lunchtime. It usually sold out by 1pm. The coffeeshop is located opposite Mcdonald. Porridge is cook at right texture, with taste perfection. It literally just melts in your mouth, with the right mixed of ingredient, and seasonings. Not too watery and coarse, unlike many stall I had tried. The ingredients are fresh and prices are reasonable. Try the pork and intestine porridge, or the mixed combo (pork, century eggs, intestine, egg and dash of cuttlefish). Just tell the auntie you like to have everything in, or you can customize what you like to have in your porridge. Just tell your auntie, and will be cooked and served for you. Price range from $2. Try it!!!!! - Len Tan (2005 Oct)
  • Pot Sticker (Guo Tie)
    • Try the Guo Tie at Jin Xiang Jiao Zi Guan.Located at Jalan Sultan Textile Centre.The Guo Tie are really juicy on the inside and crispy on the out side.Just be careful when taking the first bite ,it can be very hot.The filling are well marinated with a tinge of ginger taste.The skin is just right,not thick.Try eating it alone or with ginger slices and vinger.Don't take with chilli,can't taste the real stuff.Try it to believe. - Glory K (Nov 2000)
    • I discovered a very good place in People's park for Dumplings . It is near to my place so I go there quite often to eat. The stall number is 01-1076 - coming from Chinatown MRT and entering People's Park complex, you turn left ; the third stall (on the left side) is this stall; it is run by some PRC people and the food they serve there is handmade (noodle & dumplings) . The food is very tasty and the stall got cleanness 'A'. - Andreea(2010)
  • Prawn Noodles / Hae Mee
    • The best halal prawn mee would be in Adam's road hawker centre. I know cause I was craving for it almost everyday when I was pregnant. - Rohana
    • Like to recommend the prawn noodle in Adam road hawker centre. Is worth the money for just $2 you can get quite a big bowl. The soup is so tasty that my friend and l always finish till the last drop. The seller is a friendly man. 1 Jun 97 - shirley
    • Prawn noodles at this Farrer Park Hawker Centre basement level just beside the coconut drink stall is marvellous delicious! Open only during lunch time. min $3. - Fiona
      Farrer Park prawn mee cannot compare to Zhu Jiao Market Prawn mee. - Gorden Tan
    • Wah Thian! This one also must try !
      Location : No. 2, Jalan Ayer (off Geylang lor 1), S 1438
      Landmarks : Near Kallang MRT, opp Tran Island Bus Terminal and beside a KELOmat Cooking Centre. i think the signboard says "Jalan Besar Prawn Noodle" or something
      Review : Real special - THE soup, its thick 'enough' and fragant as if a thousand prawns had a dive ! Go along w/ the side dish of "Ngoh Hiang" and homemade Barley drink - ymmmmm.
      Business Hrs : ** Ate once so far but fell in love already, opening hrs i'm not sure. I went on a Sunday morning around 11am and its sardine pack ! - Janet Ng
    • I have just learn of the only Prawn noodle stall in the world that you have to Q your order with MAJONG CHIPS. The operators only sell this really one of the best kind on weekends only from 8am to 11.30am. Address: Block 117, Commonwealth Drive corner coffeeshop. Across the carpark /hawker center and Lutheran church. - Teh Nyuk Ing
    • There's a stall at Bedok South Rd,Blk 16 which is a hawker centre.The name is yi ding hao sia mian (translated to English is must be good prawn mee).It is open from morning till 2pm in the afternoon.They sell both dry & soup ones which cost $2 per ought to try the dry ones,the chilli is shiok if you ask them to add more. - Kelly
    • The kopitiam at arab street occupied with the ngo hiang stall & the Reigning hae mee stall! Nothing else. Of course drinks are availabe. Great tasting soup and ta mee with delicious chilli sauce. Genuine Ingredients. Pack during lunchtime though. However, i don't think there Will be much left after 2.30pm. My favourite hae mee!!! - Jenny akt
    • One of the best prawn mee you can ever get is at a coffee shop at Onan Road. It is near to the Geyland Road end. The minimum price for a bowl of the delicious mee is only $3.00 - very reasonable at today's price! The prawns are very fresh and the soup is delicious (guarantee cannot get thirsty). To avoid the crowd, do not patronise the place between noon and 1 p.m. The stall is closed on Tuesdays. Happy eating! - Eric
    • I think whoever out there has a soft spot for prawn noodles,you must try it at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 Blk 5093 Store name " Hong Yun" The Chilli is great, they make their own belacan . Try Mee Pok dry or Kyey Teow Dry. Soup is nice. - Lim Kian Chin
    • The prawn mee shop located at katong known as (beach road prawn mee). The prawns are real big and the soup is really siok!! If you want it with ba kut it is also available. Too bad it is close on sunday. Recommendation: order the mee with beehoon soup one!! Try it & u'll know i'm not joking!! - TOMJR
    • The BEST Prawn Mee in Amoy Street Market Food Centre: Name of the Stall : Ah Ren Pork Rib Big Prawn Mee (#02-115)
      Mee Soup - Serve both TRADITIONAL and their very own "HERBAL" pork rib big prawn mee. The soup is fragrance and thick.
      Mee Dry - Their home-made chilli is splendid (shiok), and top up with hay bee hiam (chilli shrimps), home-made shallots and pork lard.
      Prawns - Very fresh
      Pork Rib - Extremely tender and juicy
      Pig Tail - Very tender - Andrina Tan (dec 99)
    • I would Like To Comment on a Prawn Mee stall.Lai Hian Prawn Mee , previously at farrer park food centre level 2 . Now its located at Pek Kio(Cambridge) Food centre , #01-183. The Mee Just tAste MArVEllouS!!! Try IT aND You"ll KnOW ThE POweR !!! - owen michael(aug 2001)
  • Rojak
    • Ang Mo Kio Central coffee shop( Ex Toa Payoh Silver Stream Rojak). No where can you find better rojak. Loads of grounded peanuts ! - Dominic Lee
    • Whompoo Market. (2-10pm) Very famous fantastic rojak with century egg(optional), mango .... and great sauce!! - Peter Chia.
    • The alexandra Village Hawker centre (opp Qeensway Shopping Center) has a good Rojak store the gravy lots of peanut and fantastic. - Wee Boon Chong
    • i found the rojak in whampo drive market the best rojak in singapore so far and it cheap! try it and u would even ask for a take-away too. - Steven Tho
    • Xi Yi Coffeeshop - Upper Thomson Road.
      You get to taste one of the best Chinese Rojak at a reasonable price of ONLY $2! Friendly couple and pleasant eating environment. - Kuok Liang
    • the coffee shop behind Clementi Central NTUC, has my fovourite Rojak! The you char kway and the tou pau are being "peng kang" till very crispy and not burnt. Then the sauce, with generous serving of peanuts goes very well with the ingredient... - viovio (jun 99)
    • There's a very good rojak stall in Duman Road food centre. It serves very good you-tiao. You can buy it on it's own, accompanied with the shrimp paste with peanut separately. The rojak itself is also very good. For those who like chilli, this is the best I have ever eaten. It's only open after five o'clock. - Kenny Mok (dec 2000)
    • Just thought I share my comments on this rojak I tried. Located at Ave 10, Blk 446. The differences is in the prawn paste (hey-gore). According to the owner, they actually boil the paste before anything else(for hygiene resons). Unlike other stalls where owners would simply scoop the paste from the tin!!! Prices are resonable and the portion are generous. Cripsy You Char Kway and Tow Pok coupled with crunchy apple slices, jelly fish and green mangoes would make you swallow your tongue!!! Give it a try. My grade for it, 10/10. - Sean See (dec 2000)
    • I wanted to let u know that u hv missed out 2 BEST rojak stall in singapore. actually this 2 store is run by a husband & wife team. The wife usually operate her rojak stall at tao payoh (location: the kopitiam at HDB flat, facing main road, not hawker center, behind tao payoh library. this coffee shop also hv the BEST pisang goreng in town). the husband's stall located at bedok bus interchange (location: if u exit from bedok mrt & walk towards d bus interchange, u'll c d stall within 1st 10 stall.) the rojak sauce is so yummy that everytime i finish the ingredients, i'll try to "lick" the plate clean! :p the sauce's tasted just right, not too sweet or hot, yet hv a slight sour taste. the rojak also hv a bit of some fragrance spice (some kind of pink flower!! don't know it's name) which make it smell better. the peanut is so generous & it cover almost the whole plate. Prices are resonable and the portion are generous too. - jasper (jan 2002)
  • Roti John
    • Botanical Garden (foodcenter outside) - John
    • - Their chilli is delicious.- James Tan
    • just wanted to suggest another place for fantastic roti john - the hawker centre opposite bedok stadium (can't remember its name). happy trying! - Gerald Yee (jun 99)
    • The Roti John outside botanic gardens is pathetic!! May have been good before, but thats in the past. You should instead try NUH staff canteen roti john. Brilliant and cheap! - Sheikh Abu Bakar (jun 99)
      Note: The food center opposite Botanic Gardens is no longer around.
  • Sandwiches
    • Great for sandwich-lovers and fast-pack goers.Makes sandwiches within a min and price range from $3.95 onwards.Big appetitesers could go for the roast chix sandwhich classic tasty and very filling!!opens at 8am and ends at 9.30pm.Best of all feeling vege.quite aload for vegeterans like wise.Place is Oliver's at northpoint and centrepoint. - ikf
    • Went shopping at DKNY at Palais Renaissance and what do you know? There's a little Cafe right by the entrance. With skepticism, we approached the stools and sat - and ordered - and ate - and thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. They actually serve real food - big New York style sandwiches - try the Chicken and the Pastrami. We decided to go all the way and had dessert and coffee. In all, eating was better than shopping that day. PS: It gets crowded at lunch too. May 97 - May
  • Satay
    • I tried this satay from a Chinese selling stall at Kallang Airport Hawker Centre....It was marvellous! Everything was homemade! They sell satay beehoon and otah as well. They used to do business at Telok Ayer Food Centre (the old Lau Pat Sat) The stall number is 117B and they operate from 11am to 9pm. - ces
    • I suggest everyone ought to eat at the Satay Stall at the kings road hawker center the one next to farrer court. he is not always there but it is worth the wait. He is a nice man too. - Ash
    • Toa payoh Central Food Centre
      • I think the BEST Satay stall in Singapore is in Toa Payoh Central Food Centre located beside Toa Payoh cinema. The stall is located in the front roll and is facing the DBS Bank. Do tyr it and give your comments. - Bernard
      • Well, Bernard, wherever you are, I totally agree with you that the satay stall which you've mentioned at Toa Payoh Hawker Centre (front row opp. DBS bank) is a stall worth mentioning! Not only are its satay terrific, its gravy and "rice"are also the best that I've tasted in Singapore!! No doubt about it!! Anyone who gives this stall a miss definitely has not tasted the B E S T S A T A Y on our island!! - Satay Fanatic!!
      • The contribution by Bernard inviting food lovers to try the Satay stall at the Toa Payoh Food Centre facing the DBS Bank left out an important point which I would like to inform others who might want to make a trip there. The so call 'satay' is actually Pork satay!!!! So,for the sake of our muslim friends, please indicate if the food is Halal(permissible) or Haram (forbidden). Thanks. 1 Jun, 1997 - Deen Chang.
    • I think that the best satay in Singapore is to be found at East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre (Yusuf's stall). The pieces are chunky, succulent, tender, and I could go on and on. The price is pretty reasonable, too!
      The satay stall is open daily from late evening right up till the wee hours of the morning.- Robert Chua
    • For satay lovers, why not try Harom Satay at East Coast Park hawker centre. They are quite popular with many locals. Another hawker centre that has quite good satay is at New Upper Changi Road, next to the market. They also serve pretty good Mee Soto, Soto Ayam and Mee Rebus. - Frank & Tina
    • Hey! Why didn't anyone mention anything about the Satay Club(formerly at the Padang), now located at Clarke Quay???!!! Should go there,.. and really have a real taste of the real thing!!! Gotta bear with the 'Usherers' though!! Otherwise, it's thumbs up!!! - Hairina Abu Bakar
    • Lau Pa Sat - The satay here is cheaper than Clarke Quay's and is well-worth the money... enuff gravy and friendly hawkers. Has just the right atmosphere! Must try! - Poh Juliana
    • Also at Tiong Bahru Market the satay there if simply DELICIOUS+ACEAIQ- Tender and just right...and the peanut sauce is rich and taste OH-SO-HEAVENLY+ACEAIQ- By the way, this is from a Chinese stall, just next to the stall selling Satay Bee Hoon. Don't miss it+ACEAIQ- - Joann Kwang
  • Satay Bee Hoon
    • I want to recommed this store in Tiong Bahru Market that sells Satay Bee Hoon. During the day the store sells the famous Kok Brother's Pig Organ Soup, at night they sell Satay Bee Hoon. The store name is Kok Brother's Satay Bee Hoon. - Jie Ling (Jul 2004)
    • Notice that Satay Bee Hon is missing from the list. Just want to mention that there is a stall at the Kallang Basin Hawker Centre, near Victoria School. Generous amount of Satay sauce, big chunks of pig's liver and jiew heer. Thinking about here in California really stirred up my desire....I mean for food. - Singapore student in California
    • I think the best Satay Bee Hoon in Singapore is the one at East Coast Hawker Centre. The queues may be long, but the liao on the beehoon is shiok!. - kohfamey
    • I have tried the stall at the East Coast Lagoon but it is'nt as good as the one at Jalan Bukit Merah Market and Food Centre (Beside Bukit Merah SAFRA). This is the best Satay Bee Hoon stall that I have patronise so far from the many that I have tried. Try it and you be convinced. - Henry
    • The best so far I have come across for Satay Bee Hoon is the stall located at ABC Food Centre, the gravy is fantastic. You can also get the concentrated satay gravy, make your own satay bee hoon at home. - Cindy Lim
    • you should try the "Satay Bee Hoon" at Bukit Timah Food Centre it's very good! trust me. - Jay Tan (Jun 99)
  • Seafood
    • Saw it in your Best section and tried it recently. I agreed with seafood cynic, Dalian seafood is one of the best. The seafood is extremely fresh. The pepper crab and drunken prawn are must try. And I like the environment most. The outdoor section is so near to the beach that you dine with the sound of wave. The only place I had the same experience was in the previous Ponggong area, which nolonger exist. I spoke to several of my foreigner friends and they seem to know the place quite well. So, if you are love dining in a soothing outdoor environment, try Dalian. - Chan Wai Heng (February 99)
    • Yummy....Yummy.....I love Long Beach's seafood especially the Black Pepper Crabs & Chilli Crabs with buns, GOlden stripe lobsters, Geoduck Sashimi. My family always patronise Long Beach at East Coast or Marina during weekends. The food is indeed delicious. Service is good and prompt. Now they have so many promotions that our money so worthwhile. No wonder there's always a long queue. If people ask me why choose Long Beach, I would tell them that Long Beach has lived up their name. - Lim Yen Ling (February 99)
    • Know a great place for seafood. Despite it's new and quite remote, it has quite a handful of followers. It's situated at 12B Andrews Ave near Sembawang Park. Not to mention it's popular fragrant crab, they are also famous for their special sauce porkribs, smells heaven....Recently, they just launch their new recipe for claypot Thai sharkfin. The price is resonable and the servings is generous. Other specialities includes the fresh and sometimes eaten raw or over a herbs steamboat Geoduck, and thegarlic fried fish. Must try and you'll never regret. 1 Jun, 1997 - Connie Koh
    • East Coast Seafood Centre. There're many restaurants all in a row serving everything you fancy, from drunken prawns to the famous black pepper crab. My favourite is fried baby squids ! - Thian
    • Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at East Coast Parkway (next to the old lagoon). - The black pepper Sri Lankan crab is humongous and awesome. The chilli crab was fantastic. The sotong-stuffed-yew-char-kuay is marvellous, especially with that black sauce. Very shiok! Sedap! Food so nice, eat until vomit. Very buay ta han! - Jeffrey Ong
    • In Ulu Pandan Rd near Clementi a restuarant call Jin He Qing barbarque seafood. There serve a great variety of good food and seafood. Their chilli crab and pepper crab are one of the best. There have also other great seafood like shell fish and geoduck.!! Their seafood noodles is also very nice!! I like the food there!! So come on and try the seafood there!! - Han Jun
    • Seafood in Dailian Seafoopd Restaurant is delicious and the price is reasonable. The place is opposite the Long Beach Restaurant in East Coast. I just wonder why so many people on the weekends and on public holidays would rather spend a few hours quening outside Long Beach, which frankly speaking is not tasty at all, as compared to its neighbour Dailian Seafood Restaurant. Pherhaps this is what marketeers called consumer behaviour. Although the restaurant is not as popular as Long Beach, but in term of the food and services, they are much much better than Long Beach. A highly recommeded restaurant by a group of seafood cynic. - seafood cynic
  • Seafood Grilled
    • Try the grill seafood at alexandra village hawker centre. I think the name is Rong Guan. It is along the Mutton Store. The owner name is Joe, ask him for his specialities( dun forget to ask for discount oso!). There are actually another beside which doesnt serve as well so remember to look out for the yellow sign board( the othe store is having green sign board). - Spudx2 (Nov 2000)
  • Seafood Soup
    • I would like to introduce a food stall at bukit timah beautyworld food centre. The stall name is called 'WANG WANG SEAFOOD SOUP'. It sell not only seafood/fish soup but also other varieties like set meals, curry chicken, herbal chicken soup etc Do drop by to try out their food especially their home-made belacan chilli. - Alex Tham (May 06)
    • Alexandra Village Hawker Centre
      Seafood soup. Be cautious there are 2 stalls.... It's the one lacated on the 2nd row extreme end, next to the curry chicken stall. Soup is probably MSG laden but is extremely tasty. BEWARE.... there is a long queue during lunchtime. Might have to wait for quite some time. 1 Jun 97 - Eugene Tay
    • Clarke Quay
      A favourite place for me and my boyfriend... There is this good seafood stall there which sells very good fish soup. Really good... Even the hor fun is good. The recipe for the soup is quite different from the normal clear soup you get elsewhere. It's really good... (can taste it in my mouth now...yum yum...) Should really try. Oh, but they only open during lunch and dinner hours, so don't go at around 3pm or 4pm. They are normally closed. 1 Jun 97 - Kat
  • Siew Laap(Cantonese Roast Meat)
    • Would like to recommend: Hong City Stall at Blk 408, AMK Ave 10 coffee-shop selling Duck/Char Siew/Roasted Pork Rice. I have been eating its roasted stuff since 15 years ago. The staff-holder has just moved to this location recently (around Oct 02). The duck meat is the roasted kind with slightly crispy skin. Juicy & tender! Many would love the roasted pork with crispy skin. The dark and sweet Char Siew has been the best that I've tried so far!! The thickness of the dark gravy is excellent too! YUMMY!! (Dec 2002)
  • Soon Kway
    • The skin is shiny, translucent, look tempting enough. Remains hot for a long time, I do not know how they do it. Juicy even though made of the usual ingredients of shredded african tulip, carrots n mushrooms. So soft n smooth, it is delicate to break but far from smashy. Their home-made blanchan chilli enhances its taste even further. So delicious, you can't get enough of it. I cld eat eight for supper n still craze for more...
      Esther's Pot at 3 Amoy St #01-01 Far East Sq or Ang Mo Kio Blk 6022 #01-74 or 348 Bedok Rd #02-25/26. - Annie Chow
    • I would like you to know that there is a stall operating at the coffee shop (name unknown) at Block 52, Pearl's Hill Road making and selling very tasty 'Soon Kway'. Their operating time from morning 11.00am to 4.00pm. - Jim Lim
    • i've had the soon kway at dunman road hawker centre, it's excellent! i dunno the name of the stall but you have to go DOWN the stairs instead of up. turn right after coming down from the stairs. they are essentially a kway stall. - Shi
    • You can find great Soon Kway at Kallang Bahru Market & Hawker Centre, besides Mandarin Theatre - Silas Wong
    • Lets go back to elderly lady sitting on a small stool at the OLD BUGIS STREET now Parco.. she is the best..
      Right now I can only find one at Pearl Hill or Pearl Bank Road (China Town) entrance after OG People's Park, at a small coffee shop by the slope. - Raymond(Sinmah)
    • I like the one from the hawker centre at Blk 453, Ang Mo Kio. 3 big one for only S$1. They sell in the morning only. You should try it. - Lim Karen
    • Soon Kway rite? Geylang, i forgot which Lorong .. think it is .. 19 or 17 or 15..either one. but it realli ROXX no joke..very nice thin thin u can see the fillings inside. very nice fillings too .. it is so good that i ate so many but be forewarned though it ia a bit small so have to buy more yes? =) - Tasha Tay
    • Esther's Pot serves good Soon Qwey ...They are at Bedok Shopping Complex #02-25 Tel: 2422791 (Hopefully it is still valid) ...I last saw one at the at the Conserved shop houses opposite Far East Square Food Court (Dunno if I got it right - the 3 storey food court, I mean) I had nice Soon Qwey at Kallang Hawker Centre, the one near NTUC ...Good Luck - goh mei fern
    • Got to the foodcentre at Dunman Food court Basement, soon kuey , chui kuay etc. run by a teochew family. When it comes to food look for the one and only william foo 92008118 - Karen Lim
    • Telok Blangah Crescent Market food centre, stall name" top 1" or no 1.. sells great and delicous soon kuey. - Hong Chee & Celina
    • go to maxwell road hawker centre, you can find home made qualtity soon kway. - Quek Zhen Hao
    • For the best soon kway, you can get them at 'Esther's Pot' in Simpang Bedok or 'May's House of Soon Kway' at Geylang Bahru (hawker centre next to Mandarin Theatre - in front of KFC!). The skin is thin and lots of turnip! - nkloh
  • Soyabean drink/curd(tau huay)
    • about tau huay, i've eaten one at Geyland Road that's good.. it's called the Rochor Soyabean. i think run by the same people who have a stall at Short Street. It is between Geylang Lorong 19 and 21... the tau hwey is so smooth.. .like it can glide down ur throat... there are crystal buns, gui lin gao sold there too ... - Yanying Wu
    • I've tried the best Tau-huay at the Dunman Market at Joo Chiat. There are 2 stalls facing each other both selling tau-huay and soya bean drinks. The tau-huay is 'stall-made', smooth and 'silky'. Very cheap too. You can eat it with red-bean, lotus-seed, ...etc. - Catherine Tey (Jun 99)
    • I had tried this tau huay & tau huay drink at Old Airport Road hawker centre. Wow! They are really bagus!! The tau huay is very smooth and the soya bean drink is rich and thick. Value for money. Price at $0.80 - $1.00 for soya bean drinks & $0.90 for tau huay...Opening from 11am - 11pm. - Christine_(Aug 99)
    • Over at West Coast Drive hawker Centre, there's this stall that sells fresh soya bean drink. It's the best i've ever tasted as the "tau hui" which i taste is very smooth & cooked perfectly unlike some other place where the texture is not smooth. U guys should try this out. It's 0.90cents per box or eat there! Hope u'll try it out! - Zuraina (dec 99)
  • Steaks
    • The best country fried steak is at Seah Street Deli! Their helpings are large and its good quality stuff! I tried it and left with a satisfied smile! Its situated at Raffles Hotel! And about the comments about Seah Street Deli being too should look at the menu again! - Becks (Jun 99)
  • Ter Huang Kiam Chye - The ter huang kiam chye place I mentioned is a stall located inside the Tiong Bahru market. Best mixed soup I ever tasted, and the chilly is well made. It's a popular place with my Chinese friends. The mixed soup is well made. Price is $3.50 per bowl of soup and about another 50 cents for rice. You get a big bowl for your money, but count on having to wait at least 20 minutes to be served as the orders are heavy. Avoid going there on Sundays as you'll have to wait even longer. Worse, you may not get a seat. I last ate there about a year ago. - Collin Fernandez
  • Wan Tan Mee
    • Kong's Wanton Noodles - side coffee shop at the junction of Lor 13, Geylang. I found it by chance. No regret waitng for about half an hour. Very few in S'pore has such standard. - KK Koh (oct 2002)
    • Me would like to introduced a WanTon Mee stall At Jalan Besar Hawker center stall 104...very friendly auntie..and her noddles is cheap and very nice..tasty.. - Joey Foo (February 99)
    • There's a special wan tun mee at a hawker center near Crawford Lane,it used to be at Farrer Park Market.The noodles they use is special as they make it themselves,a lot of mushrooms,shredded chicken,char siew, wan tun,& not forgetting the vegetables.Must order $4 serving,SEDAP! Too bad,closed on Sundays.People tend to "da bao" packets home after eating.Reminder though,open at night! - Yen Peng Tang
    • The wanton noodles, plus red hot chilli is simply fantastic.Location is at Dunman Food Centrer, named ENG'S. Operating hours from 8pm to 11pm.Check it out. 1 Jun 97 - LIM TENG LEONG
    • Joo Chiat Place wan tan mee. Just ask anyone on that street for the bare-bodied 80 year old man selling wan tan mee.They will point you there. - Ng Kean Tian
      - There are 2 there now - James Tan
    • The wantan mee at east coast hawker centre. while the other shops do not have much customers and the food gets served to the customer, this shop has a long queue and it's self-service!!!! It owes more to the special sauce of the char siew and the way it's cooked!! - Carole
    • I 've tried one of the best wantan mee in stirling road blk 164 coffee shop.... the stall gives lots of "char siew" and wantan for a mere $2.00 as compared to other wantan mee stalls..operating hours....sad to say only in the morning & early day is on wed....hope you folks like the wantan mee.... - Shaun Lee
    • There is this wanton mee stall at the East Coast Park Hawker Center (beside the lagoon). There is a constant queue at the stall; so do you think it is good or what. - Geoffrey Goh
    • The best Wanton Mee can be found at Lavender food court. - Kee Yan
    • Me too like to recommend a good "Wanton Mee" store in Prime Food Court Tampines name : "Mun Gao WinTuong Men". Taste good and very original. They serve with nice Wanton and Cha Shou at the right amount. A lot of Chai Sim too. If you ask for more noodle, the owner is happy to add more for you without extra charge. They are very friendly people. - Patrick Leo
    • he Wanton Mee at Clementi Ave 2 Blk 352 (Bras Basah Hock Thye Noodles) is fantastic. Must try. - Tweety
    • The wanton mee stall at Syed Alwi Road junction Jalan Besar is also one of the best in Singapore. Operating hour from 1800 hrs to 0300 hrs. Price moderate at $2.50/ per bowl. - Jim Lim
    • The stall with the superb chili is called "Eng's Mee". He uses chili padi I sure for his chili paste. Ask for double dose and leave the place with swollen lips. Not for people with heart trouble though. There is also a stall opposite Eng's that sells BBQ stuff. Ask for the BBQ squid roe. Absolutely super. - Kenny Koh
    • Wanton mee at the coffee shop opp The substation ( behind MPH ) very famous!! The texture of the noodles are just done hungry now!!! :P Heard that the coffee shop might close soon don't delay head for it now!! - Jean Tan
    • Juz though I wanted to let you know of this stall selling wanton noodles in Singapore, Geylang Lorong 13. They serve wonderful food. The wantons are full of flavour, the charsiew, succulent and juicy. One of the best I had ever tasted!
      Operation hours: 7.30am - 11pm. Note of caution though, go early to avoid the lunch crowd. The waiting time could be longer than half an hour sometimes!! - Janice Phua
    • i wld like to recommend this best wanton noddle at paya lebar, opposite A-Z Building, next to BP Petrol Station. The corner shop name is "Chi Li" Roast Duck shop. The wanton noddle is inside this shop. the regular size plates cost only $2.50. The noddle is a lot, the wantan is plenty (about 7-8 pieces), the noddle also come with chicken meat, char siew, the mushroom & chicken feet is great. the seller also give a lot of vegie (chai sin). this is the most valueable wanton noddle i ever eat in singapore. try it i'm sure u'll agree! the Q may b long during lunch time, this is a self service style! - Jasper
    • Toa Payoh Lorong 2 Blk 125 coffee shop serves very good won tan noodles. This old couple has been in this trade for a long time. During lunch time, you can see most people are eating their won tan noodles. Soup base is fantastic ! It reminds me of my childhood time where I can only taste this kind of soup from the hawker at the back lane ! They only charge S$2 a bowl.. - Shirley Kong
  • Western food
    • Western Food Stall - Serangoon Ave 3
      My boyfriend lives around the area and we've been trying this new western food near his house for the past few months that i personally think is worth recommending. What amazed me was that the cook had a great variety on his menu and I get to eat my favourite GERMAN PORK BRATWURST sausages anytime I want to (instead of going to places where they charge GST or service charge!!)
      This place is located at Serangoon Ave 3, Block 237. When we go for dinner, there is always a constant flow of customers. My favourite dishes there are from the sausages menu, the pasta aglio, chicken chop (SPECIAL SAUCE!!) and the black pepper beef steak. Chicken chop usually comes with baked beans (PLUS POINT!! baked beans are never served cold but are brought to us WARM! i've never liked baked beans before till I tried the warmed ones!!!), coleslaw, mashed potato and garlic bread. The special sauce has a sweet and slightly tangy taste and complements the chicken perfectly!! MY GOD! the beef steak is definitely something one CANNOT MISS! It's tender and their steak comes from NZ. (gee... my stomach's growling)
      Prices are reasonable enough, with the beef steak selling at a mere $9, pasta prices range from $4.50 to $5.50, main course ranging from $5.50 and above. Also, we've brought my mother to the place for lunch once and she loves their GRILLED SALMON HEAD!!
      I think one thing worth to note of this place is that they even came up with a CHOP CARD system whereby for every $4.50 I spend, I am entitled to a chop and I get to redeem free feed or discounts at the end of the line!! Imagine, how often do we see coffee shop stalls having this kinda idea?!
      Everyone should find time to go down and try the food when they can. They'll definitely have no regrets!! Take your time to look thru their menu. My suggestion is for anyone to go down with a group of friends, pick an item from each category and share! This way, everyone'll get to taste a variety! Guys, don't worry about burning a hole in your pockets for bringing your girlfriends anymore! Here is a place with GREAT FOOD and REASONABLE PRICES!! - Audrey mx
    • A great stall for Western Food, many varitiescheap and nice... by famous chef..... you can't get the same western food in normal hawker or coffeeshop....( unless you go restaurant ) Got good pork ribs as good as Tony Romas...
      Address: Blk 466, crawford lane..
      They also do Hainanese Mutton Soup... Mei Teo
    • Western Cuisine, cheap!
      ok here goes... In Shenton Way..Raffles Place...Tanjong Pagar.....wherever you are.... When I think of Western Cuisine. I always know where to find it. CHEAP & FAST There's this "Atlanta Cafe" located at Robinson towers (opposite AIA tower) at B1-00. Offering the best up to standard food with the best price in singapore you can't find!!! (I guranteed you!) for a $9.90++ I get to enjoy this great set meal....... unlimted serving of salad unlimted serving of soup with a great maincourse (either western or local) and Ice-cream for desserts. I like thursday's Chicken with Mushroom!!! compare to those stalls at the food courts or hawker centre..I just mainly have to fork out a few dollars more for their set meal. what's more they are serving different dishes daily...but I can't really remember all the dishes..maybe you would like to check that out.. Pros & Cons in dinning in this resturant. Pros I think Salad bar and soup are very good....I don't have to pay more for having more serving because they made them such a way that it is a's self serving so you know how much you can take and what you would want your salad to be... I also hear that the chefs are previously from some famous 5-star you could imagine the main course standards they have...mmmm..yum! also ice-cream!!! you can't find any resturant giving you all these at $! the last time I had such a dinner cost me over $30 for having my salad, soup, maincourse & desserts alone... Cons you would have to get there early for seats...usually before 12.00pm where all people usually get their lunch break at 12.00pm I remembered I was slightly late a bit on Tuesday...about 12.30pm, I wanted to try out their Salmon but in the end I was kept waiting for 20mins just to get a bar seat.... The service there mmm....I'll give them an average...they are quite short of manpower..but anyway for just $9.90 what do you expect....?? - Alex
    • Check out some of the TASTIEST western food in local hawker centre. Highly recommemded will be the Chicken Chop, Fish n Chips, Pork Chop(when hot i.e eaten there and then) and the Black Pepper Steak(only S$6.50 !!!). The address : Switzerland Western Food ; Blk 117 Aljunied Crescent #01-46.(Near the Geylang East Swimming Pool) Spread the lastest discovery!!! - hoopster
    • The western food stall in the 'backmost' row at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre has a signature industrial-strength mega-dose GARLIC SAUCE, which is slathered all over their super-greasy chicken cutlets and pork chops. Sop it all up at the end of the meal with the buttered buns that come with the dish. Highly recommended to all except couples embarking on their crucial "this-just-may-be-the-night-we-kiss" date. - Wong Hon Tym
    • looking for the best western food with nice and serene atmosphere? I've when to Amiran's Cafe, and bet you it was the best food (western) I've ever had! At Liang Seah street opp. Bugis Junction. - sirhan zainal
    • A M K Western Food is located at Ang Mo Kio Blk 631 Avenue 4 in a coffee shop. The stall sells delicious western food. Highly recommended will be the chicken chop, chicken cutlet, pork chop, pork cutlet, fish & chips and black pepper steak.The price is fair and the food is the best that I have ever had! - Eddie Ng
    • This KopiTiam serve succulent and tender-perfect beef steak at hawker price.The required-done steak is comparable to those found at steak houses. Whether is it medium or medium-rare done, the chef sure to do it to your liking.Sirloin(200g) is serve on sizzling hot-plate with all the restaurant-standard compliments, fries,tomatoes,brocoli and top with the chef secret recipe sauce. Also available other meat chops, fish&chips, soup-of-the-day. Don't miss this new-cheap-found.......Foodies are to call at?Place: Block 475 Choa Chu Kang KOPITIAM, opp. ESSO kiosk cck Ave.3 Time: Daily from 1230hrs onwards ,chances are you still can taste the steak well pass midnight. - vinsense
    • Fav store here without a shadow of a doubt would be the western food store. Awesome stuff, and its really getting the BANG for your BUCK. You'd have to try it yourself to believe it. Excellent chicken chop and lamp chop among the other delicacies, priced at abt $4.50. Not too sure what time it opens, but closes at abt 12 latest. - KC
  • Yong Tao Foo
    • Jalan Sultan Hawker Centre.
      The 'Yong Tau Foo' is very nice, the fish filling inside is very fresh & the chilli is great for chilli lovers. Also the price is very reasonable,but the queue is very long during lunch time.Operating time from 11am - 3pm.It located at the basement,ever appeared on the newspaper.Good Must Try!!! - Godfrey Yong
    • The best of the best is at Hougang South Interchange's Hawker Center. The stall is called Kuo Hua Yong Tao Foo. The chilli and sweet sauce is sooooo good. Not to mention the soup. You have got to try to believe it. It is self-service. As soon as the business starts, you will see a never ending queue. Simply the best in Singapore. - s.w.
    • Located at Henderson Hawker Centre, it opens from 8 pm to 12 am. If you are impatient, don't bother, because the waiting time is about 1 hour. The food is good and cheap. Price range from 10 cents to 30 cents. May, 97 - Bart
    • I'm surprise that no one introduce it. There is one stall at Newton Hawker Center(Stall No. 16) which sells the best Niang Dou Fu in Singapore. Besides the normal Niang Dou Fu, the stall also sells curry Niang Dou Fu, you definitely must try it!!!!!! Its the best I had ever try it!!! 1 jun, 1997 - SJ
    • I wld like to recommend the yong tau foo near my house. It is so Tasty especially the curry yong tau foo and the beiqing dumpling which The owner make her own. It is located at blk 68 dakota crescent coffee Shop. It opens only from 7.30am to 4pm. It is somewhere behind Mountbatten primary school. - jlim22
    • The best hakka yong tau foo is the one before Nee Soon Camp on your right (row of shophouse) as you travel towards Sembawang. Shop owners converse in hakka too unlike those that "hang goat's head & sell dog's meat".Other Hakka delicacies are the "abacus seed" and bamboo shoot guai which the best are those made by Hakka family eg. my mom & some of my relative. - Michael Low
    • Meng Kee Niang Tou Fu, #03-03. Golden Shoe Carpark
      Fresh yong tou fu items , chilli has haybee in it. best time to go would be saturdays , not much of the office crowd. hint : if you eat there, the boss cooks and he marks up the price but if you take away, the wife cooks and charges reasonably . minimum price $2.50 . i suggest you "take away " and then go to a corner and makan :) - Mei Luen (dec 2000)
    • I recently found a good yong tau hu stall in marine parade republic theatre building. Very unique. It is similar to the one in siglap near siglap centre but better! - Kenneth (Aug 2001)
  • You Char Kway
    • the best and freshest yu char kuay is at Bedok South Ave 1 Blk 16 the market opposite Temasek Junior College.It's fried on the spot and opens about 6.30 am.The batter is crunchy and it literally melts in your mouth and the best part is there is a tow hway stall about 2 stalls away.Cost 40 cents per frit(fritters). - Clement Gan
    • Not many places recommended. So sad. However, the place at Commonwealth Drive Hawker Centre is the best there is. Although the one at Margaret Drive is very popular, it is not as good as the one in Commonwealth. Be prepared to wait (like all good food) as the hawkers tend to be glued to the television sometimes, especially when something exciting is about to happen. - derlim
    • The one at the Hawker Centre @ Clementi Central is very very nice too and the "Butterfly" is also yummt. It is next to the quite famous Wanton stall.. - viovio (jun 99)
    • I am a resident of Haig road, Tanjong katong (near paya lebar MRT) since my life started and i have been feeding from this hawker centre (Blk 14)near the market. i think the you charkway there is fabuLOUS! they do the dough in the stall and instand fry it, so u get real hot cripsy oily good'ol classic you char kuay. thumbs up for this hardworking hawker family starting early in the morning providing breakfast for working crowds ah-sohs and ah mahs. p/s they sell other kuays like soon kuays too! - XiaoKai
    • The best You Char Kway can be found in Maxwell Market! The length is just right with the right crisp about it. The stall has always been a old time favourite for many in the Chinatown area. I love to eat it with soya bean drink or coffee black. - Kevin Koh (dec 2000)

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