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Popular dishes:

Some popular hawker dishes just to whet your appetite. These are just some of my personal favourites, there are a lot more to explore. My advice is to follow your eyes and noise ... smell it out and follow the queue. Be adventurous as there are few places in the World that you'll find such varieties at such low prices! Selamat Makan!

chok porridge
Chok - Cantonese rice porridge comes in different varieties. Chicken, fish, and lean pork with liver are common. Fried dough stick (you tiow) may come as a side dish.
chicken rice
Chicken Rice - A Hainanese specialty. Boiled chicken served with rice, cucumber and chili sauce. Comes with a bowl of soup.
hokkien mee
Hokkien Mee - Hokkien mee is kind of a wet fried noodle with eggs, squid, pork, shrimps and a little vegetables. Always served with sambal blacan and squeeze of lime.
kway chup
Kway Chup - a Teochew dish. A variety of ingredients including pig intestines and deep fried bean curd cooked in dark soya sauce. Served with rice noodle sheets in a dark soya soup with chili sauce on the side.
nasi lemak
Nasi Lemak - coconut rice, usually served with fried anchovies, fried fish, scrambled egg and cucumber. Chinese version comes with fried chicken wing and otak otak. A hot sambal is crucial.
Lontong - the word itself means a kind of compressed. The dish is compressed rice cake served in a somewhat spicy vegetable soup top with fried shredded coconut and chili sambal. A typical Malay dish.
mee siam
Mee Siam - Literally means Siamese noodle. Rice noodle served in a spicy sourish sweet soup with deep fried bean curd, eggs, prawns and chinese chives. Lime and sambal on the side.
fishball noodle
Teochew Fishball Noodle - your choice of noodle served with fishballs, slices of fishcakes and pork, tiny pieces of fried pork fat, and traces of vegetables.
mee pok
Fishball Mee Pok - Mee Pok means thin flat noodle in Teochew dialect. Photo above and above left show the same dish with a different choice of noodle.
mee rebus
Mee Rebus - Noodle served in a rich, thick and somewhat spicy sauce with fried bean curd, hard boil eggs and bean sprouts. Best eaten with fresh green chili, black soya sauce and squeeze of lime.
indian rojak
Rojak (Indian) - a selection of seafood and vegetables mostly deep fried in batter served with chili sauce, cucumber and onion. Choose what you fancy. A muslim Indian specialty.
roti prata
Roti prata - Indian pan fried bread served with a curry. Egg is optional. Murtabak is a version with minced mutton and onion folded in. Another muslim Indian specialty.
chai tow kway
Chai Tow Kway - Carrot cake. Radish, rice, preserved radish, spring onion, egg, pepper, dark soya sauce and sometimes mushroom. Chilli optional. The 'black' version comes with sweet soya sauce, the 'white' version without.
char kway teow
Char Kway Teow - Fried flat rice noodle with egg, bean sprout and cockles with sweet soya sauce and chilli. The cockles is left pretty raw.
law mee
Law Mee - a Hokkien specialty. Noodle served in a thick soup top with fish, pork, vegetables and various other ingredients. Usually served with black vinegar and preserved green chilli.
char siew mee
Char Siew Noodle - Noodle with BBQ pork usually served with a bowl of wonton soup on the side. Chilli is optional. A Cantonese specialty.
char siew fun
Char Siew Fan - Rice with BBQ pork served with some vegetables with a soya based sauce poured over it. Comes usually with a bowl of soup a small dish of chilli sauce.
duck rice
Duck rice - Pieces of duck stewed in dark soya sauce sauce served over white rice.
Laksa - Curry noodle in a shrimp flavoured soup usually topped with cockles, hot chilli sauce and chopped laksa leaves.
Appam - Indian fermented rice pancake served with sugar and grated coconut. A little sour and a little sweet. The perfect breakfast!
Thosai - Indian rice and lentil pancake served with vegetable curry and serveral sauces.
Satay - Grilled mutton, chicken etc on a bomboo skewer. Served with a rich spicy peanut sauce and compressed rice. Not to be missed unless you are a vegetarian.

Some sample drinks and snacks

Though Raffles Hotel may claim to serve 3,000 glasses of Singapore Sling a day, it is not at all a popular drink as many tourist guides would have you believe. If you prefer a beer, Tiger and Anchor are both great, but while in Asia, why not be a little more adventurous and sample some of the local favourites!

chwee kway
Chwee Kway - A breakfast dish of steamed rice cake topped with chopped preserved radish. Chilli optional.
bean curd
Soya bean curd - Freshly made hot soya bean curd sweetened with syrup. A light snack for early morning or late night.
coffee kopi
Coffee - Singapore coffee is strong and traditionally made of Indonesian beans. Usually comes with sweetened condensed milk.
Otak Otak - Spicy fish paste wrapped in coconut leaf and grilled.
ban jian kway peanut pancake
Peanut Pancake - As the name suggest. The traditional version is very thick. Thin varieties with various fillings are now popular.
rice cake
Rice cake - Two types of rice base snacks. You'll not find them everywhere.
putu mayam string hopper
Putu Mayam - Same as Sri Lankan hoppers. A light breakfast item usually served with sugar and grated coconut.
teh tarik
Teh Tarik - Tarik means to pull. You can tell from the bubbles that the tea has been 'pulled'. Always ask for less sugar. The Indians always make their drinks extremely sweet.

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