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Can anyone advise if there are 24hr delivery for food?

I'am sure a lot of people out there, especially those who are working past midnight in the office trying to search for food to be delivered to their doorsteps during wee hours. LIKE ME!!!
Been trying to find but not successful. Kindly enlighten me.
Hungry ghost weeping in the middle of the night for food to be delivered to the doorstep.

Editor: please email me and I will have it listed here!

Vegetarian Food After 12

  • Boon Lay Place kpoi tiam
    yong tau foo, century egg porridge, rojak, fried noodles/kway teoh/rice etc. Suggest u ask for less oil when they cook. - ahb
  • There is one vegetarian stall at Boon Lay Shopping centre.(24 hours) - Quek Theng Theng

If you know of other vegetarian food after 12? please email me!

  • 24 hr food delivery
    I think you will find this local company DABAO to be exactly what you're looking for. Their website address is, you can order local fare up to 2am at reasonable prices, and even by SMS!! If you use their generic menu, they will source their food from good places like geylang and old changi road. That costs just $2 for delivery. If you have a craving they will even hunt down a particular stall for you (if open) and deliver, for a higher delivery charge of course. Either way, I think this is a fantastic service, because now a late night at the office or a lazy, rainy night at home need not mean (at the cheap end) pizza hut/kfc/mcdonald's, or (at the expensive end) cuisine x-press. What a great idea, I hope they can stay afloat and keep offering their services. - su sian
  • ABC Market
    There's this stall at ABC market at Jln Bt Merah stall named Cantonese Curry Rice (beside Claypot stall). They served delicious cooked food and their special make curry sauce. Change of dishes everyday; their speciality Pork Chop and many more. It's food for value (compared to others). Operating hours 5.00 pm to 3.30 am and closed on Friday. Good for those who are in the night shift or partying. Caution: Please try it yourself or not you will 'regret'. - Joyce Tee (dec 2000)
  • Ang Mo Kio
    • How come nobody mentioned the S11 in Ang Mo Kio besides the Jubilee Cinema....serves great food into the wee hours of the morning.......and good spot for looking at Ah Lians.... Gary Ho (feb 2002)
  • Balestiar Road
    • For food after can often head down to Balestiar Road.. There, prawn mee, Bak Kut Teh can be found..and in not just one coffeeshop but a few others.. - Patrick.
    • Bak Kut Teh: Balestier has an awesome selection.. - Foodie
  • Bedok North Avenue 4 (Fengshen) Food Centre. Highly recommended "Must Try" for porridge lovers..."Chai Chee Porridge" Stall, where you can choose and specify the amount of the ingredients. The consistency of the porridge is impeccable. Whilst there try the B.B.Q. stall and the Fried Hokkien Mee stalls back to back to "Chai Chee Porridge" and you"ll go back for more. Then there is the juicy chunky and big sticks of Satay from the stall in the middle of the row in front of "Chai Chee Porridge", facing the same direction. They are not only utterly delicious but real value -for-money. I cannot find another satay stall elsewhere serving satay with chunks of meat instead of the normal tiny scraps of fat and meat clinging sheepishly to the sticks. Enjoy....Tony Ng
  • Bedok North Road food center - Have you tried the meat ball noodles?? It's got really tasty soup, bouncy meat balls and is served with some minced pork. I think it's open all night but it's quite crowded from 11pm till about 1am when most people have just come out from the 9 o'clock movies at Bedok. There are two stalls selling meat ball noodles, choose the one on the right as you are facing the stall, but you usually have to wait about 20 mins to half an hour and you have to remind them of your order at least once. If you want some entertainment, watch out for people sitting in front of the fish ball noodles seller. This old couple will scold whoever sitting in front of their stall without ordering from them. Happy supping - Raymond
  • Bencoolen Street - 24 hr roti prata stall - meet those backpackers who travel for months and come for the 50 cent(?) roti prata. - Thian.
  • Bishan St 22, around Blk 284. Kopitiam opens till about 3am. Sells good kway chap, wan ton mee (Hong Kong style)and mushroom mee (also very good). - Dennis Ng
  • Boat Quay - Pasta Fresca(at Boat Quay) It'as really not half bad - even if prices have gone up, and the quality's dropped slightly. And you have to sit with dubious denizens of the dark. Seafood and Mushroom Pizza (half-and half, add chillies too!) hits home at 4 in the morning....:) - Foodie
  • Boon Lay - Well...I used to supp alot. There is this beef hor fun at the only coffee shop which is open past 2am on the ground floor of Boon Lay Shopping Centre.
    Although I'm not sure if people still wants to eat beef with the mad cow disease. But my friends and I have been wondering out aloud how the hawker can cook the beef until it's so soft and yummy. Go try it! - Adeline Wong
  • Bras Basah 24 hour eating joint - Coffee express foodcourt (or something like that)@Bras Basah Complex, facing allson hotel, famous mince meat noodles (from paradiz centre wan I think), crispy chicken rice(muslim food stall), most exciting prata stall I've ever seen( you've got to check out their creations using prata man?) and zhi char stall that's slowly gaining in popularity?
    Seriouly man, if like me you're office bound till late in the city, this is a really good alternative to lau pa sat. - Boon Kwang Tan
  • Brighton Crescent - Nasi Lemak at Brighton Crescent, which is in Serangoon Gardens estate, but before the Serangoon Gardens circus. Good nasi lemak with lots of dishes to choose from , used to be at Tampines Way, opp Hougang Oriental. - Clarissa Teo
  • Bukit Gombak - There's this 24hour Teochew porridge store in a coffee shop(blk 347) somewhere near Bt Gombak MRT station. It is definitely open after 12 midnight.
    Around the place is also my favorite hangout-- where my friends go to right after watching midnight movie. Also somewhere near Bt Gombak MRT, near a McDonald's, the coffeeshop(blk 374) are famous for its Roti Prata and the car and the motor cycles parked there are unbelievable, especially on Fri and Sat nights. - Adeline Wong
  • Changi Airport Terminal II - There's this great place at Changi Airport T-2 which opens 24 hours. It's got great stuff like Nasi Lemak and quite a variety of local stuff like curry chicken and the likes. The price is pretty fair and a great hangout for hungry couples if you're at the airport. And ya know what's best ? It's airconditioned ! - Hah! 2 Jun 97 - The Acid Turtle
  • China Town
    • there's a really good dim sum place in chinatown 24 hours opposite pearl centre. can't miss it. has bright red neon sign. try the siew mai. Mmmmmm.. - Yvonne
    • the famous Mount Faber Nasi Lemak, formerly at Prince Charles Lane serves up to 6 a.m. or later. It is located I think it's Sago Lane, just in front of the Indian temple, behind the theatre and the Chinatown Market. Driving access is from Maxell Road or South Bridge Road. 1 Jun 97 - Jai Ong
    • Coffee shop at the corner next to Chinatown Plaza? - Fish porridge.Further down the street there's another 24 hr roti prata restaurant. - Thian.
    • I believe the 'Mouth Restaurant' in Chinatown Point is open until 4am. Good stuff there ? chris February 99
  • Chomp Chomp food center at Serangoon Gardens, "CHOMP CHOMP" meaning chomp as in eat!! my own personal opinion of this place : an outdoor, often crowded, night hawker centre. u can find a wide variety of food there (ie. 2 stalls of fried carrot cake, 3 stalls of dessert-ice kachang etc, fishball stall, western food-chicken chop, satay stall, satay bee hoon, chicken rice, fishball noodle, wantan mee, porridge, grilled chicken wings, seafood-all of a sudden, i could not remember the name of the fish that is square?? ) that about covers much of it. am i making u hungry? - Carole
  • Circular Road
    • Here's another great makan place .... SHAH ALAM. It's behind Boat Quay. Opp a pub named "BUZZ". One of their unlisted specialities is Vegetarian Murtabak, be sure to ask for more potatoes. By the way, it depends on luck to get the right chef to dish out the right combination. While u r there, try the following too .... Nasi Goreng Puteh with Ikan Billis Beehoon Goreng Puteh with Ikan Billis Mee Goreng (remember to get yourself a cold drink) "Plaster" (Prata with a whole egg) - AJ
    • i just discovered that EMOH is a great place to hang even after 12. it closes at 3am, has got great service, is a wonderful place to chill. for me, i love to booze, but i can;t stand cigarette smoke, loud music and sweaty dancing bodies. EMOH is perfect for me. all the booze with comfie couches, quietness and good food. try the nasi goreng, potato wedges and daily specials. (EMOH is at circular rd, just behind boat quay. by the way the owners intended for EMOH to be HOME spelled backwards. the place really feels like home! bring your own CDs to play over the stereo upstairs if you wanna.) - Lian Shi Ho (February 99)
  • Clementi Interchange -
    • Theres a coffeeshop at one end of Clementi Interchange which has MUCHO food to eat after 12. There is teocheow Mui, wan ton mee, a nasi lemak stall, a dim sum stall and, IMHO, the best chee cheong fun this side of the island. Opens well aftere midnite. many Patrons park in the interchange itself but watch ur cars... spot checks though rare, do occur and the car park behind is season parking onli... so, park at ur own risk!!!!! (from someone whos been there.) - Joel
    • One new stall, TIONG BAHRU PORRIDGE, serves great Cantonese-styled, restaurant-like quality porridge with a wide assortment of ingredients in a most valued way. With 46 years of tradition behind, the porridge is so smooth, well-blended broth and strong fragrance. There is a great variety of porridge to choose from. The mixture of pig organs is my favourite. You can always aim for fish, cuttlefish, beef, egg, and chicken. Just at 24-hours Teck Hin Eating House (near Clementi Bus Interchange).
      Best for night owls like me! :) - Kenneth Yap (Apr 2003)
  • Clementi Road
    • Freshly prepared Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaf available at around midnight. The 24 hour shop is located along Clementi Rd beside the Kent Ridge Bus Terminal, near NUS. A favourite for NUS hall affilates and taxi drivers, night patrol policemen, etc. - Pek Yoong
    • The Clementi Road Nasi Lemak place is called Fong Seng Nasi Lemak. And it's best to go there after 11pm each night as they start serving small standard packets of NASI LEMAK for only 90 cents...but you have to go behind to the kitchen to ask for it...have that with a stick of superbly fried SOTONG BALLS and ICE MILO and you're sure to rest a satisfied person for the entire night! - Yu Khing
  • Conrad Hotel
    • The coffee house at Conrad Hotel opens 24 hours... small menu but nice and quiet and cooool - John 2 (dec 2000)
  • Crystal Jade
    • Crystal Jade Kitchen in Holland Village is also open 24 hours serving the usual Crystal Jade stuff; noodles, congee, fried rice, etc! - John 2 (dec 2000)
  • Dunman Road Food Centre - Great place to catch Charsiew-Wanton Mee after 12!!!! Can't remember the name of the store, but there's a little guy with a hunch who serves the noodles to the tables... be prepared to wait at least 15 minutes, as there is usually a huge queque - especially after 1am!! The wanton mee is "Siouk-City"!!! Chilli only hits you when you're halfway through the bowl - when you finish, make sure you have a long cold drink close by - otherwise "teroksion"!! Try it... you'll like it - guaranteed!! - KAYman
  • East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre - For those beach goers/lovers/moonlighters...check out the Lagoon Hawker Center. It's the largest hawker center along East Coast Parkway. The CHAR SIEW NOODLES there constantly has a que outside it's stall and if you don't care about dying early from a heart attack, try the OYSTER OMELET toooooo! - Yu Khing
  • Frankel Avenue - Roti Prata at Frankel Avenue - K JaY
  • Geylang
    • From lorong 3 onwards. Lots of choices, prata, muay, tim sum etc. - Peter Chia
    • Geylang Lorong 8/9 is a good bet for midnite makan - I doubt if Mad Cow disease has had any effect on my fav Beef Hor Fun Stall there (they whip up other stuff as well)
      Or if U feel like having something lite, there's always the 24 hour Tau Huay (Beancurd) shop just next door - ask for a side dish of the Tau Sar flaky pastry - best eaten hot! Bon Apetit! - Rachel
    • 24hr yu-tiao coffeeshop(Taiwan-brand dian xin) at Geylang, don't know lor what but it is directly opposite a small little mosque, on the right side of the road. Serves great carrot-shredded cake, shao bing, dou hua. Good services from the dish-clearing aunties too. The shop has been there for the past 10 years? - Cynthia Ong
    • Hey! Who says that the table clearing aunties are courteous??? That would be the last word on earth to use on them. I must admit that they do serve good 'dou jiang yu tiao' but the many times when I brought friends there, I was terribly embarrased when the aunties who took the orders very rudely told us to 'hurry up and place our orders'. - Christina Yeo
  • Havelock Road
    • For Teochew mui lovers, i recommend that you check out the store in Havelock Rd near Blk 22(i forgot the name, but it has a yellow signboard). They even have a picture of Andy Lau dining there. I think its open throughout the night. The price is reasonable and they serve great 'lor' pig intestines! - Yang Kong Kai
    • Hi there! I have been to this one place at midnight which is at Havelock Road. The very first stall of the shops(can't remember the shop's name though). They sell teochew porridge, a variety of dishes and even duck meat. I can see alot of people going there after midnight. The foods' not bad, but prices are a bit steep. Worth giving it a try, the food is really quite good!!! There are also few shops selling Bah Kut Teh, but i have not tried it yet. - cdexport
    • Direction: Drop at Tiong Bahru MRT. Walk straight towards the HDBs behind Tiong Bahru Plaza. The place u want to find is very near the wet market; it is actually kindda between the wet market and the NTUC. Ask around. And u won't miss it cos there's a whole stretch of shops selling Teochew porridge from the evening onwards. - Huiwen
    • down at havelock road there's also a stall which serves porridge in little claypots. the portion size isn't that big but the taste is well up to standard. there's prawn, fish, chicken, century egg and i think frog porridge. oh, and chicken rice to boot. they close around 3am. - kevlar says
  • Henderson Hawker Centre - Yong Tau Fu Stall located opposite Henderson Sec School. If you are looking for shiok, fresh and cheap Yong Tau Fu, this stall is at the Henderon Market Hawker Centre. Operates only from about 10pm to 1am. You can't miss the stall as it operates quite solitary during this time of the night by the wet market. - Soh BS
  • Holland Village
    Recently i found out that the Ipoh Hor Fan at Holland Village (Lor. Liput, the non air-con coffee shop) open till 3.00am in the morning on Friday, Saturday nite and eve of public holiday. And they have introduce new dishes like Assam Crayfish($5.50), Sharksfin Noodle ($9 plus) and Sharksfin Rice (???). i ordered the crayfish, my wife says it's good, cos it's sourness is just right. So for those late night stalkers you may want to give it a try. - ongleelee
  • Hyatt Hotel - The Hyatt Cafe is great for desserts especially the goreng pisang with ice cream. Open 24hrs. The Asian food is quite good. if you like, you can stay till 6am when they have the buffet breakfast. 1, Jun 97 -Sha
  • Jalan Bukit Merah - ABC market's hawker centre along Jalan Bukit Merah (near BM Safra)..the fried prawn mee is great. (opened from evening till past midnite into small hours) - Darren
  • Jalan Kayu
    • to all prata enthusiasts
      try the shop in jalan kayu.. not the "famous" one... its the one a little further down near some traffic lights and opp. a junction leading to Jln Tari Piring (I think) Delights include
      PAPER Prata - MUST TRY $1.00
      TEH CHINNO - cross btw tea and capucinno and special appearances by Harley types.
      ALSO see the most interesting washroom basin with NO TAP.. - Paul
  • Joo Seng
    • Hey why no one mentioned about the fishball ball noodle stall in joo seng??!! Opened only at 12mn to next mornin 10am. Crowds are expected at 11pm just to get the first taste of it!! Trust me it's faNnnn-taStiK!! Should give it a try. If u're unsure where issit, go check the street directory, it's just round the Windsor Hotel. At the old market. The servings are biased on weekdays and weekends. For those who would prefer a lighter meal in the weeeee hours, there's also a yew cha kuey stall. The hotness dipped into a cup of cold soya beann drink is just like having a spa treatment. :) - Esther~
  • Jurong East
    • There is a Teo chew porridge store in the coffee shop opposite the JURONG SPORTS COMPLEX. Not a bad place to go but sold out very soon. Must try because quite cheap as compared to others.- JoJo
  • Lau Pa Sat
    • Then there's the New Lau Pa Sat along Shenton Way. Have only eaten there once but have found the ICE KACHANG there to be rather good and reasonable too! Have much more to try from there man! - Yu Khing
  • Lavender Food Court (next to Eminent Plaza) - located at junction of Lavender St and Jln Besar. fantastic "world best" wan-ton mee served by 2 sisters. Rather expensive at $3.00 per plate minimum. The name is Kok Kee, if I remember correctly. Also try the cantonese chicken rice and raw fish at the next stall. Open till around 3am. - Dennis Ng
  • Macpherson/Serangoon - I can't believe nobody's noticed the Kopitiam on the corner where Macpherson meets Serangoon Rd, Open 24 hours, cheap, some of the best seafood and chilli crab in Singapore, no bus loads of Japanese tourists; friendly, bustling at all hours. In fact the Kopitiam chain has similar outlets all over the place. All 24hrs, all clean and cheap. go for it. There's nothing like a bungkus chilli (and a pepper) crab at 2.00am. - Craig McLeod
  • Mosque street (Chinatown) vegetarian steamboat - Guess you all might want additions to the After 12 column! There's a steamboat mini-restaurant at Mosque Street that opens from 6pm -6am! Tried it once recently. The attraction is their herbal broth the haunts me time and again! Should give it a try! - Hobbes Chan
  • Newton Food Center
    • Of course !! Enjoy while it's still there - Thian
    • Newton also no more. Please update ... - John T. Driscoll, Jr.
      • Just to let you know that its still going strong .. - Kevin Teh
      • Newton Hawker Centre still there lah !!! Where did that guy get the idea that Newton is no more ? Its still standing at the very same location..... Mon, 22 Jul 1996 - Eddie
    • Glad to hear that it's still there! Do keep me informed of latest developments, thanks! - Thian.
  • Orchard Road
    • Orchard Towers
      • Is the food court at the basement still open after 12? If not, there is always the 7- eleven right above. - Thian
      • Danny's opens 24 hours - not that the food is great, but at least it's open. - Thian
      • what about the Hong Kong palace? Still around I hope! - Thian
      • the foodcourt at the basement is definitely open after 12midnight all the way till abt 2 or 3 am. there is a "ji cha" stall there that serves very hor fun. on top of that they also serve "muay" and dishes like "chai bo" omelette, chicken wth dried chilli and sweet and sour pork. But what i like best is the stir-fried baby squid ( a must try!!). They deep-fry the squid first before they stir-fry it in a darkish kind of sweet sauce. Mouth-watering!! Another must try is their hot-plate bean-curd. Guaranteed to make u come back for more!! - Nessie
    • i stumbled upon this indonesian restaurant one saturday nite at orchard shopping centre across muddy Murphy's the name's bumbu, the ayam goreng kering is out of this world, the bubur pulut hitam (black porridge) is simply irresistible, try also the sup buntut, the bubur ayam (chicken porridge), pisang goreng (unlike ordinary pisang u get from somerset rd) this is with toppings! i'm going back there again this saturday nite. try it you'll like the food, after all no venture no game, but when you've ventured and conquered its satisfying!!!. May, 97 - INDOIL TRADING P/L
  • Owen Road - Also check out the TEOCHEW PORRIDGE at Owen Road. Serves great cheap dishes and you can also always walk across the road to eat 'YOU TIAO' and SOYA BEAN MILK. - Yu Khing
    The owen road teochew porridge has moved to 29-30 Upper Weld Road. Still around the same area though. - Kelvin Ng
  • Paradiz center, opposite - Mr Beans's cafe is this lil' place- cozy but the chairs leave somethin to be desired. Open 24 hrs a day! all sorts of food- lotsa pizzas, desserts, mocha coffee's n stuff. not to pricey and open 24 hrs a day- aircon'd inside and smokers can sit outside, n' did i mention it's open 24 hrs a day? *grins*
    opposite paradiz center, ijn this lil' lane whos' name i can't rememeber - David Isaac Mathews
  • Pasir Panjang - along the pasir panjang stretch, near the kent ridge terminal, there's a place called kimpoh eating house. the western food stall is open at night till 2am, and the food's good. big plate, generous servings. recommended: chicken chop. - kevlar says
  • Queenstown
    • The Fish Ball Noodles esp Dried Mee Pok is exceptional and pretty popular in the 'ABC' Market, along Jln Bukit Merah, just after Safra, behind Ikea. Together there is also Wan Tun mee, and coconut juice from the Nut itself for under $2. Opens up to 4 a.m. 1 Jun 97 - Jai Ong
  • Race Course Road
    • Being A BIG, FAT FOODIE myself, sure am glad there is a section on the net dedicated to "Makaning in Singapore". I'm not too sure if the information below is helpful ('cos I don't know the name of the coffee shop), but anyway..... It's a place along Race Course Road towards the Rangoon Road / Kitchener Road end (so says the Street Directory). It serves great Teochew "Mooi", with a wide variety to choose from. Great "hang-out" for cabbies doing the night shift, (my father told me that bit of info). The sambal fish and "too huang" (some part of the pig's insides) are my personal favourites. Prices can be cheaper, though. BTW, this place is open 24 hours a day and they are only closed for a week or two (or even less!) during the Chinese New Year period. - Poh Gek
      update: Hi there, Poh Gek here. I finally got the name of the place. It is called Kheng Hin Eating House.
    • Gwai Gwai - (direct translation-"obedient obedient") located at Race Course Road. Their fried yu-char-kuay stuffed with sotong are really delicious. It comes in a serving of six pieces at only $3.20. Also not to miss are: dou hua drink(hot/cold), dou hua, carrot cake. yu-char-kuay stuffed with prawn. Their chilly is fantastic to go with. Opens in the late afternoon like 4-5pm to wee hours in the morning at 2-3am. - Cynthia Ong
  • Redhill market - Hello! I am a resident around Redhill market. Although this is not a very big market, but it serve a lot night-spotter. People who go for mid-night show will definitely come here for a bite.
    These is what they have :
    • Prawn noodle from S$1.50 (now where else do you get those price). Owner starts at 8.30pm right till morning six.
    • Dessert store operates till 1am. At the same time you would be entertain by the storeowner's performance. He is a very energetic young man, who moves his body along with the beat (they keep the radio on) and are always very polite to all customers.
    • Laksa operate till the morning just like the prawn noodle. Well, in my opinion, the food is only slightly above average. But he got a wide varieties, like mee-po dry, mee soup etc.
    • The latest home made soya bean stall, very famous in the market, opens till very late.
    • Lou mee taste very nice also.
    • Clay pot rice are tasty, cooked by an old chef. But it all depend on your luck, if his business is good, he will close at 11pm. - someone
  • Raffles city - Kopi Tiam, bring the unique menu home if you could:-) - Thian.
  • River Valley Road
    • Garden Valley Restaurant Pte Ltd situated at No.8 Mohd Sultan Road, #01-01. It is along River Valley Road which opearates for 24hrs.
      It provides a superb Indian Muslim food with reasonable prices. Great tasting Briyani rice, mee-goreng, light snacks and lots more local specialities are warmly served by excellent cooks. A very clean environment which is very suitable for gatherings and meeting cilents as well. Its a place never to miss ... - Sanjeetha.
    • This 24-hour Muslim/Indian restaurant serves a good variety of muslim and indian food, at reasonable prices.
      I was especially delighted with the BeeHoon Goreng Pattaya, a fragrantly spiced fried bee hoon that came beautifully wrapped in an omelette, shaped into a rectangular package! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentation and food. The beehoon tasted great with pieces of chicken, prawns, crunchy fresh greens. At $4 it was a real treat! Capped with a light, not-too-sweet, frothy Coffee Tarek ($0.70 only), it was a great way to end a day's work.
      They also have an interesting "prata tissue" on the menu, served with bananas. The friendly "mamma"s at the shop bring a whole bunch of bananas to the table with this item, which is a paper-thin, crunchy prata.
      Check this place out at:
      409 River Vlley Road Ar-Raudah Restaurant
      Open 24 hours - Dorothy Lim
  • Sembawang Road Roti Prata - There is a 24-hour indian-muslim coffee shop at Sembawang Road serving great roti prata and mind u, their kopi-cuppa is fabulous. Can't miss it if you're driving along Sembawang Road, it's on the opposite side of Sembawang Shopping Centre, towards Yishun Seafood and the new housing estate. A must try. - esla
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre - Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant opens till 3am. Opposite Sembawang Shopping centre. - K JaY
  • Sengkang - for those staying at Sengkang, I noe looking for food there is diffcult esp if it's a new estate. But don't fret, there's this coffe shop at hougang Ave 10, can't remeber the blk no. but it's idrectly opposite Punggol Park where it opens 24 hours. So, for those hungry mid-nite hunters staying at Sengkang, try this coffeeshop. - Suyie Hoo
  • Shangri Hotel - Coffee Garden. Also all items nice. Especially the home made ice cream. Better than Haagen das. Open till around 3am- Dennis Ng
  • Siglap - there's this nice cafe in Siglap called Cafe Cartel that serves great sodas and salads and the best thing is that on weekends they stay open until 1:30am! Good 4 those days when u want supper after early clubbing and dun want a kopitiam. Nice ambience and good food & service. Good 2 p.ple watch to (if u care). - jllsinsun
  • Siglap New Beer Garden, located diagonally from Siglap Centre. This place serves food and drinks until wee hours of the morning, 3-4am. Worth a try selection : fish-ball noodles, seafood, kway-chap, fried chicken, and north indian tandoori(if there's still food left after 12). enjoy! - yeow-kwees
  • Simpang Bedok - opposite The Market Place. The row of shophouse has two stalls of offering favourites like Roti Prata and Murtabak. I personally prefer the one next to Werner's Oven, a bakery shop. Best to order Prata kosong with bawang. Nasi Lemak from the same stall is also very good. - Windows
  • St George's Road Roti Prata
    • Roti prata at st george's rd 24 hrs - Alison
  • Stamford Road
    • There is a hawker center by the parking lot at Stanford Road's National Library. In fact, there is a huge 24 hour neon sign. This hawker centre is actually sandwiched between the Substation and the driveway of the National Library. It's easily visible from Stanford Road as you drive by. There aren't that many stalls there, but it's awfully convenient. Free parking at night. - Lau Seik Yee
    • The place which you mentioned in front of National Library should be called S11 (S-Eleven), and I believe that the road should be Stamford Road. The DUCK NOODLES there is really yummy and at $3 it's pretty reasonable comparing to all the other stalls there. The Chicken Rice there is rather steep though. - Yu Khing
    • a good place to go to is S11 at Stamford Rd near the national Libary . Its 24 hrs and the western foods pretty good . The fish ball noodle there is also good. - Adele Tan
  • Taman Jurong Old Market
    • Old market located at Taman Jurong. Try the Western food fried chicken wings...big, juicy and delectable. opposite this stall, got the fried bee hoon and additions..very cheap and good. Dessert stall is a must.. Last but not least, perpendicular to these stalls also got a good char kway teow.. generally closes at abt 2.30-3am. - yeh shen (jun 99)
  • Tampines St 21
    Sarah Rose Corner Blk 201D Tampines St 21. Also known as kedai kopi merah is open till the late hour's and they serve the greatest nasi padang i have ever tried.It's fresh cause the makcik only send's them at 10.30pm and by midnight its half way gone.They also have nasi lemak and chapati and it's wonderful. - Sabrina (jun 99)
  • Tiong Bahru Road
    Sin Hoi San Eating House @ Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road. Excellent "Tze-char". Opens till 5am?This place is so popular that u get see a lot of HK singers & film stars patronising this place from time to time.. Alan Tham, Anita Yuen, Andy Lau, Faye Wang, Grasshoppers, Beyond, etc were just to name a few. Signature dishes are : Prawn Paste Chicken, Butter Oats Prawn, Pai Ku Wang (Pork Ribs), Chilli Crab, Live Drunken Prawns, Kung Bao Tian Ji (Frogs fried in dried chilli) - Martin Gregory Goh (2004)
  • Toa Payoh Lorong 8 - Prawn mee for midnight. Care for a delicious bowl of hokkien prawn mee soup/dry. Located at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 market/hawker centre. The stall is at the corner unit near to the main road. Open till 3.00 am... - Red power ranger
  • Transit food center (Woolands) - This is located at Woodlands Central Road.(Old woodlands interchange). They sell very good roti prata, mee kuah, nasi lemak, epok epok, Muslim burger. also got Chinese char kuey teow etc etc. Open 24 hrs. Only close on Chinese New Year. Must try. - Michael Ong (Apr 2000)
  • Coffeeshop opposite Thomson Medical Centre (junction of Thomson road and Balestier Rd). Opens in the day but the 2 stalls mentioned here opens 10pm to 7am. The Indian Muslim stall sells good mee siam, soto ayam, nasi lemak and lontong. There's also the bak kut teh stall but tastes so-so only. - Dennis Ng
  • Tiong Bahru
    • Here's a place for very hungry people after midnight! It's at a corner kopi-tiam near Tiong Bahru market and it sells excellent pompfret steamboat and other home cooked dishes - it's what you call in Hokkien "Cze Char" (cook - fried ??). It's just next to a newly renovated Monkey God temple and it's called Liang Zee.
      If you're driving along the road just outside the Tiong Bahru market, all you have to do is turn right at the end of the road near the bird shop and you will hit the kopi tiam at the end of the road. - Lou
    • chicken rice stall along tiong bahru rd b4 kim tian rd & central green condo. cheap and nice. good congee with fish, chicken. i prefer the plain congee and a plate of chicken. kaki prefer breast meat but i prefer the tender chicken backside !!! also serves good raw fish or sashimi (without wasabe) opens from 6pm till after 1am - sqtop
  • Upper Bukit Timah Road
    • I've got another new place for supper which opens til 3am, it's located right opposite Beauty World on Upp Bt Timah Rd and serves delicious Kway Teow Goreng. It's a Muslim stall so no alcohol allowed - Adeline
    • The place which you mentioned along Upper Bukit Timah Road, opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Center is called Al Amin. Now this is a 24-hr Muslim and Thai Food Stall that serves incredible TOM YAM NOODLES / KWAY TEOW / SEAFOOD SOUP which ever way you like it. The ROTI PRATA here is not too bad too, although I must say that I ate the CHICKEN MURTABAK once and haven't eaten it again ever since. However, for those who want a more filling meal...try the NASI AYAM GORENG, it's basically Malay fried rice with fried chicken...mmmmmmm....finger lickin gooood! - Yu Khing
    • beside the muslim stall along upper bt timah rd, there is also a chinese stall selling chicken rice till midnight....... - Master (dec 99)
  • Along Ulu Pandan Rd near Clementi, a food restuarant call Jin He Qing Barbarque Seafood. They serve a great variety of food. You could go for a late supper!!the food there is great!!it is open from 5pm to 2a.m!! Go there for nice food.!!! - Han Jun
  • Upper Changi Road
    • Daewood is always open..along Upper Changi Road.. next to Frankel Avenue... it's 24 hours. - Patrick.
    • Yeah, Md Dawood Restaurant is a fave haunt for roti prata crazies. Not only the best pratas around but you can also choose which curry you want-fish, mutton or beef curries. Can see many cars and bikes parked outside. - Hanie
    • Dawood's is the nearest 24 hour joint to me and frankly it sucks. Just an opinion. May, 97 - Threez
    • Dawood is the place. Frankel Ave & Changi Rd. Great motorbikes, English soccer on TV3, damn fine food. Don't miss it. 2 Jun 97 - Philip & Dorothy
  • Upper Serangoon/tampines - good hainanese curry rice. There 's one along upper serangoon road,just after the junction of upper serangoon/tampines. It's a corner coffee shop just after the junction/traffic light. They ONLY START SELLING EXACTLY AT 2 AM AND NOT ONE MINUTE EARLIER. TRY IT AND YOU KNOW WHAT i MEAN, espeicially their "KONG" Meat Remenber only at two am, you can't miss, usually there's crowd queingoutside the shop before 2 am.and a very long queue on weekend. - Peter Chan
  • Upper Serangoon/Yio Chu Kang
    • Near that intersection of Upp Serangoon and Yio Chu Kang Rd (along YCK Rd, also in proximity of Serangoon Gardens), there is this Roti Prata stall that opens round the clock. The prata is good most of the time (on a few occasions, the prata man probably wasn't in form) and so is the teh tarik. Only problem could be the parking where you have to find an open spot along the road. Still, great place to go to if you are a prata fan like I am. - Valence
    • One of the entries mentioned a prata shop along YCK Rd and Upp. Serangoon. I think it's called Farasha. I love the ginger teh tarik! Highly recommeded that you try it out! - Sharon ll
  • Upper Thomson - there is this tacky prata shop called.... THE PRATA SHOP which says "Singapore's answer to the croissant", used to be at Casurina Road . It serves little crispy pratas about 10cm across which costs $0.50 each. 24 is pretty packed near midnight. Has moved to Upper Thomson Road. bye. - yvonne
  • Victoria Street - Foodcourt on Victoria Street(next to the Old SAC): Open after 12, and has pretty decent seafood mee. But don't stare at the wrong people. Eat fast and leave....... - Foodie
  • Yishun Block 848
    Yishun Blk 848 .the beehoon is very tasty and the best is the chicken wing very crowd after 12 .Must que early or alot of people - Jeffrey
  • Yishun Road (Off)
    There Iis a coffeeshop named A & A 24hrs Coffeeshop , It is very popular for its roti prata, very crowded during the weekend. Anyway, do look out some nite-riders too! - Geraldine Tan

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