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Where to begin?

Collected below are recommendations by fellow food lovers. Enjoy! But before your rush out, first drop by our Sotong Hall of shame where bad eating experience are listed.

Due to the fast changing foodscene in Singapore, please make sure you check the addresses out in the Yellow pages before your visit.

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What visitors have to recommend ...
  • A friend brought me to this restaurant or eating place called CHICO at 789 Geylang Road near Lorong 41. I had lot of varieties of Peranakan Foods, names of the food I will not know some in Malay and others in mixture of Chinese and Malay. Try the Boneless Chicken Wings and others you will leave remembering to come back. Prices are I believe for such kind of food below average. I will definitely be back the next time I visit Singapore again for more. - David O'Neill (April 2000)
  • I lived in Singapore for 5 years and can tell you that my entire family enjoyed "Delhi" Restaurant on Race Course Road. The Indian food was excellent and the service very superior to most restaurants. We also enjoyed Hua Zhu off of Farrer Rd. in some HDB flats (2nd Floor). The food and service was excellent - Tom Crum, Houston
  • I'm a tourist in town for only 4 days and just wanted to add this restaurant to your list of places to go. Bukhara at Clarke Quay was an especially happy find for us. A calm oasis away from the madening crowds. You can eat al fresco if you wish but we enjoyed a bit of air con inside. Service was very attentive and friendly. Food slightly hot but tolerable for my no-chili-thank-you palete. We had a chicken stew and another chicken dish with garlic and ginger. Bukhara decor was unique and enjoyable. A moghul restaurant serving mostly tandori. Enjoy, we're off to the Seafood Center tonite. CB in the tallest hotel in Singapore - FlyngPig1
  • I currentl live in Thailand and visit Singapore several times a year. Everytime I visit Singapore I indulge in Pepper Crabs. They are the best crabs I have ever had. - Henny
    Look in our Best Hall of Fame page under Black pepper crabs, chili crabs and sea food for restaurant recommendations.
  • My favourite restaurant in the world is in Singapore - Spice Express, at the north-west end of Orchard Road (they also have a branch in the airport). The food is just brilliant. - Colin A R Beveridge
  • ".... Eating out is out of this world. There are hawker stalls EVERYWHERE which sell all kinds of food from every Asian culture you can think of, and it doesn't cost much more than what it costs to make. Try out something called roti prata - a sort of Indian bread served with curry sauce; it's really cheap and really delicious. There is a good vegetarian Indian restuarant at 101 Serangoon Road (Little India) - catch the 166 bus and walk - don't be put off by the fact it's vegetarian, some of the food whets even the most carnivorous of people's appetites! The service is excellent, and again, dirt cheap. If you want Western culture, try Boat Quay (near Raffles Place MRT, or take a 166 bus). There are countless pubs, clubs, bars, and weird and wonderful restaurants that are well worth a visit. However, it does tend to get extremely crowded, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. ....... I hope you find this all useful. In case you're wandering how I know all this, I am a 17 year old student studying at the United World College of South-East Asia, in Singapore, and knowing the tricks and cheapest places to eat is part of my job! " - Richard Holland.
  • Anyone coming East should stop in Singapore for the food. Recently I discovered another eating hole, at Pasir Ris Town Center, behind the Oriental Emporium. It sells hand-made noodle soup (they do it right there, using a pasta machine, of course), with lots of lean pork and an egg and some vegge. What makes it wicked good is the unlimited helpings of chilli padi. Works up a good sweat to match the climate!
  • my most wonderful memories of food are from this food wonder city: Singapore! For a restaurant experience try the Mayflower on Orchard Rd. Or if more informal, go to the food stall conglomerations on Bencoolen or on Orchard Rd below the Big intersection (can't place street names). - Adam
  • I guess if you really want to taste real good stuff, bring him to Holland Village..i guess - Will Y C Hooi
  • When I was there the Mayflower on Orchard Rd. had the most wonderful dim sum imaginable, and air-conditioning. I'm sure there are better, but this place is perfect for the weary asian traveler ready to do some serious eating! - Adam
  • We have been to Singapore twice and absolutely adored the food. I don't think that you can get a bad meal there. I would recommend trying at least these:
    • East Coast Seafood Center - A collection of 6 or 7 restaurants on the water. Pick one that looks good, we ate at the one that is farthest west, sit down and order chili crab and drunken prawns.
    • Satay Club - On Elizabeth Walk near Connaught Drive. A food court specializing in satay and the things that go with it. We paid
      about $4.00 U.S. for 30 sticks, your choice of lamb, pork or beef. Also ordered Nasi Goreng and beer.
      Editor's note : unfortunately Satay Club has been closed making way for a highway !! :-(.. Satay is not difficult to find all over Singapore. However if you're really into the real Satay Club thing, Stall #1, or rather, Fatman Satay, my favourite stall is now at Blk 51, #01-117D Old Airport Road.
    • Nonya and Baba Restaurant, 262 River Valley Road
      Great Nonya and Baba cuisine. We ate there both times we visited Singapore, both times on New Year's Eve and sat at the same table.
    • Komala Vilas, 76 Serangoon Road
      This is very authentic! We wandered in on our first trip, sat down and watched. There is a community sink that everyone uses once your order for Dosas hasbeen placed. Dosas are large and pancake-like with your choice of fillings such as potatoes or onions. Your dosa arrives on a dinner-sized metal plate with three small section and one large section. The wait person then arrives with three metal buckets (literaly) and glops one serving from each onto your plate. You are supposed to eat with your right hand only. We were told that in the evening they have an all-you-can eat buffet. This will be the cheapest meal you have ever had in your life but so wonderful. - C.Warren/D.Scheidt
  • Singapore is full of food centers. They are basically street vendors that have been regulated, licensed and centralized in areas convenient to the population. The vendors each provide one or two different things but because there are 20-30 vendors in one center you can get an entire meal. All you do is find what you want to eat, order it and either give them your table number or wait for it to be prepared. The table space is shared by all the vendors so you do not have to worry about where you sit. We had some very good lunches at places like this. - C.Warren/D.Scheidt
  • I used to live in Singapore and this may be somewhat dated, but try: Ming Jiang for Sezchuan food (in the Goodwood Park Hotel) Muntaj Mahal in the Far East shopping Center for Indian Food Get a local recommendation for the latest good Fish-head Curry place in little India. Go down to the Satay Club near the Harbor for great satay from one of the open air stands. (editor's note: Satay club is now closed - see note above) Try the local stalls for food as well-Newton Circus Hawker Stands or the ones over on Sentosa Island were some of my favorites. (editor's note, the correct name should be Newton Food Center) If you can get there, go up to Pongol Point, up on the straits between Singapore and Malaysia and have Chili Crab at the last place on the right. It'll take a while to get there by cab and don't wear anything that you don't want chili sauce or beer on, but it will be worth it. - John (editor's note: it has since moved to Eastcoast, the exact local is not known)
  • Many people simply loves to stuff themselves to the extent of removing their belts. Here is one good place to do eat. Coffee shop! Not the ones around the neighbourhood but the one at ladyhill hotel. However, you have to abandon your general concept of nonya food being cheap because that is its specialty. Except for those who basically cannot accept the coconut flavoured delicay, the savoury and melts in your mouth little surprises makes your money worth its spending. Its Only available on weekends and at hightea only. Adults $9.90++ - yap kai yeow
  • If you happen to be in Singapore and want to try some Peranakan food, which is Malay and Chinese under a new name, I urge you to check out Nonya and Baba's on River Valley Road. I've been there on a number of occasions and have always enjoyed everything they've placed in front of me...some of it is rather hot, but there are a number of bars in the area to quench your thirst... - rob
  • Below is an excerpt of an article by Dave Rabinowitz, Febuary, 1993
    "In Singapore pick up a Guide to Hawker Center Food at a bookstore (there's one at the airport) and eat at hawker centers. They are inexpensive and the food is excellent. Have a banana leaf lunch in the Indian section. There are a couple of inexpensive restaurants on on Selegie Rd at Rochor Canal Road It's called a banana leaf lunch because it is served on a banana leaf. You sit down at a table with a banana leaf on it and the waiter brings some rice and several sauces, yogurt, and such and ladles them onto the leaf. In the meantime you walk to the back of the restaurant to wash your hands, especially your right hand which you will be eating with, and then return to your seat and eat your fill. The waiter will usually come around with more selections until you have finished and folded your leaf in half (away from you), the signal that you've finished. Order some tea with it (it won't be what you expect - you'll like it). Return to one of these same restaurants for a dinner of dosai (rice pancakes), chapati and dal, and/or roti prata with curry. Have some Nasi Briani at Zam Zam across from the Sultan Mosque. There are also some good international buffets in some of the hotels. The international buffet at the Glass Hotel and the Thai buffet at the Tai Pan are among my favorites, but there are many more. Expect to stuff yourself and don't plan on any further meals that day. If you wander over to residential neighborhoods you'll find small bakeries with a wide variety of delights, ranging from excellent custard pastries to buns with hot dogs baked into them. You just pick up a tray and tongs and help yourself. When you have what you want, walk over to the counter and they'll add it up and bill you. "
"Quote, Unquote"

"Hi. I think I have died and gone to Heaven! I lived in Singapore for 3 years from 1981, working on Raffles City. I fell in love with the people, the city, and especially the food. Singapore got me intersted in food, and I have amassed over 200 cookbooks in the years since. None of the world's cuisines can compare!" - Robert Perkins
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