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This list is meant to give travellers a guide to convenient and inexpensive eating as well as exceptionally good restaurants. Thus, both Asian and non Asian restaurants are included . Your recommendation should include direction and price(state currency). If you are a Singaporean living overseas, do write and give us a brief introduction to your local Singaporean eating scene. This will be a great service to new comers to your area.
Reader's letter
  • I'm still enjoying your website. I've been checking out your website since my teen years in Holland and now in Sydney Australia. I'm married and leaving here. I'm not sure if I've mentioned in my previous mail that I used to live in Velserbroek near Haarlem and spent my teen years in Rijswijk near Den Haag.I've spent most of my years living away from Singapore but I know what is good Singapore food.
    Singaporeans living overseas are so lucky to have your website. I've been living in Toronto, Nederland and Australia and your website has been channeling me to great makan there. I need to have good makan...otherwise can't sleep. Tot volgende keer, Grace Crispus-Shanmugam (December 2006)
  • I'd like to mention that my Canadian partner (Caucausian guy) was originally very reluctant to try Singaporean food. He was a 'meat and potatos' guy who didn't try food from other countries. Now I have introduced him to all our special foods, he loves them. I spoil him with them all the time. He has got used to hot food and can eat quite spicy now. He eats Muslim food. I am proud of him! Let this encourage others whose partners are not interested to try their food. This can change - we are living proof! - Suzanna Kamaruddin, Ontario, Canada

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  • Thai:
    • Bird
      location: Zeedijk
      atmosfere: tiny hole in the wall, you sit in the kitchen, so be prepared to reek of Thai food! No alcoholic beverages but I haven't found another Thai that cooks so lemak, and that's all we ask for! recommended dishes:
      -chicken, bamboo shoots and string beans in red curry, price NFL 17,-
      -beef salad, Laos style, price: NFL 18,-
      PS The prices I quoted are probably not precise, they might vary one or two guilders. - martin van der klooster
    • The new Bird opposite has by far the best Thai food I've tried in Amsterdam, serving size is big. The complaints are that the sticky rice was a bit hard and the tea was bad, in fact have never tasted tea that bad in a restaurant! - Thian
      So impressed the last time I brought my sister who's on vacation here to the restaurant in October 99. What a big disappointment! The food was not up to standard (and the portiong shrank considerably). I hope the usual cook is just on vacation or it means I'll never go back there again!! - Thian (Dec 99)
  • Malaysian
    • Seasons, run by Malaysians, in Warmoestraat opposite the police station is small but serve pretty good Malaysian dishes. Only a few minutes from the Central Station.
    • Satay House, Zeedijk, just a few minutes from the Central Station. 25/- (aprox.) for 10 sticks!! sauce is not that great. - Johnny Lee
  • Chinese
    • Oriental City is great for Tim sum wtih an interesting view of the busy Damstraat, short walk from the DAM, the palace. It's in the center of town - Johnny Lee
    • Hoi Tien in Zeedijk also serves good tim sum - Johnny Lee
    • Sea palace is nearby the central station floating in the water, rather expensive - Johnny Lee
    • SIN SIN Restaurant (the Cantonese name is "Siek Why Sin" = Eating is First) located in Zeedijk (near the Nieuwemarkt end) . It's one of those few restaurants that has chopsticks on its tables instead of forks and knives and have a big round table that can accomodate 10 people all at once. And of course it serves REAL Chinese food (not the type to con the ang-moh's). One thing for sure, it kept my stomach filled and happy while I was there for 3 months. - Lou
    • Golden Chopsticks
      location: Oude Doelenstraat, just off Damsquare
      atmosfere: fluerescent lighting, noisy and always full, fast service, everything I like, just queue up, it's worth it! recommended dishes:
      -steamed sole: ginger, garlic, fresh coriander, spring onions, light soy sauce and lots of dried mushrooms, the best! price: NFL 35,-
      -fried mussels: chillies, black bean sauce, price: NFL 16,-
      -wonton soup: their wonton and their soupstock are the best in Amsterdam, price: NFL 7,- (?)
      -char siew: you won't find better in this neighbourhood, price: NFL 16,-
      PS The prices I quoted are probably not precise, they might vary one or two guilders. - martin van der klooster
    • Nam Kee
      location: Nieuwmarkt, around the corner of the Gelderse kade
      atmosfere: fluerescent lighting, always full, lousy service but who cares!
      Only order their Fried Beef Kway Teow Cantonese style, lots of dried mushrooms, price NFL 16,-
      The rest of the menu stinks, go to Golden Chopsticks!
      PS The prices I quoted are probably not precise, they might vary one or two guilders. - martin van der klooster
  • Surinam Hakka
    • Mok sam
      location: Albert Cuypstraat, in front of the tramstop for tram nr. 16. Around the corner of the biggest outdoor market of Amsterdam. atmosfere: fluerescent lighting, strange customers, the chinese are Hakka from Surinam, so their cuisine has been diluted, they also make terrible indian curries, but they do have one thing that's great:
      -Chow Mien special: fried egg noodles, bean sprouts, soy sauce, char siew, fou lam, and chinese sausage, hold the fried chicken, price: NFL 12,- (!!!!)
      PS The prices I quoted are probably not precise, they might vary one or two guilders. - martin van der klooster
  • Vietnamese/Thai takeaway - Cambodja City, Marathonweg A Cupstr 58, (Tram number 16, 24 and 25 from Central Station) Tel : 6714930 [30 per person]. Very affordable and friendly staff. Food prepared with love - Johnny Lee
  • Everything but Western - Soeterijn, in the Tropical Museum, Linnaeusstraat 2, tel: 568 8392 . A tram ride away. Non Western ranging from African to Indonesian at reasonable price. - Robert van Deijck
  • Indonesian - restaurant Bojo, L. Leidsedwstr 51, tel: 622 7434. Right in the center of town. More a eat and go place than a restaurant. Despite some of its greasy food, is still a good and inexpensive place to eat. - Robert van Deijck.
  • Japanese -
    • Japans Restaurant An, Weteringsschans [30pp] Affordable and up to standard (the only one I know meeting these 2 criteria). - Johnny Lee
    • Japanner Kushi-Tei, Scheldestr 1, 6790439, Japanse grill [40pp] a lot of businessman (salariman as they call in Japan) - Johnny Lee
    • LUNCH: Hosogawa, Max Euwepl, 6388086 [40pp] it's right in town. - Johnny Lee
    • Shizen Bento, macrobiotisch veg, Kerkstr 148, 6228627 [50pp] - it's right in town. Dutch staffed also vegetarian- Johnny Lee
    • Hosokawa, max Euweplein, 6388086 [120pp] - again, right in town. One of the best (the other one is of course Okura) and the most expensive- Johnny Lee
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  • I have a Singapore Restaurant in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. We sell all kinds of Singapore food. We have Curry Fish head, Chicken rice, Laksa and etc. - Cendy Sim
    Name of our Restaurant: Singapore Buzz
    Address: 中国宁波市江东区箕漕街51-53号
    China Ningbo City, Jiang Dong District Ji Cao Street No.: 51-53
    Tel: 86-574-87728000

Hong Kong

  • I always feel that one should be adventurous to try local food when overseas. HK is so similar to SIN and it is a food paradise like us. Too good to miss their food esp top favourites - roasted goose and pigeons. I know of some people who like to but them back. If anyone still dare to eat them with the 'bird flu' going around but do not know where to find, here are the best (I think they are) in HK:
    1. Yung Kee 32-40 Wellington Street, Central HK Tel: 2523 2343
      Noisy Chinese restaurant but serve good goose dishes. If you wish to buy the whole roasted goose, order a day before. You will be given a receipt or tag to collect so do not lose it.
    2. Lung Wah Hotel 22 Ha Wo Che Shatin NT Tel: 2691 1594
      Difficult to find but worth the effort cos you wil not be able to find this good roasted pigeon elsewhere in HK . I tried walking but end up in a different direction. Should walk straight from the station parallel to the railway track or highway. Pass by some old torn houses (look like slums actually) and you will see a hill where a sign says Lung Wah Hotel. Direct nearby is a pedestrian overhead bridge across the highway. Just walk up the hill passing by some cages and you will reach the restaurant. Eat it hot.
    3. Lo Poh Bang from Heng Heong
      There are many branches in HK Island and Kowloon, sells good Lo Poh Bang. Once came to Singapore during the Mooncake festival season but stillc anot match those made in HK which are not as sweet as those sold here. Try also the century egg pastry (Pei Dan Soh) and blindman cookies (Mang Gong Bang). - Kong Chin Choong
  • This is a newly opened self-service restaurant called "The Open Kitchen" located at Hong Kong Arts Centre, 6/F, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai. The laksa is pretty good (quite "lemak" but please skip the fishballs which taste kind of strange). Frankly after living here for more than 2 years, I still can't find anything really nice in Hong Kong. Still for someone craving for food from home, "The Open Kitchen" looks like a good bet!
    P.S. I wouldn't recommend the prawn noodle as it is quite tasteless. - Lynn Hutchinson
  • Ah Yi Leng Tong is an okay place. The price and the quality are both middling, so it may be a good place for tourists to eat in. At least they won't get slaughtered, or end up leaving most of the food uneaten since they are inedible. Also, they can be found in most of the popular tourist haunts like Tsimshatsui, Causeay Bay, Central, etc. They have some good double-cooked ('dun') soup too. But for Singaporean tourists, I recommend hawker stalls. The ones above wet markets are reasonably clean, and cheap. And some of them produce very good quality food, a meal would come to about HK$30 per person. When friends drop by, we go out to little restaurants, but there are so many of them around, and they are uniformly of adequate quality, that I cannot find one that is special enough to remember and recommend. There are several more Chinese fast food restaurants like Maxim's, Cafe de Coral and Tai Fai Wut, and they are good places for tourists to get a quick and cheap meal, but I wouldn't recommend them as places to search out for a meal. - David
  • My favourite restaurant in HK is undoubtedly the Nadaman at the Island Shangri-la, which serves Japanese cuisine. Ohashi-san is a very creative chef and you should try his eggplant with shark's fin (Japan meets Hong Kong!).
    Miyasako-san is the head teppanyaki chef and he cooks to perfection (thank goodness without the theatricals like flipping knives and food).
    My favourite Chinese restaurant is Yaik Sang (Lee Theatre Plaza), great value for money and a good wine list. - AH.
  • Sichuan Garden
    Very elegant if expensive Chinese restaurant in The Landmark building, Central.
    Convenient for business lunches, but splendid for treating friends for dinner. Steamed fish with minced bean paste, and scallion doughtnuts are excellent and unusual. Take your parents. - Wena Poon (Jan 2001)
  • Lau Fan Dian (Old Hongkong Restaurant)
    Newton Hotel, Fortress Hill, H.K. Island (get off at Fortress Hill MTR stop Oil Street exit, and walk 1 block to Newton Hotel).
    Very special Shanghainese, authentic dishes like smoked eggs with candied walnut, honey syrup Yunnan ham with fried bean skin wrapped in pancake, and I recommend the unusual red glutinous rice pancake with red bean mash, nuts and cherries for dessert. Allows you to bring your own wine w/o corkage fees. - Wena Poon (Jan 2001)
  • Cheap Eats - Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
    Explore the first British settlement, Kennedy Town (Geen Seng), still got plenty of old kopi tiam, dim sum, congee, handmade cheongfun and teochew mee places. Cheap, satisfying, it's like eating in a time capsule (1950's). Roll up your sleeves and share tables with the Kennedy Town dockworkers. They're all along the Kennedy Town Praya road, Hee Wo Road, Smithfield Road area. - Wena Poon (Jan 2001)
  • Eating Plus
    IFC Mall, Central.
    Modern, elegant, tasty noodle shop with avant garde feel and delicious meals. Pretty furniture. Sample fare includes all kinds of fresh-squeezed veggie juices, udons, soup noodles, pan-seared tuna, vietnamese rolls. Great for lunchtime in the city. - Wena Poon (Jan 2001)
  • Hello Kitty Cafe
    Causeway Bay, Excelsior Hotel mall extension.
    Who can resist? Tawdry but cheap and delicious throwaway Japanese meals served on Hello Kitty dinnerware. The Horlicks-fresh banana hot shake is a knockout. - Wena Poon (Jan 2001)
  • Baci
    Lan Kwai Fong, Central
    If you must eat in Lan Kwai Fong, this is a pretty little romantic place for dinner; really lovely Italian pasta that is a cut above the usual fare. Not cheap though! - Wena Poon (Jan 2001)
  • Amaroni's
    Festival Walk Mall, Kowloon Tong MTR stop. Kowloon
    Discovered this authentic family style Italian place that beats the competitor, Fat Angelo's, in Lan Kwai Fong. A bit of a trek to Kowloon, but worth it. Even for New York City, it's good, let alone Hong Kong. Caesar salad dressing is just right mix of anchovy and parmesan. Especially impressive is real fresh grated parmesan for your pasta, not the powdery fake kind they usually hand out. HUGE portions. - Wena Poon (Jan 2001)
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London / Manchester / Portsmouth


  • Hi I would like to add Oriental City in North London in the UK to this list. It's on Edgeware Road near to Collidale tube station. Here's the full address: 399 Edgeware Road, London, NW9 0JJThe place is a shopping centre but has a wide rande of stalls in the food court, incl malay, japanese, korean, and chinese. The prices are around five-ish maybe a bit more per dish. There's also a steamboat place and two chisnes restaurants. The one upstairs is great for dimsum. The is a big supermarket too! - Swee Ling (2006 June)
  • If you are going to the theatre in London, dine at Magno's Brasserie before or after the theatre. It is a wonderful French brasserie at 65a Long Acre, Covent Garden. Go early to beat the rest of the theatre crowd. - Allie
  • Coast on 26b Albermarle Street, Mayfair is a place where stars and models hang out for dinner. Ambience is very hollywoodish. Very chic restaurant. Careful of the main doors - they are made of 20 feet tall glass and very extremely HEAVY - good way to work out the biceps. - Allie
  • The "Gourmet Garden", which specialises is S'porean and M'sian cuisine, is situated in London (on the A41 in Hendon). A decent Char Kuey Teow or Curry Laksa will set you back about Stg4. The Poh Piah here is also worth trying. - Gabriela Chong
  • Bali Restaurant in Edgware Road, near Marble Arch. Although it implies Indonesian food, this is not the case. They serve wonderful laksa and you have the choice of Meehoon or Mee or a mixture of both. The food includes Tau Yew Bak, Hokkien mee - fried or soup form, Tau Foo Far, Gardo Gardo, and many items which I used to take for granted in the Hawkers' Center. - Philip
  • Malaysia Hall in Marble Arch where, apart from being subsidised by the Malaysian Government to cater for its students and citizens, the dishes are authentic to its customs and culture - Philip.
  • Someone mentioned that there is a new restaurant run by Singaporeans in Regent's Park off Marylebone Road. It is called, I think, the Singapore Gardens. I understand that they serve delicious Hainan chicken and other "prop-ups" hawkers' dishes. - Philip
  • If you're ever in London there is a nice Thai restaurant next door to Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in Soho - Ian
  • If you're in London and dying for some Laksa, try the one at the Singapore restaurant at Gloucester Hotel. Absolutely wonderful - thick gravy, spicy, lots of prawns, chicken, taupok etc. It also helps if you're in London in the thick of winter - nothing like a big bowl of laksa to warm up the stomach. - Sue
  • Marwar : Edgware Road
    More Indonesian than Malaysian, but I think that the food is better than Malaysia Hall, though slightly pricier. They even have tempir... - Colin
  • Belgo : Covent Gardens or Golders Green
    Belgian restaurant specialising in mussells. Those with big apetites should go for the kilo-pots. Their range of beers is also very extensive. The waiters are dressed like trappist monks, and the overall experience is great. - Colin
  • Royal China : Queensway/Bayswater or Baker Street
    Probably the best dim-sum in London. Even serves duck's tongue... - Colin
  • Four Seasons : Queensway/Bayswater
    Has the reputation of serving the best roast duck and char-siu outside HK. - Colin
  • Bugis Street : Gloucester Road
    The Gloucester Hotel's very own Singaporean restaurant is better than most competition... - Colin
  • Wagamama : Tottenham Court Road
    Trendy place to eat Japanese noodles, though the recipes are not totally traditional. - Colin
  • I am presently studying in London and would like to contribute to the existing eating list.
    Young Cheng along Lisle Street at Chinatown serves pretty good Chinese cuisine at an extremely reasonable price. Go for the ? per head, which one person is allowed to order a dish. Its soya sauce chicken is considered to be the best in Chinatown. Moreover, there is complementary dessert and soup.
    Another place to recommend is Kam Fung along Red Lion Street at Holborn (Central London). It serves Laksa, Nasi Lemak, as well as Fried Oyster with Egg. - Desmond (Jun 99)
  • UK places to eat ... The Singapore Satay House in Kingston Upon Thames (Greater London area) is very good and very friendly. I've been there once and my sister has been there a couple of times. We lived in Singapore for about 9 years so she remembers the tastes and smells very clearly and if she's happy with the restaurant, I'm not arguing 'cause it's all very yummy. The phone number for the restaurant is: 020 8541 0301. - Isabel do Rosario (November 2000)
  • London - Eatouts
    The Singaporean restaurant off Marylebone road, at Gloucester Place in Gloucester Hotel is called Rasa Singapura...Hainanese chicken rice, tauhu goreng, laksa are really really good.
    Another must try will be Singapore Gardens, located at Fairfax road with the nearest tube station being Swiss Cottage. Excellent Rojak, Assam Fish!!!!
    For malaysian indonesian food, try restaurant named Melati...near soho....can get the exact number and address off . Really good nasi lemak, curry chicken, satay...authenticity at its best! - Cheyanne(jan 2002)
  • Here my recommended eats for London :
    • Halal food :

      • Malaysia Hall - Now has moved to Queensborough Terrace, off Bayswater Road. You know it is the right place since there is flag right outside. The canteen is in the basement. Good selection of nasi padang, very good mee goreng and there's prata, nasi lemak and teh tarik too.
      • Best Kebab in Bayswater
        A few paces off Queensway Tube station (on Central Line), there's a kebab/shawarma place called Taza. Just follow the queues. I recommend the mixed lamb/chicken shawarma, which has lovely shavings of met, stuffed into a pitta, grill under a panini pan and then stuffed with veg and their garlic and chilli sauce.
      • Best Indian
        At Khan's in Bayswater again. Come out of the tube station, turn left and walk right up to the end of the road. Pass Whiteley's shopping centre. You'll come to a t-junction and it is on your right. Very very good butter chicken and briyani. Skip the chicken jalfrezi unless you are into hot hot hot big time.
      • Meshwar Restaurant, Edgware Road
        It's a lebanese restaurant and they do a mean roast chicken with seasoned rice. Nothing like singapore chicken rice lah. Roast chicken so so but the rice is something else man?I still haven't figure out what they put in it. Opt to eat at the part nearer the entrance. The seats at the back carries a premium service rate!
    • Other good places:
      • Four Seasons at Bayswater
        Four Seasons at Bayswater again (I think now you know where I hang out..) For superb duck rice. Lovely fatty duck rice with delicious sauce. The seafood noodles are very good too although the service is very abrupt.
      • Bugis Restaurant (at Gloucester Tube station, Piccadilly line)
        Authentic hainanese chicken rice and laksa. I eat their chicken rice once a month to keep sane. Skip the satay - they use minced meat and deep-fry it instead of grilling. Where got shiok?
      • Belgo's
        There's a number of branches but the one in Covent garden is the most central. Worth going for lunch since it get really really busy during dinner. Recommend reservations for dinner. The mussels are first class and the chips (fries) are good. But save some room for dessert. The crème brulee is superb.
      • Hakkasan
        For those who have loads of money, I highly recommend Hakkasan, off Tottenham Court Road. Very fancy and stylish place and the food is to die for. Lots of flashy types. Good dim sum and fresh fish. There is a dish of spare ribs with chocolate sauce (not as disgusting as it sounds. It is very good really).
      • La Bouchee
        French - try La Bouchee along Old Brompton Road. Very good coq au vin, steak and frites. The set menu is good but I would advise splashing out on the ala carte. It's well worth it.
      • Tootsies Also Tootsies - which again has lots of brances in London. Good burger joint and I like the fact they give their relishes in a container so you can help yourselves to them.

      All the above had been tested on unsuspecting and critical Singaporeans frens and family who came over and all got the thumbs up. hehhehehehe - Amin Nora
  • You might want to take four seasons off as a recommendation for roast duck in London. The duck¡¯s no where as good as before now coz the chef had to leave ...
    A brilliant place to try in London is GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) at Bayswater, Chiswick and a few other locations. It¡¯s the ultimate burger experience, using prime cuts of meats and interesting combinations. It¡¯s not pricey, and even people who avoid burgers love it. Portions are huge, but they actually taste healthy! A must try is the Pesto burger. (May 2005) -

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London / Manchester / Portsmouth


  • Here are some of the suggested good eating places I've been in Manchester: - Terence Low
    • Tai Pan Restaurant, above W.H. Lung Supermart along Booth St parallel to Oxford Rd, serves good dim sum.
    • Nasi Lemak and others, in an alley opp the Manchester Computing Centre along Oxford Rd. Note: It is a Muslim Prayer hall and quite secluded. The mak-cik only sells on weekdays around 12.00pm-12.30pm
    • Wong Chu in City Centre Chinatown. Cheap and good.
    • Yang Sing also in City Centre Chinatown. Way expensive but good too.
    • Monsoons, opp BBC North, sells good donner kebabs at 2.50str(Halal).
    • Abduls, all around Manchester, nice burgers and kebabs(Halal).
    • Pearl City in chinatown is opened till 4am so u'll know where to go when u r hungry and don't want to eat only pizza or burgers or maggi mee for that matter... recommend the beef chow mien.... best man
    • I've tried mee goreng at the M'sian Penang Village in chinatown and it was quite gd except too oily and a bit dear for the portion. Char kway teow was dripping with oil too.... as compared to the one at Singapore Gardens(Gloucester in London).... this one looks more like the real thing... but not for diet freaks. They will certainly faint at first sight.
    • Can't say the Indian food here is appetizing.... it seems the Curry Mile(a stretch of Indian restaurants and takeaways reside here) along Wilmslow Rd further away fr the city centre is famous as most S'poreans who come here talk about it but I hv yet to eat good curry like how my Aunty cooks it... hot and spicy. Theirs here is too sweet ... also they only use breast meat when cooking chicken to cater to English taste*bleah*
  • Went to the Penang Village Malaysia Restaurant and they serve up a good char kway teow... it is in Chinatown.. but be prepared to be set back by 6 GBP... quite ex but who cares when u can have char kway teow when overseas...
    RSVP which is a rest/pub along Deansgate sells good english fry-ups... oriental food like thai green curry is also served... their hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallow is a must try. Average of 7 GBP for a meal with drink. - Terence Low (Jun 99)
  • IKAN
    Here is an update. There is this new restaurant open near UMIST(University of Manchester Insitute of Science and Technology) campus.
    tel: 0161-236 1313
    fax: 0161-288 0223
    It is called Ikan. Serves Thai, Japanese and far eastern food. Lunch buffet cost 5.50 GBP from 12 - 2.30 pm. Food is generally good. Opened by a Singaporean lady.
  • Ikan is a pretty good restaurant, located just across UMIST on Sackville Street in Manchester.
    Fridays - Thai Buffet Lunch will knock you back by about £10 (including drinks)
    Saturdays, Singapore Special! They'll usually let you know if you ask them a few days before, usually its Laksa, Chicken Rice or Nasi Lemak ...however, I do like thick Laksa gravy…Ikan's Laksa gravy isnt as think as I would like it to be. I do not think that there are any other great Singapore cuisine here in Manchester.- Constance Chiu
  • Another recommendation:
    The New Emperor - Manchester China Town, George Street Dim Sum is authentic, and £10 per person can get you loads, from chicken feet, pork rib rice, chee cheong fun with huge shrimps, etc etc. Century Porridge is excellent! I think this restaurant is simply brilliant! - Constance Chiu

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  • Portsmouth - Singapore Island, 58 Fratton Road, Portsmouth.
    I now live in London and have searched high and low for the best food available. Some places have fancy decor and rip you off - these I hate. However - I have found the gem of all. Strangely enough it is in the heart of town. It's called C&R on Rupert Court. It's at the Picadilly end of Gerrard street - down the alley next to Pizza Express. Superb place. When it was under refurb I went to a new place called Kopi Tiam - they were ok until they gave me food poisoning after I ate their chicken rice. Thankfully C&R are back and in full form. I never go anywhere else. It's the cheapest and best in London. But I am still gutted that in London a Laksa costs $15. Oh my God. Believe me - try C&R and you'll never eat elsewhere - they have everything you could want - nearly. - dec 2003

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Australia Perth / Sydney / Adelaide / Melbourne


  • A few good selections from my school day in Perth. For those who miss local food, try Tak Chee, along William St.,just before horse shoe bridge. The best dishes there are the chicken rice and the penang fried kway teow!!! For a unique of East meets West food, try the "Old Shanghai" food court along James St. The chinese food has an Aussie favour injected during cooking. A store to try there would be the Teppan/sushi store. The best Italian food is found in Perth. It is located in West Perth, in Oxford St. The name is Perugine (I hop the spelling is correct). Everything on the menu must be tried!!! Happy eating in Perth. - Bernard Yang
  • Just found your website! As a Australian, who lived the first 15 yrs of her life in Singapore, I'd like to tell you people out there about Singaporean food in Western Australia! "Katong" restaurant in Murray Street, Perth, has the best Char Kway Teow, vey authentic and never disappoints. The best Chicken Rice is at "Ten Ten" Kitchen in Vic Park, which is fairly near the city. Perth has certainly improved immeasurably since we came here in 1980, in terms of availability of asian ingredients, and the quality of authentic Asian restaurants. As I read in a food magazine, authentic means is tastes good!! - Francoise
  • Your page is just great. Perth's cheap Asian restaurant scene continues to grow by leaps & bounds. There are many Asian expats, esp. S'porean & Malaysian, in the southern suburbs & the Indonesian population seems to be growing. Some of my local favourites, not mentioned above, are:-
    • Singapore Hawkers Foods - 113 Collins Rd., Willetton 94570988 - my local. More authentic at lunch than at dinner, I think, altho on Mon, Tues & Wed nights lunch specials are available for A$1 extra. Esp. good are the Kuey Teow (A$4.80) and Loh Bak ($4.80) both best ever. This place is well-patronised by the local Asian population, a good sign.
    • Mahsuri Satay - 313 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park 93625062 - not far from Ten Ten Kitchen. Bad service but the best satay in Perth. Halal. Bottle shop next door. Satay A$6.90. Great Murtabak - A$5.90, Roti Canai - $3.70. SUPERB baby burramundi stuffed with coconut, CHILLI & coriander, wrapped in banana leaf & char grilled ($11).
    Will send a few more later. - Jean -
  • my suggestions are.... Bugis Street Tucker in Morley. Best Singapore food there...Hokkien Prawn Mee, Char Kuay Teow and Chai Tau Kuay.....the cook and owners are original Singaporeans and they are very friendly too. ...For Japannese, Freo's Old Shanghai has one of the cheaper and good Jap food...Now the new Loong Kee in Northbridge serves a rather authentic Singapore's Chicken Rice (steamed and roasted), the fried rice and Sui Gao (dumplings) are great too. - Serene Ong of Murdoch (jun 99)
  • Chin Chin's at seah street that serve hainanese food as mention in the review (Shi Feb 99) I like to update that Chin Chin's have a branch in Perth Western Australia.(Northbridge, Chinatown) Some friends who are working in the Perth found it. They still serve the excellent pork chops and hainanese chicken rice as will as some local food. Friends that miss the local food can visit them. - Grace Lim (apr 2000)
  • Loong Kee's shutdown at the beginning of 2000, so the best places, in my opinion, for chicken rice now are Tak Chee (William Street) and Ten-Ten Kitchen (Albany Hwy). Also, Bugis Street Tucker has a change of chefs. It's a family run business, but the mom who used to be the chef and dad who used to manage the restaurant have now handed the reigns over to their daughter(chef) and son(manager). The result? Food's not as good as it used to be. They've still got some nice dishes in their ngoh hiang (A$4.00) and sambal nasi goreng (A$6.50), but their specials of wonton mee and laksa leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe, we'll see the food improve with the chef's experience? Another place to try is "Food Place" along Leach Hwy, Melville behind the Mobil petrol station. It's a food court, exactly like the ones in Singapore. I strongly recommend a stall called "Tambua Mas". Their food is extremely tasty. The prices aren't exorbitant. The one item that stands out is "Orr Bee Bur" (in hokkien), "pulot hitam" (in malay) or "blackrice porridge". - W.G. Choo (dec 2000)
  • Halal food outlet located in Perth, Western Australia
    Check out 428 William Street in Perth, Western Australia. The restaurant is called Bittz Cafe and is owned by 2 brothers originally from Singapore. Currently doing a mixture of Japanese and Malaysian food, including A1 Curry Laksa, Ayam Golek and Nasi Lemak. It's located opposite the Perth Mosque and it's a halal outlet as well.. - Chee Woon Poh (2004)

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Perth / Sydney / Adelaide / Melbourne

  • For Nasi Padang in the Sydney CBD: "Rush Hour" in Chambers Arcade, entrance on Pitt or Castlereagh streets (between Liverpool and Goulburn streets)
    For $6-$7 you get a huge portion of rice and very authentic Malay food. The husband/wife duo are Malay and Indonesian and very relak. The ibu/aunty will make you your favourite food if you are a regular -- "what you want to eat next week ah?". I recommend their Spicy Island Chicken, which is a chicken curry with less lemak. My parents visiting from Singapore tried the Rendang and said it was very good (sometimes you think because you live overseas, anything local also you think is good, no more standard!). If they have Ikan Bilis fried with kachang is also very good. Sometimes they will make oxtail soup or chicken soup as an extra, sometimes also have achar! - Zhan Chiam
  • I would like to recommend "Ginger & Spice" at 240 Military Road Neutral Bay Tel: 02 9908 2552. The chef is a Singaporean and his wife is from Hong Kong. The dishes are very close to what you can get in terms of hawker food. They even have mini squid in a dark sticky sauce like at seafood restaurants. The prices are not exactly cheap (as in hawker prices), but for something very authentic this is the place to go. There are many restaurants which claim to serve Singaporean food, but "sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken" don't exactly qualify. - Lance Heng
  • Forty One Restaurant
    Level 41, The Chifley Tower
    2 Chifley Square,
    Sydney NSW 2000
    Ph: 9221 2500
    Fax: 9221 5243
    Not only is the food second to none but...and I know this sounds strange....but you have to check out the bathrooms. You can see the entire Sydney city and Harbour! If you book try and get a window seat. You can see the whole Harbour and on New Years Eve, with the fireworks....well anything can happen. Many a marriage proposal has been made there. This place makes Compass Rose look pretty ordinary.
  • The yum-chas are really good at Kam Fook Restaurant (in Chinatown) and Marigold (also in Chinatown). - Christen
  • Would like to recommend M.C.Lucksa's Hainan Chicken Rice in Chinatown's Market City Complex 2nd floor food hall.
    And the Malay-Chinese Takeaway in Castlereagh St, Sydney. It has daily specials and it is the most authentic in the CBD.
    And the generous and tasty serves of Laksa at the Old Fitzroy Pub in Cathedral St in Woolloomoolloo.
    And if you really love desserts, you simply must have the Sample Dessert Plate at Longrain in Commonwealth St, Surry Hills. A collection of 6-8 mini portions of their modern thai desserts. The rest of the menu is magic, but always order one main less than the number of people dining eg 3 dishes for 4 people & rice, cos their serves are quite big. - Emil Goh (Aug 2001)
  • I would like to put recommendations on couple of restaurants in Sydney area .
    • Location : Paramatta, NSW Sydney area
      A great Singaporean Restaurant called Temasek. Expect no service but great food there. Lots of fellow Singaporeans eat there so I'm sure the food has standards. The Laksa is the best I've tasted in Sydney. They have Hokkian Mee and good Char Kway Teow!! The restaurant is always packed out so call to make reservations.
    • Location: Thornleigh, NSW Sydney area
      I love the chicken rice in this restaurant. This restaurant is called Istana. Very friendly staff and the restaurant is always packed with Singaporeans and Malaysian so that means Good Food. I love the Hor Fun and the Chicken rice in this restaurant. The Chicken Rice is not boneless and since I'm not a fan of breast meat..this work perfectly for me. Big portions too. And there is another Kuay Kuay shop call Makan @ Alice's a few blocks away from Istanna. You can ask for directions from the waitress in Istanna since Alice and Istanna are friends. Makan @ Alices's has good Noya Kuay.. Kuay Lapis and all that. Go on a weekend..more choices to choose from. Expect to pay AUD$1 per Kuay. - Grace Crispus-Shanmugam (2005)
    • Update: I gave you some recommendations on some Singapore/Malaysian restaurants in Sydney and want to update it.
      I'm still a big fan of Temasek Restaurant in Paramatta, Sydney. The hawker style food is still soo good. Char Kuay Teow, Hokkian Mee, Laksa, Chicken Rice is sooo good. I'm a regular customer there because of the good food. I would say 95% of the customers are from Singapore and Malaysia so it has to be very good. I would like to withdraw my recommendations on Istana Restaurant in Thornleigh. The last few times I went there, I find the chicken for the chicken rice undercooked. Char Kuay Teow used to be soo good with the burning smell of the wok but now it's like Kway Teow tossed with soya sauce! The wait staff didn't really care much about my complaints. It's gotten a bit more pricey and food standards have dropped. I feel as though they have started catering for the ang mohs then the Singapore and Malaysian. Disappointing because they were really good.
      Makan @ Alice is another great small makan place in Thornleigh. I haven't decided if the portions there are too small or just delicious :) - - Grace Crispus-Shanmugam (2006 December)
  • I'd like to recommend a few great eating spots in Sydney.. and not to mention, reasonably priced too (in relation to the quality of food/service of course)! - Audrey (2006)
    1. Japanese Cruisine - Jujus Restaurant on Kings Cross. Serve a wide range of awesome dishes (ie. Bento sets, Jap. steamboat, invidividual choices, etc). Try the Yukke. It's well-seasoned beef tarte topped with an raw egg. It didn't seem appetising to me at first sight but.. looks are sure deceiving! Oh.. Did i mention, they have karaoke too!?! Remove your shoes before proceeding to the nicely arranged seatings. Do reserve 1 - 2weeks before hand. It's always full. And of course, great sakes and plum wines complete the meal. Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - A$30 - 35 /person
    2. Looking for Japanese Fusion? Heard of sushi rolls that could literally melt in your mouth and have you craving for more? Go to Kobe Jones on Kings Street Warf! U'd be amazed by the chief's creation. Do not forget to order their 'Number 1 Special' !! A generous serving of seasoned mashed mayonaised seafood stick wrapped in seaweed topped with perfectly melted baked cheese. Lovely.. and that's just ONE creation. ;") Heaps more with a variety of seafood combinations. Good to go in a group. A lot of dishes are a MUST TRY! Estimated cost in a group of 4 without alcohol - A$50/person
    3. For Steak / Ribs Lovers- Hurricanes Restaurant @ Bondi. Pork ribs and steaks are beautifully done. Absolutely tender and juicy. A nice cosy bar for pre-dinner drinks is located on the side of the entrance for patrons waiting. Do RSVP a few days before hand too. For those who don't, expect to queue for more than 1hr. Sometimes, impossible to dine in. Indoor and outdoor sitting. Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - $60 - 70 /person (Well, it's usually too filling to squeeze in the desserts)
    4. For Meat Lovers again! Meat & Wine Co. Located at Darling Harbour. Excellent service with lovely juicy meat grilled to your perfection! Good selection of wines. Fine dine - very pleasant ambience. Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - $80 - $100 / person
    5. Late night supper? No place to go after drinks? The 24hrs Pancakes on the Rocks @ The Rocks (Arcade) is the way to go! Wide range of delicious hot and fluffy pancakes served with wonderous ice-cream, topped with nuts, fruits, and choc / strawberry / caramel sauces. All-day-breakfast and Mains include an amazing variety of scrumptious dishes. Inexpensive!! Try to avoid 7-9pm. Queues are really long! Estimated cost for 3 course meal without alcohol - $40 / person (Better to skip the starters and save some space for the dessert pancakes. YUM!)
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Perth / Sydney / Adelaide / Melbourne

  • This is just a few eateries that serve good and reasonably priced food in Adelaide, where I study. These are the few places that I like to go repeatedly. So I would recommend anybody who comes to Adelaide for good food at good value. - Jackie dec 2000
    • To get cheap and edible food, I would recommend the Food plaza at the Central Market next /in the Chinatown. You can find reasonably good Asian food from Vietnamese Beef Noodle to Hainanese Chicken Rice and Vegetarian food that doesn't contain onions, MSg and preservatives. I particularly like the Hainanese Chicken Rice at Ricky's stall. It has good portion of Chicken with rice and soup and all that costs A$5.50. THere are several other selection from his stalls that are all pretty nice. For the more adventurous, there are many other Asian food to try on in the Food Plaza. They are all priced between A$5.50 to $7.
    • For Japanese food enthusiast that also look for value for money, I would recommend Genki in Gouger Street, the street behind the Central market. A set of Katsu Don would be around $10 depending if you take the lunch specials or you take the proper set. For the proper set, you get your bowl of katsu Don, and pickled Oshinko, and miso soup and a bowl of mixed salad coated with sesame oil and a glass of green tea, all that for about $10. So that's really good bargain and the important thing is that it tastes good at the same time. Other things in its menu also tasted good but I particularly like the Katsu and Oyako Don. Do watch out for it's opening and closing time. On friday, Genki closes at 2.30pm so be there early for your lunch.
    • For Italian food, I would recommend Bon Giornos and Scoozi Cafe on Rundle Street. They both serve good oven baked pizzas and very good beverages such as ice chocolates and iced mocha. For bread enthusiast, their focaccia and their range of bread are all very nicely done. Bon Giornos are opened as early as 8 am on weekends. so it could be a good place for early breakfast.
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Perth / Sydney / Adelaide / Melbourne

  • Greetings from Melbourne,Found a great place for Singaporeans/Malaysians to go for a good meal. Located at 70 Johnston St, Collingwood there is this restaurant by the name of OLD RAFFLES PLACE. They serve great food like Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry Veggie, Beef Rendang and not to forget The Terik. The prices are reasonable (considering that I am a Uni student) with The Terik at $2.50 per cup. For a good meal with 5 other friends, we spent an average of $ 12 per person for 3 dishes with rice, drinks and desert. Awesome stuff. Check it out ... it's near the famous Smith Street. - Thmothy Chew 2007
  • I hope this email finds you well. Not sure if you remember me but you added some of my recommandations of singapore food in Sydney. I went to melbourne for the weekend and I thought I should check your website to see if there was good singapore makan in Melbourne. I took the recomandations on your website by Casey Lee. OH MY GOD!!! How right was she??? The place is jam back all the time. I ate my first meal in Melbourne there and after that meal...I thought...I'm going to eat all weekend in this makan place. It's an eatary more than a restaurant. The place is packed out with Singaporeans. The food is really good. I'm a big fan of Chee Kuay and it was to die for. It's better than the famous Tiong Bahru Chee Kuay. I love Hot plat tofu and they served it up really well there. Ah ya..don't know how to describe but was just heavenly. Was soo good. Cassey Lee forgot to mention the name of the eatery. It's called Singapore Chom Chom. I think it's the best Singapore food anyway abroad and I've tried many! The cooks are real hawkers from Singapore. I spoke them myself and they were telling me where their makan stalls were. They didn't speak good english like most hawkers so I had to tamba some mandrine and malayu here and there. They have such a big hawker menu. 130 over dishes!!! I had, claypot chicken rice, chee kuay, hot plate tofu, BBQ stingray, fried fish noodle soup, fish ball mee, chicken noodles(chicken version of wonton mee),char kuay teow. All so good...wish I had more kaki so can order more dishes to try. - Grace Shanmugam
  • Just mention Nasi Lemak and most of you will think of the Changi Village Nasi Lemak at Changi Village Hawker Centre. I have news to tell..!
    The guy who used to run the place in Changi is now the proud owner of Changi Village International restaurant in Melbourne. They still serve the same yummy nasi lemak (minus the long queues) in a comfy café setting. I found the green walled café to be very homely and cosy and the owner, Nazar, is very friendly and nice especially when meeting a fellow Singaporean. He¡¯s been in Melbourne for almost 3 years now and looks to be very happily settled in.
    The address is Unit 2, 222 LaTrobe Street near RMIT. It¡¯s across the road from Melbourne Central station and very easy to find. There¡¯s a green sign with the ¡°Changi Village International Nasi Lemak¡± outside the shop.
    So if you¡¯re living in and around Melbourne or a tourist visiting the city and suddenly develop a strong craving for sambal or home food, no need to wait till you get home, try their Nasi Lemak (of course) and the beef rending¡­mmm shiok.! - Melvin N
  • Hi ..pls add this to your wonderful site…looking at the pixs just makes me drool.
    Until recently, I've discovered Hokkien Mee in Melbourne. I have been missing this yummy dish since living in Melbourne for almost 9 years now. Very authentic and the sauce is just as good over here. The group of Singapore chefs can cook up a variety of other hawker date, my favs are: Bak Chor Mee, Bak Kut The, Kwee Kway, laksa, chicken rice.
    Located on corner of Bourke Street and Russell Street. Good service as well. - Casey Lee YM
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Los Angeles Area / New York / SF and Bay Area / Seattle / Minnesota / Boston / Texas/ Washington DC / San Diego / North Carolina / other areas

Los Angeles Area

  • I'm a S'porean came to LA in1952 to study FILM and stayed on , and working in Hollywood. Food has always been of interest to me especially S'porean food or Chinese food. Looking over food in LA I wish to introduce a few restaurants to travellers stopping in LA. One Chinese and one Malaysian.

    Golden City B B Q Restaurant
    108 N Garfield Avenue
    Montery Park
    CA 91754

    If you want an excellent lunch you can select 23 dishes of $4.95 /each. 40 dishes of $3.95/each
    Every day between 10:00AM to 5:00PM . Believe me your dollar can stretch a long way

    Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant
    19 E. Main Street
    Alhambra CA 91801
    (818) 308-2036

    It is almost a meeting place for S'porean and Malaysian to have a authentic dish with some Nonya desserts.The rest of the other places were mentioned in the same article. - Sin Hock Gaw
  • I'd like to add a L.A. restaurant to your list. It's called The Mandarin Deli and it's located both in Chinatown and Northridge. They have absolutely the best pan fried dumplings, cucumber salad, shredded Dofu, onion pancake and spicy noodle soup. I've been eating there for 18 can eat til you die and not spend 20.00! - Meryl
  • Little Malaysia, North Peck Road Bldg 8 El Monte, CA 91732 (818) 401-3188
    Getting there: From LA take I-10 east and exit North Peck Road. The exit ram to North Peck Road can be kinda long and you will pass some car dealerships but keep looking out for North Peck Road. Little Malaysia is inside a plaza (forgot the name, might be called Victoria Plaza or something like that) on the right hand side of North Peck Road. I would recommend that you call the restaurant for directions.
    Comment: This restaurant serves delicious Penang style Malaysia food. I would highly recommend the Char Kuey Teow. Its the best I have tasted this side of the world. The curry dishes are very good too. They also serve very good local deserts especially the Pulut Hitam. - Joshua Lam
  • Here are some capsule reviews of a few cheap restaurants I like. - John Kawakami
    1. L.A. Food Court, on Hollywood Blvd. east of the 101 freeway, has some good Thai food. There are numerous Thai restaurants in the Los Angeles area, but most don't prepare it in a style acceptable to my Thai-Chinese friend, Dave. The Food Court (which is housed above a Thai supermarket called Silom) meets with his approval. I think the various noodle broths are one dimensional, and often opt for something else. One funny thing I noticed is that you get larger quantities if you can order in Thai. If you appear to have no connection to the Thai community, you get smaller portions. Also, they charge extra for rice.
    2. Asian Noodle World, Valley and Atlantic, in Alhambra, is a truly American experience. It has the atmosphere of a local chain "family restaurant" like Denny's (in other words, tastelessly bland) but serves up a full menu of noodle dishes from all over Asia and South Asia. I have no complaints about Noodle World, except that there's always a long line for dinner. Also, if you drive, don't park in the neighboring parking lots. The owner, who is getting rich off this one restaurant, looks like a fashion model, stands arond 6 feet tall, and can't be over 25 years old -- some guys have all the luck.
    3. Luk Yue, Garvey and Atlantic, and Garvey and Garfield, in Monterey Park. There are numerous places in LA that have the same menu of egg noodles, duck, chow fun, and the like, but Luk Yue does it better, and late into the night.
    4. Tip - the eastern suburbs - Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Alhambra, Rosemead, etc. have better food than LA's Chinatown. Also, try the excellent Mexican food in the area; it's as good as the Asian foods.
    5. My sister's picks: Golden Deli (Vietnamese Deli), Vi Ky (Vietnamese Restaurant).
    6. Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant - Valley Bl. at Del Mar, in the mall, and also off the 60 Fwy in Hacienda Heights, just before the 55 freeway. Sam Woo runs two restaurants - one is an extensive chain of Chinese restaurants that serve up BBQ pork, chicken, and duck. This chain extends from Oregon to San Diego, and eastward to Las Vegas. I think it's greasy and overpriced. But there's another side to Sam. His Seafood Restaurants serve morning dim sum that's above average and reasonably priced. Expect to spend $8 to $10 for a long meal. What I liked most was the short wait to get a table, and the waitresses, many of whom are show-offs.
    7. NBC Seafood., in Chinatown and also on Atlantic south of Newmark, in Monterey Park. I haven't been to NBC in years, but people tell me it's still good. I imagine that their dim sum might be a little on the expensive side.
    8. Lunch Specials - if you have to eat lunch, eat it in Monterey Park, where there's intense competition for lunchtime business. There are $3.50 and $4 lunch specials at all the restaurants, and you can even get clams or shrimp for that price. Can you believe it? I can't! The shrimp must be stolen or something!
    9. Ocean Star, on Atlantic at Garvey, in Monterey Park. This restaurant has been reviewed extensively, and they have numerous reviews on the walls to prove it. If you have to take a friend to a restaurant, and you have to convince them that lobster sashimi or jellyfish is GOOD, take them to Ocean Star. They will be reassured by the reviews on the wall. Of course, this all comes at a price. The dishes are $1 to $2 more than at other restaurants. They do have a lunch special, however, so if you show up at the right time, you'll leave with a fat belly, and wallet. They also have dim sum on the weekends.
    10. Los Angeles, unlike some other cities in the US and the rest of the world, does not stay open late. Most restaurants stop serving food by 11 PM. Few are open until 2 PM. Many restaurants are open only until 9 or 10. Many don't open until lunch time. There are very few businesses that are open all night. No clothing stores, gift shops, or department stores are open past 9 at night. Some book stores and record stores are open until 11 or 12 pm. The only places open late are bars, night clubs and dance clubs, a few cafes, donut shops, and the drive through fast food places. NOTE: there nothing to do in Monterey Park at night, except eat food.
  • SANAMLUANG, Hollywood (cross street - Kingsly)
    • They serve basically Thai food from 11am to about 4 am (or 3am) But they have dishes like Chicken rice, (black and white), Kway teow soup, Chicken Bryanni, Chok (!!!!), Salted egg (!!!).... - juliana
    • There's also a Sanamluang in Pomona (at the intersection between Indian Hill and San Bernardino) that's a mainstay with the Claremont College folks. I've known Singaporeans who come here from West Covina just for the food. It's open till about 2 am; my advice is not to visit before evening -- the food tastes like it was last night's leftovers. However, after 7 pm, the food is absolutely fantastic. Pud See Ewe is similar to char kway teow, and the beef curry (you have to ask for it since it's not on the menu), garlic & pepper chicken, fried morning glory (kang kong), goong prik paow (prawn in chili bean sauce)... All really good. I've spent many a night here in my years at the Claremont Colleges, and I've enjoyed eating here so much. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants some familiar food with a Thai twist. - Jon Tan
  • I enjoyed reading your pages and have just a few comments:
    1. Joshua Lam's comments about Hainan Chicken Restaurant (Rowland Heights - a suburb of Los Angeles) is completely correct. They also have great "Nasi Lemak" on their weekend menu.
    2. Rowland Heights is becoming more popular for Asian restaurants, products and services, as more Asians are moving out of Metropolitan Los Angeles and heading towards the east or south of Southern Califonia.
    3. Little Malaysia is also great for Mee Goreng, and you can have them really spice it up. They have a greater variety of food than Hainan Chicken, and done mostly in the Penang style. They also make Kaya (the jam that you spread on bread) - periodically and you have to place your order ahead.
    4. If you are looking for atmosphere in Los Angeles, try "Old Town Pasadena". There are numerous great international restaurants that vary in price and ambience. This is the happening place on Friday and Saturday night. After or before dinner you may wish to check out the shops (The Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Victoria Secrets, etc.) in the area. There are also street peddlers - singing, playing musical instruments, mimes, etc. It is well patrolled by the police force. You may want to dress up for a white linen restaurant or go in jeans to eat in one of the outside cafe restaurants. - Vivien Meleen
  • I found this great restaurant on the west side of Los Angeles, California selling decent Peking duck. The restaurant is called "Joss" and is located along Sunset Boulevard.
    The price of the duck is US$38.00, served three ways. That is, the skin wrapped in crepe, shredded duck meat stir-fried and duck meat wrapped in wanton wrapper and served as a soup dish.
    This is the best duck I have tasted since settling in Los Angeles about 10 years ago. Other dishes worth trying are deer meat, ostrich meat, and pigeon meat. - S. Kua
  • CHEAP and GOOD food around Los Angeles
    My husband and I have been living and working in Los Angeles for more than 10 years, and we just wanted to share with you some updated information about CHEAP and GOOD food around town.
    • For good "Chap Chai" rice, Hawker Centre style rice with a variety of dishes to choose from, try "Soon Peace Express" at Ord St and Hill St (the cross street) at Chinatown, Los Angeles 90012. Rice with 2 side dishes cost $2.50 (enough to feed two adults). Each seperate dish cost $1. Their roast pork, BBQ pork, soy chicken, roast duck and marinated duck are very authentic.
      Recently visited the Chinatown in L.A. Agreed that the food are good and cheap at "Soon Peace Express" at Ord St and Hill St (the cross street) at Chinatown, Los Angeles. - Loyce Lee (july 2006)
    • Doung Nguyen Restaurant at 1433 E. Valley Blvd, Alhambra serves authentic Hainanese Chicken rice for less than $5.
    • Mien Ngia Restaurant on 406 W. Valley Blvd, San Gabriel serves good Wanton (chinese dumplings) and Teo Chew Fish Ball noodles and Hainanese Chicken Rice, also for under $5. Their "Mee Po" (flat thick yellow noodle) are as good as any we can find in Singapore's Hawker Centres.
    • Rainbow Bakery at College St and Hill St (the cross street) at Chinatown, Los Angeles 90012 serves very good dessert, like "BoBo ChaCha" and "Tau Suan" (sweet green bean) and Sugar Cane Juice for $1.50. We can also find some limited variety of Nonya Kueh at this bakery also.
    Well, for the Not-So-Cheap but still Good Singapore and Malaysian cuisine, we recommend
    • Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant at 19 E. Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801
    • Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Restaurant at 69 W. Green St., Pasadena, CA 91105
    • Nonya Restaurant at 61 N. Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103
    • Penang Restaurant at 987 S. Glendora Ave, West Covina, Ca 91790
    • Little Malaysia Restaurant at 3944 N. Peck Road El Monte, CA 91732
    • Batavia Cafe at 970 N. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Good Eating! - L. & B. Lee
  • Belacan Grill
    2701 190th Street
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    (310) 370-1831
    has the whole menu for malaysian food....pretty good..
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New York

  • In my close to two yrs living in Manhattan, I found two restaurants serving authentic Singapore/M'sian style food. The first is Nonya on Grand Street in Chinatown. It's got everything from Hainanese Chicken Rice to Roti Prata to Pulut Hitam (yummy) and they tasted just like from home. The other is New Malaysian Restaurant, also in Chinatown. Aside from Chicken Curry and Duck Curry, they also have Sambal Stingray and Sambal Kangkong -which Nonya has too.
    There's a restaurant in Chinatown call Singapore Cafe- and its name Singapore in chinese was spelt wrongly, I've never been in that restaurant. - Fiona Ong
  • I had some very good Malaysian-Singaporean food at New York City. The restaurant is called Sinma, and it is located at the NYC Chinatown, near the District Attorney's Building. The curry there is made with fresh coconut milk and so is the Nyonya Kueh. The nasi lemak and Bak Kut Teh are about as authentic as you can get 15,000 miles from home. - David
  • There is another Malaysian restaurant in another part of NYC Chinatown that serves fried noodles hokkien style (KL version, not the S'pore version), and a very economical nasi lemak for breakfast (US$1.50). Both these places charge reasonable rates, and US$10 per person will be more than sufficient to cover costs of a big meal, including tips. - David
  • A good Hongkong-style restaurant is Shing Kee on Bowery Street. A good old-time Chinatown place is Hong Ying on Mott Street -squid is their specialty. Some cafes in the city are nice places to gain weight :) Veneiros is an Italian bakery on Eleventh Street and First Avenue that is very popular. - J
  • Last year I ate at a place called Penang here in New York which was okay, the appetizers were better than the main courses. I really liked the Sotong Goreng (though I never tasted a dish like it in Singapore) and the Sauteed Spinach (its like the sambal kangkong). The kway teow was not very good. There is also a place called Franklin Street Cafe which serves French/Malaysian food--none of the traditional dishes but I really like the rice because they sprinkle blachan on top. They do have a very good curry puff. - JC
  • In NYC, Sweet 'N Tart in Chinatown off Canal on Mott Street is good for noodles and soup, and is very cheap, except you end up eating two desserts and then it's not so cheap anymore. :=D Chendol, red bean soup, etc. - Mark Miller
  • Malaysia Restaurant a block away in an arcade is our favorite for ice kachang, but on hot summer days, everyone else thinks so too. Good for Malaysian dishes, which my wife and I are just beginning to explore. Jaya a couple blocks the other direction is very good also, with different versions of the shaved ice desserts. - Mark Miller
  • Best Japanese I've found is Tatanyi 52, on 52nd west of 2nd. Though I must admit I haven't checked out very many yet - I've only been here for five months. Diverse menu, and they seem to do everything well. Love their pickled jellyfish, but the wife prefers the Chinese version. Maybe it's just the sake! - Mark Miller
  • For those on business trips in Manhattan finding themselves cold and hungry for Asian food in the mid-town area, take a walk to MARUCHAN Japanese Restaurant (160 W. 54th St, tel 212-246-0955). I find this authentic little hole in the wall restaurant run by energetic "real" Japanese folks, offering more than the usual sushi standard fare. I love the broiled eggplant appetizer (smoking charred giant eggplant slices smothered in some kind of savory miso paste), the hot rice and noodle bowl entrees, and anything they barbecue. It is a favorite hangout for Japanese businessmen after work who chat over sake and endless rounds of steaming appetizers; the ambience sure beats other fake run-of-the-mill mid-town "Japanese" restaurants pandering to the inexperienced palette. After dinner, walk across the road for a movie at the historic Ziegfield cinema.
  • NYONYA Restaurant
    • NYONYA Restaurant, 194 Grand St between Mott and Mulberry, Chinatown (212-334-3669): Recently opened and a flagrant copycat of the older "Penang" franchise with the exact same logo, varnished bamboo "attap"-look decor. Although New Yorkers rave about its inexpensive "South East Asian" fare, I found it profoundly disappointing as a Singaporean. The test of authenticity, of course, was to order char kway teow. Not only was the noodle the wrong kind, it was just fried like the Chinese-American/Cantonese lo-mein. Tastes nothing like the real thing. Surprised to find rojak on the menu, and knowing the ingredients are hard to find, I ordered it. The Chinese waitress (clearly not Singaporean or Malaysian) was very condescending to me and said, "You sure you want this? It's spicy you know? You know what it is? It's a fruit salad!" Swallowing my native Singaporean ego, I assured her through gritted teeth that I knew exactly what rojak was. When the dish came, it was just huge wedges of turnip and cucumber, swimming in a soup of black sweet shrimp paste! No yew tiao, fried tofu, peanuts, pineapple, etc. It was horrible, and of course my waitress was smug and said, "Told you you don't know what it is and you sure won't like!" If anyone has a good experience there, let me know what to order, please! Clearly that was not my day.- FIFI
    • I just read Fifi's comments on Nyonya and have to dispute them - while living in NYC that was my favorite Singaporean/ Malaysian restaurant - in fact the ones I have tried so far here in LA pale in comparison! (I think Little Malaysia sucks by the way) I would recommend the hainanese chicken rice (specify white meat if you like breast meat), the prawn mee soup, Indian mee goreng (punggol version) and the roti prata (called roti canai). The fried hokkien mee is the KL version, be warned - but it's still good. - mm (feb 2002)
    • I am a Singaporean living in NY. In fact, I was just at Nonya yesterday. I have to say that I'm surprised by Fifi's disappointing experience there. Here are the usual items I order when I'm there:
      1. Roti Canai (really, it's roti prata lah) but prettygood!
      2. Hainanese Chicken Rice.. as good as one can get so very far away from Singapore.
      3. Wonton Mee -Dry Version. The soup version isn't that fabulous, but the dry one.. sedap!
      4. Double Boil Duck Soup with noodles.. the noodles is not what I would put into the soup, but the soup sure tastes like my mom's home made version
      5. Chilli crabs... not exactly the same, but much better than expected
      6. Kangkong Blachan! Very authentic and very spicy!
      There are definitely some items that aren't that great, but I usually have a blast when I'm there. plus, given that this is in New York City, Nonya's pricing is absolutely affordable!
      Another restaurant to try - HUP KEE in NYC chinatown, next to the famed Woh Hup (though the latter was disappointing). HUP KEE's roast duck is fabulous! Never once disappointing. The Pai Kuat (spare ribs) is sedap!! - Clara Turner Nov 2004
    • Was at Nonya 29th of April. (2005) Ordered : Curry Chicken, some sting ray (not the dry BBQ version), rendang, char kway teow, roti canai. Curry chicken, was nice but not the coconut and lots of gravy variety. This is kind of dry and meat was I think pre-fried, but was good. If you are getting this dish skip the beef randang coz its all nearly the same. The sting ray, steamed was good. The roti canai, you can skip if you are ordering other stuff, not impressed, not cripsy, it was thin and tough. It was very very crowded on Friday, I was there before 8pm. Reservations advised during busy days and hours for big groups and do not be late or else your table would be given away and you end up waiting anyways ( happened to some guy who was there). Service was ok, people were hectic and rushing around but were not rude or anything like that. I would definitely go there again. If you read my reviews of Restoran Malaysia in Canada, this is slightly better. - J Danial
  • Nobu - Very famous Japanese restaurant run semi-owned by Robert DeNiro. It's virtually impossible to get a reservation for dinner, but go early for lunch, and you're very likely to end up with a table. The last time I was in NY, the hotel concierge flat out told me that there was no chance with getting a lunch booking, so we ended up queuing outside the restaurant a good 10 minutes before it opened. We were, eventually, given a table. The service is beyond fantastic, and the food is just sublime. A must-have is New-Style Sashimi, which is sashimi drizzled with a very good, sizzling walnut (?) oil. Nobu is in Tribeca. - Ken Lee (Nov 2000)
  • Joe's Shanghai - another very famous establishment, this one in Chinatown. Some of the dishes are so-so, but ask the waiters to recommend their more popular dishes and you'll be extremely pleasantly delighted. This is authentic, down-to-earth, delicious Shanghainese cuisine. The service is informal, but friendly, and a good number of Chinese, as well as Caucasian patrons frequent the place. A must-have is the soup dumplings - xiao long bao. - Ken Lee (Nov 2000)
  • Golden Unicorn on Catherine Street in Chinatown for dim sum (good mango pud!)
  • A good place for rich indian food with the thick full flavored coconut gravy we are accustomed to from home is Bukhara Grill @ E 58th St between 2nd and 3rd Ave. They also have a good value buffet lunch which was about $15+ the last time I checked. Don't eat breakfast before the lunch buffet- you wont regret it! Julieanne (2002)
  • Other New York recommendations:
    Nobu can be impossible to get into - try Nobu Next Door - chilean sea bass is their signature dish, and the chocolate bento box for dessert!
    For great sushi - Yama Sushi on Houston and Carmine Streets
    Korean - Cho Dang Kol in the little korea area near Macy's Herald Square; Dok Suni in the East Village
    The Elephant - Thai/French/fusion/whatever - on 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in the East Village
    2nd Ave Deli on 2nd Avenue at 12th Street - love their corn beef on rye with russian salad dressing and their matso ball soup! - mm (feb 2002)

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San Francisco and Bay Area

Remember to leave about 15% tips in the "better" restaurants, some Vietnamese places do not expect more than a dollar or 2. See what your neighbours are doing and do the same!
  • Singaporean/Malaysian
    • Raffles Cafe (closed)
      • I just thought you should put in an entry for a great Singaporean restaurant in the SF Bay Area, based in Fremont - the Raffles Cafe. They have a web-page,
        Based on an informal poll of Singaporeans in the Bay Area who have sampled most of the SG and MY restaurants available, the Raffles is the most authentic Singaporean restaurant. The Straits Cafe has sold out and is too 'ang-moh'. Shiok is going the same way - it has become more accomodating to the western palate. Raffles on the other hand, is uncompromisingly Singaporean. No fancy decor to fool impressionable Palo Alto lawyers, no fancy $60 a bottle Chardonnay to go with its signature dishes, the Raffles is as close as the real thing as you can get on the US West Coast. The white chai tow kway is as good as any in Singapore. It offers deep fried sotong in black sauce, something very hard to find overseas, and their home-made sambal blachan is as real as it can get. For westerners who are daring and who want to discern the subtle difference between Singaporean and Malaysian cooking, check out the Banana Leaf (best Malaysian restaurant in the Bay Area) and then contrast it with the Raffles.
        The one thing abt the Raffles Cafe is its poor location, situated on a dowdy and less trafficked part of Fremont Boulevard. As a result it is not too well-known and business has suffered. I heard they are planning to move to the Peninsula where there is a larger pool of people who eat out and try exotic foods, and this may improve their visibility. One hopes that in going upmarket they will not sacrifice their adherence to cooking food in the authentic Singaporean hawker tradition: screw the carbos and cholesterol, life is short anyway, so eat and enjoy. - LC
      • In your Makan Abroad column, particularly USA SF Bay Area Eats, Raffles Cafe has folded its business sometime ago. They have the most authentic Singaporean food served in the Bay Area. It is sad. Anyway, the Singaporean and Malaysian rest. is owned by a group of M'sian. Their Mee Siam is horrible. The problem with Asian American food is they like to use Fish Sauce in every soup based dishes. Thanks. - Valarie Kuan

      Update: Raffles Cafe has been closed since 10th May, 2004.
      I agree with your comments about Raffles Cafe as I enjoyed it many times; I was there on their last evening. Mr. Ho (the boss) told me they are looking for new location but not confirmed till this date. - Alice Chen
    • Straits Cafe
      BBQ fish with sambal is great. Cosy interior of old chinatown complete with dirty laundry. It's not in the center but not too far out. - Thian
      We have been to Straits Cafe and it is okay but not quite up to Singapore standards. - Randolph Moeckli
    • There's another S'porean restaurant in Clement & 8th. The name of the restaurant is Singaporean Malaysian Restaurant. They have pretty good food and decent price. The other S'porean restaurant that I've tried is near Clement & Park Presidio, I think the name is Orchid. - dani
    • The Orchid Restaurant at Clement and Presidio that Dani mentioned is no longer in existence. Should also mention that the Singapore-Malaysian Restaurant is run by Penang people and, while they don't have the ambience of Chris Yeo's Straits Cafe, their prices are a lot more reasonable. Straits does a good job on the rojak sauce and some of the hot dishes but if you want more "local" Chinese dishes, Singapore-Malaysian is better. Enjoy! - Tony
    • Penang Garden
      I would like to contribute to the dining list in San Francisco / Bay Area. This restaurant is in Chinatown and they have a lot of delicious local food. I would give a grade 7.5/10. It is good and suthentic but the taste is not as good as those in Singapore or Malaysia. The chefs come from Malaysia but owner is from Hongkong. It also a very good place to find thoes thick and fragrant coffee and tea (just like thoes you will get from a coffee shop in Singapore).
      Penang Garden
      (415) 296-7878
      728 Washington St
      San Francisco, CA 94108
      - Erina Wong
  • For Vietnamese, Burmese, laotian and of course Thai food, try the Tenderloin district in town. Some restaurants are rather inexpensive and you may even find Mee Pok in some restaurants (well ,close!). The beef noodle soup is what they're really good at!!
  • Chinatown of course. Plenty of choices and I've never eten in one I really dislike. Here, they give you fortune cookies with your check, something that you'll not see in Singapore. - Thian
  • Thai restaurants are all over the place in San Francisco, I used to eat at Thai Satay House (?) on Polk Street, (adress, 1400 something close to Pine Street) - Thian
  • Little Joe (or Joe's) Italian place is really great, try the seafood stew. You'll probably have to wait in line, but you get to see a line of cooks preparing the food in the most entertaining way. Location: At the end of Grant (Chinatown) not far to the right. Do look it up in the phone book. Price - reasonable. Atmosphere : very cosy. I love that place !!
  • There is a Greek (I think) restaurant on Van Ness 5, 6 blocks (a block is from one junction to the next) from the Museum of Modern Art away from Market Street. Lots of MEAT and inexpensive, Here I had my first BUFFALO meat, yes BUFFALO!! and it's great. You'll love the interior too !! It's also very casual and cosy, you may have to share a long table with some nice friendly strangers. - Thian
  • Dim Sum
    Yank Sing located near Embarcadero Center is closed. In fact the building has been torn down, but they do have a person on-site (the last time I walked by) who takes reservations for their other locations at Rincon Center (101 Spear) and at 49 Stevenson. Yank Sing has THE best and widest selection of dim sum in S.F. - Janna (jan 2002)
  • Seafood at Fisherman's Wharf are very nice, pick a restaurant with a view .
  • Food court could be found in San Francisco, ask the locals for their locations.
  • Union Street (not Square) is a very nice and interesting street to visit, and you'll probably find a nice cafe and a restaurant that you like too.
  • Marriot Hotel has a great view from the top, do go up there for tea.
  • Boulevard By Nancy Oakes. Cosy and elegant atmosphere, great food. Good wine list. Rack of lamb, foie gras and sweetbread rank tops. Price $$$$ for California standard. Expect to spend US$50/- per person. Don't forget the 15 -- 20% tips. - Lau Seik Yee
  • Hawthorne Lane Chefs : the Gingrass. Formerly chef at Postrio, Wolfgang Puck's SF branch. Beautiful food. Price, same as Boulevard. - Lau Seik Yee
  • Ebisu(Japanese) At 9th Ave crosses Lincoln. Innovative sushi. Go either very early or late, or be prepared to wait forever. For sushi bar, it's good to go alone. They can usually squeeze in a single. Price: $$ - Lau Seik Yee
  • Postrio's on Post Street - great ambience, nice bar to hang out before going down to the dining hall in the basement. It is a great place to pop over after the theatre on Geary. Food is great too. Try the Quail dish. - Allie
  • Thai Sticks - Again along Post Street, there is a contemporary looking Thai restaurant with neon lights with great food. The fish is very well done and great Thai appetizers as well. The owner is a very nice Thai gentlemen. Once while packing away the food, I was caught by the cops for waiting in no waiting zone and was given a ticket. The owner came out and apologised and gave the whole takeaway meal to me and refuse to accept my payment. Even since, whenever I have friends visiting San Francisco, I will bring them to this restaurant. - Allie
  • Hawthorne Lane - Love that place. The owners were formerly from Postrio's. The fish with clear noodles (vermicelli) is so delicately done - wonderful mix of East and West food. Like Postrios, reservations is a definitely MUST. Do not even bother to turn up without reservations. On a Monday night, even at 9:30 pm, the crowds would still stream in. - Allie
  • Isobune - Japantown on Post Street. This is the mother of all boat sushi. Always crowded which is good because then you can be assured of fresh sushi. At least, you do not see the same sushi plate circling the centre island like in Genki and by the time, that sushi plate reaches you again, it will be all dried up and stale. You definitely would not get that at Isobune. The variety is tremendous, thanks to the creativity of the Japanese chefs. The kani (crab) sushi is the best. They use fresh crab meat and NOT the crab sticks that you find in Singapore sushi bars. Reservations will not be entertained. You just have to go there and wait and if you catch the usual peak lunch or dinner hours, you will have to wait 15 mins to 30 mins. However, it is worth the wait, especially when you down a few cups of hot sake while waiting in the chilly, foggy weather of San Francisco. - Allie
  • i want to tell u this fabulous Vietnamese zi char restaurant call The Slanted Door in San Francisco,Valencia.The food is mainly fusion but with very strong vietnamese influences.the chef Charles Phan does and excellent job of serving some of the best Vietnamese food i have ever tasted.U should check it out if u have the chance. - Eric (Jun 99)
  • Here are several addresses from the Malaysian Gay and Lesbian Club website.
    • Singapore Malaysian Restaurant
      836 Clement St. (between 9th and 10th Ave.) San Francisco. Tel: (415)750-9518
    • Straits Cafe
      3300 Geary St. (at Parker) San Francisco. Tel: (415)668-1783
    • Side Wok Cafe
      535 Irving Street (between 6th & 7th Ave.), San Francisco 94122. Tel: (415)681-4373
    • Ping's Mandarin Restaurant
      817 West Francisco Blvd., San Rafael. Tel: (415) 492-1638
    • Bentara
      76 Orange St., New Haven, Ct 06510 Tel: (203) 562 2511
  • Indonesian Restaurant
    There is an Indonesian restaurant on Post Street near Chinatown which is simply called Indonesian Restaurant. The staff are very friendly, the food is very authentic and delicious that we pigged out. Prices are not so steep though not so cheap either. The best Indonesian food we've had outside of Indonesia. - Marian - 5 Dec 2000
  • Menlo Park
    • Want to add in the San Francisco Bay Area one S'porean restaurant. It now has its own web page. It's in Menlo Park. Pretty close to the real thing. My husband and I have eaten there several times already.
      There's also Penang Village down in Santa Clara, not sure what the cross street is. - Sandra Li
    • You have a reference to Penang Village in Santa Clara, California. We ate there for the first time last night.
      There are a number of other s'porean and malaysian restaurants in the area, now, but none approaches the ambience of Penang Village. The owner is from Pulau Penang, and came to the US 20 years ago. He returns to obtain ingredients and the food reflects that attention.
      The restaurant is in a wood building that feels very much like many places around Malaysia. Family and their friends run the restaurant and they bring the honest sense of friendliness that we consider the hallmark of Southeast Asia.
      I forgot to mention: the original posting said they did not know what the address of Penang Village is. It is on Coleman, at Brokaw. (Near the San Jose Airport.) It is next door to the Coleman Still, a restaurant that is something of a landmark.- Dave Crocker (apr 2002)
  • Langkawi
    Just thought to mention that there's a new Sing/M'sia restaurant that's very impressive. I've been to straits, raffles, and many others. This one is
    the best so far:
    2946 South Norfolk St.
    San Mateo, CA 94403
    Here are my comments:
    Hope this helps. You have a great site there.
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  • There is a Hakka restaurant in Seattle, Washington USA.
    Doong Kong Lau
    Hakka Cuisine and Seafood
    9710 Aurora Ave. North
    Seattle, WA USA
    (206) 526 8828
    The family owners are Hakkas from Hawaii. They serve authentic Hakka dishes like niang doufu (stuffed tofu in Mandarin). - Henry Lee
  • There is an excellent Malaysian restaurant in Seattle. It has authentic Malaysian foods and though it can be crowded on the weekends, it's worth the wait. It's located in Chinatown, the cross streets are 12th & Jackson. For those of you who misses a bit of home, check it out!!! - AM (Sept 2001)
  • Malay Satay Hut is great, but lack of good Singaporean food.
    If you are in the Seattle area, Malay Satay Hut is pretty authentic and good Malaysian food. They have 2 locations, in downtown seattle, near the international district, and in Bellevue/Redmond suburbs, near Microsoft. has the details on their menu and address. I can vouch for the "curry lamb" which is essentially Mutton Rendang, and the Penang Char Kuey Teow. The "Roti Canai" is pretty good, but give me Prata any day J Why isn't there a decent Singaporean restaurant less than 200miles away? I miss my Oyster Omelette, and the deep fried squid in black sweet sauce, what about "Chai Tao Kuey" sigh. - hungry Singaporean in Seattle. (2005 Nov)
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  • Sorry it took me so long to reply but I keep forgeting to look up the Singapore restaurant in St Paul. It is actually in a suburb of St Paul.
    Singapore Chinese Cuisine
    1715 Beam Avenue
    Maplewood, MN
    (612) 777-7999
    I included the phone number anyone wants to call for directions or details. It really has quite a varied menu. Not just chinese food. A good variety of curries. It's been a while since I've been there but I remember they have chili prawns, Mee Goreng and Hokkien Mee. - San Wong
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  • While this isn't strictly a Singapore restaurant, the food here is great and they do have Singapore dishes and Penang/Malaysian dishes familiar to Singapore palates. Check it out at: Great food, hard to get a table at times. Prices range from US $5-15 for entrees. If in Boston, don't miss this place. - Ron and Angela Suen Oltmanns
  • Boston's Chinatown, paltry by San Francisco standards, has one Singapore-Malaysian restaurant, PENANG. It's a restaurant chain, first started in Flushing NY, crept its way through Manhattan--Soho district, and all the way up the East Coast. They are famous for their ROTI CANAI (puffy thin crepey roti prathas, scrunched up into a pouf, served with chicken curry)--a sure pick-me-up for the homesick Singaporean. My other favorites are CURRY MEE YONG TAU FOO, POPIAH, BEEF RENDANG, NASI LEMAK, HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE, JUMBO SHRIMP WITH SPECIAL SAUCE (dry-fried big prawns in shell in a dark sweet garlicky sauce), ABC ("ice kachang"), PULUT HITAM. They also have all sorts of local favorites like satay, kangkung belachan, kway teow tng, etc. "Authenticity" varies; you might be surprised at how the restaurant intepretes the dishes you're familiar with, probably because it's supposed to be the Malaysian version. Still, better than nothing for the desparate connoisseur. (Directions: take subway to Chinatown or Downtown Crossing). - mpenney
  • Japanese food lovers in Boston must visit the little enclave of Japanese makan stalls located in the Porter Square Shopping Center near Harvard's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts (who'd have guessed?). It's a little Japanese ghetto! Take the redline subway to Porter Square, it's right next to the station. There are about 5 inexpensive makan stalls run by Japanese youths who sure know how to cook; there is excellent sushi, egg hamburg curry, katsu curry, ramen. There are only 2 tables per stall sometimes so be prepared to queue; they shut promptly at 8 p.m. A small bakery counter and ice cream counter serves an pan buns and green tea mochi ice. There is no better deal for authentic food and cheap prices in this otherwise unfriendly-to-Asian-palette town.
  • Japanese
    There's a great haunt in Boston's Chinatown called Ginza. Really good sashimi, sushi, and tons of interesting appetizers, such as naruto-maki, miruhimo no karashi-ae, etc. It's on Hudson Street/Beach Street. A little on the expensive side, but compared to Singapore, it's cheap. Ginza has a branch on Beacon Street in Brookline as well.- RL
  • Western
    EVOO is my greatest find, so far. This restaurant has very interesting and excellent food. The chef/owner used to be at the reknown Seasons restaurant. Service is superb. Price -- very reasonable, expect to pay a little over US$100 for three people (three course dinner and wine). The restaurant is located on Beacon Street in Sommerville. There's a Videosmith and Dali's restaurant nearby. - RL
  • Penang food
    I wish to share with anyone else looking for Asian food in Boston.
    Your recommended Penang restaurant in Washington St (Chinatown) is truly as close as it can get to our hawker food. However, the queue is horrendous.
    For Thai, Bangkok City Restaurant in 167 Mass Ave, Boston is delicious and the pricing is reasonable. If you have been missing spicy food, asked for their Authentic Thai Menu (a two-sided photocopied paper). Every dish is good. Prices starts from USD 2.50 for Tom Yum Soup. - Alesxis LIM (sept 2001)
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  • I am here in Houston and there is a large Chinatown and Chinese/Asian population and with some Malaysian/Singaporean food available. It is not too bad. So when you are in Houston, do check out Malaysian Restaurant on Belliare. - Steve Lim
  • Pad Thai at Belt Line and Walnut Hill in Irving, Texas, (Dallas) is excellent, bona fide Thai, with a fantastic buffet at lunch. It was my four-year-old's favorite restaurant. Smart kid - he only likes McD's and the like for the toys, but prefers noodles. - Mark Miller
  • Speaking of noodles, First China BBQ is good for fried noodles, but we find the rest of their menu somewhat bland. There are two in the Dallas area - Richardson is better than Arlington. We like their peppery won ton soup. - Mark Miller
  • Had a couple of restaurants I thought other may enjoy going to
    • Penang (as far as I know they are not affiliated to the 'Penang's in NY, DC or Atlanta)
      6401 Preston Road, Suite 1
      Frisco, TX
      Though a little pricey, it definitely takes care of the craving for us foodies! Highly reccomended dish : "Penang Tofu" . Their Kangkong Belacan isn't to shabby either.
    • Another good place is
      Genroku Sushi & Grill
      400 N. Greenville Ave.
      Richardson, TX 75081
      Tel: 972.783.8688
      Hong Kong chinese cuisine, very similar to malaysian chinese food. Reasonably priced (portions are a little small for american standards). Highly reccomended dish : Basil Chicken and the Shrimp with walnuts and mayonaise
      - Vanita Upadhyay
  • The best chinese restaurant in Arlington has to be at King BBQ. The Wanton Mee is not only cheaper than First BBQ(which is across the street), it is also much better tasting and the portion is bigger too!
    You MUST try the roast duck, char siu and roast chicken at King BBQ. The Pi-Pa Duck is also fabulous. Cripsy and nice, with not too much fats. One thing to note though, when you order the char siu, you'll find that sometimes all you get is the fats and ligaments. To avoid such a scenerio, make sure you tell them that you want the lean cut.
    Their veggies are great, especially the Kang Kong. Request for it to be cooked the "Malaysia" way and they will fix it up with dried shrimps and some belacan.
    This is also the ONLY restaurant to serve FREE desserts (tong shui) after your dinner! And it varies from red bean soup to almond tofu.
    They open til 2am on Fridays and Saturday...the best place to go for supper after a late night movie! - Yiling Ho
  • For a more local flair, check out Lion City Cafe in Plano. At the junction of Plano & Custer, the food is good but a little pricy. They can be a little heavy on the MSG so be sure to let them know if you want omit it. Their Curry Puffs is seriously BIG. The price went up a little, but for those abroad, what's a little bit more to enjoy and sink your teeth into a crispy, fat, stuffed curry puff?
    Singapore favs include, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, Char Kuey Teow, Chlli Crabs (but the crabs are not the Sri Lanka crabs!), Mee Siam, Laska, Mee Rebus etc... - Yiling Ho
  • The best Dim Sum in my books is at Kirin Court @ Richardson. The atmosphere and food is excellent, very crowded on Saturdays and Sunday for lunch. Dim Sum daily though but the weekends are still the best. Prices are reasonable and portions are good. You'll also appreciate the big flat screen TV that are plastered around the restaurant. - Yiling Ho
  • Best Egg Tarts (Dan Tat) - Maria's Bakery. It's along the service road of Hwy 75. Can't miss it. the baker is from Hk and he has had years of experience. his cakes are good too and they are only available via custom order. When you walk into ths bakery it may not look that great and there isn't really anything in the display shelfs but most pple just go straight up and order the egg tarts and cakes - birthday cakes, weddings cakes..any cakes. - Yiling Ho
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Washington DC

  • Just an addition to the list of Makan Abroad:
    • There is a good HK style wonton noodles / char siew / roast duck place, pronounced as Foo Key in Cantonese. It is also located at the Viers Mill Road / University Blvd corner. Prices are about US $6+ for wonton noodles, and about US $10+ for a plate of mixed roasts.
    • A good Dim Sum place is Yee Tung (cantonese pronouciation) along East West Highway. Take Georgia Road (exit from Beltway 495), go south, turn right at Colesville Road, turn left at next junction into East West Highway. Turn right again immediately after the petrol station. Yee Tung is on your right. Mamma Lucia on the left. I think it costs about US $10-15 per person for dimsum. - christabel lee
  • I was born in Singapore and recently found an excellent Malay restaurant in the Washington DC area called Malaysian Satay House. It is located on the corner of Viers Mill Road and University Boulevard in Wheaton Maryland. They serve many delicious local (as in Singaporean) dishes such as Roti Canai (Prata), Chendol, Assam Laksa, Mee Goreng. - Bryan & Ming Ligman
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San Diego

  • Great Chinese Food in San Diego
    I live in San Diego and I found your web site to be very useful. I want to share with Singaporeans travelling to San Diego information about a good place to have Dim Sum.
    It's called "Jasmine Restaurant" and it's on Convoy Street, a couple of blocks south of Clairmont Mesa Boulevard. Take I 805 South, Exit Clairmont Mesa Boulevard, go east for 3 to 4 blocks and make a right into Convoy Street. Drive a few blocks and you will see the Restaurant on the left. The Dim Sum is reasonably priced, you can have a pretty good meal for about US$20 for two persons. The Char siew pau is excellent, and the glutinous rice is very good too. Also worth trying is the Chicken feet, absolutely the best there is.... - Lim Tee Yong (jun 99)
  • Some updates since my last email back in 1999.
    For San Diego, there is a new Chinese restaurant that has really good food. It is the China Max. They have a web site: Check it out. It is a little small and there is always a line when you visit during dinner hours. Do try the Peking duck and it is really good! Price is reasonable given the quality of the dishes. The address there is
    4698 Convoy Street #C101
    San Diego, CA 92111
    Also, Joshua Lam's recommendation is no longer valid. The restaurant has new ownership and it is NOT worth visiting. No more Char Kway Teow and other Singaporean food.
    There is really no Singaporean food in San Diego though there are several pretty good Chinese restaurants around. One of them is Dede's 4647 Convoy St, #101C, San Diego. It is Szechuan Style spicy food, very good! There is a crispy fish dish with tomato ketchup that is very good. My children love them! In fact, the whole family love it. If you are interested in finding the majority of Chinese restaurants in San Diego, go to this web page: - Lim Tee Yong (jul 2004)
  • Malaysian/Singaporean food in San Diego
    Thai Bowl & Wraps
    13429 Community Road (In the Wal-Mart Center)
    Poway, CA 92064 USA
    (858) 486-6992
    Don't let the name deceive you! While Thai Bowl & Wraps serves up great wraps, the owners are Malaysians and they serve good Malaysian/Singaporean food like Char Kway Teow, Hainan Chicken, Satay etc. When you are there, you need to ask them for their Malaysian/Singaporean menu.
    Directions: If you are in the San Diego area (North County Inland), from Interstate 15, take the Poway Road exit. Go about 4 miles. Turn left on Community Road and travel about 100 meters. Turn right into the Wal-Mart Center parking lot and an immediate left at the first stop sign when you are in the parking lot. Travel towards the end of the parking lot, you should see Thai Bowl & Wraps among other shops in the small strip mall. There is also a map on - Joshua Lam (aug 99)
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North Carolina

  • Hi, I'm a Singaporean living in High Point, North Carolina. There is a small community of SEAsaians here, and of course we are always looking for authentic Malyasian/Singaporean food. There is only one restaurant that I know of that serves some Malaysian food. "Mandarin-Malay Restaurant" on Reynolda Road, in Winston-Salem. The owners are from Malaysia, and currently they are introducing the Malaysian dishes to their customers by offering a Malaysian dish as the lunch special for the week. I hope it catches on! - Melinda Lim Taylor
Los Angeles Area / New York / SF and Bay Area / Seattle / Minnesota / Boston / Texas/ Washington DC / San Diego / North Carolina / other areas

Other areas

  • ok, I have lived in US for more than 9 years. In Atlanta, there are several malaysia/singapore restaurants more than any other US cities except NY,SF,LA. Try Little Malaysia, located along Buford Hwy. They have one of the best mee goreng and hokkien mee u can find in US. In Chicago, the only choice here is Penang, but they do have multiple locations all over US. They have the largest selections, but little bit pricey. A steamed Teo-Chew fish for $20? and a small pot of bak kuk teh for US$15=SIN$27. Penang also opened a very upscale Thai-Malay restaurant named "Erawan" cery close to hard rock cafe in downtown chicago. The food are very very good, especiallt thai fried sambal fish, but costs us $27 each. - clim (oct 2002)
  • Arizona
    Would also recommend the following Chinese restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona:
    Ming's Pagoda Restaurant
    12019 N 19th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85029
    (602) 870-9602
    Direction: Take I-17, exit at Cactus and go to 19th Avenue.
    The food is great and the price is very reasonable. A set of 4 dishes and a soup costs US27.50 (before tax). The food portions are large. - Loyce Lee (July 2006)

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Alberta, Calgary

  • Feel like Gado-Gado, Rendang, Nasi Goreng, Satay with Peanut Sauce, Chendol, Goreng Pisang and all that wonderful Indonesian food? Try Restaurant Indonesia in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They have the best Indonesian food around here and always get rave food reviews. Their address is: 1604 - 14 Street SW Ph: (403)-244-0645. Prices are pretty reasonable. I would say it's the best SE Asian restaurant in Calgary. - Celine Tan (oct 2002)
  • Kam's Place
    advertised as a Singaporean restaurant on Davie Street. unfortunately, the cuisine lacks authenticity and a limited selection of local food. the mee goreng we ordered turned out to be pretty much noodles and ketchup. granted portions are large, and lunch specials are cheap. - waKoh
  • Rasa Singapura Restaurant
    Unit 2100, Richmond Public Market Richmond, B.C. V6X 3Y2 Tel: (604) 303-0196
    We serve authentic Singapore hawker food, desserts and fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices at very affordable prices from C$2.50 to C$6.50. Our customers (mostly from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei & Indonesia), think our Roti Prata (Canai) "the best outside of Singapore or Malaysia". Please come and try us out if you are in Vancouver.- We are Carol & Mike Ko from Singapore.
  • Rasa Singapura, Richmond Public Market - So far only the owners have written in to advertise their restaurant, but I can say it's the best Singapore food in Vancouver! Everything you could want, reasonable prices, and even good ice kachang with ice shaved very fine (can't find that anywhere else in Vancouver). We used to go to Hawker's Delight for cheap kari ayam but RS is much better if you can get to favourite is the sambal chicken with yummy achar, mmmm. Other highlights: rojak, mee siam, nasi lemak - it's all good! Take-away also if you want to take some home for supper. We go there at least once a week. - Jennifer
  • Kelong in Richmond, so-so. - cpii
  • Banana Leaf - excellent with local and Asian - cpii
  • there're only 2 insanely expensive and good restaurants in Vancouver!!! Tropica and Kelong. The funny thing is--- the OTAK fish here is actually a great big fish with curry sauce on it.. not our orange fishcake in it's banana leaf.. . I was like HUH?this is NOT otak?? By the way it's C$12 .. so I should have guessed... Zoe Ho
  • There is another Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant in Vancouver, it's called Singapore Restaurant (!) and it's a small shop with some good food. Always get the Chai Tow Kueh cause it's good even though it's sort of different, a cross between white and black style. The beef rendang is more like generic curry than anything else. The satay looks good, but never tried it as it's CA$1.20 per stick! Prices are standard for Vancouver restaurants (dishes around CA$5-$12)
    The address just in case anyone really wants to know is 546 W.Broadway and the phone number is (604)874-6161 - Enoch Ho
  • I went to the Banana Leaf on Broadway here in Vancouver with my cousin and it was very good. I had a mixed shellfish dish that was loaded with shellfish... and she had an eggplant curry . I tasted some of hers, it was pretty good. I know mine was delicious. She tried mine & agreed. So... for western Canadians.... try the Banana Leaf on Broadway in Vancouver. The food was good. No comlpaints about the service. :-) - Susan. (Sept 2001)
  • There are two "hole-in-the-wall" type places in Vancouver that are pretty good for hawker-style eats. Hawker's Delight is run by a Chinese Malaysian fella. It's pretty small, and barely noticeable as you drive by it. BUT, the chicken rice is pretty good! probably the best in town! They have laksa, nasi goreng, etc...some are better than others.
    The Delight Cafe is another small is slightly more noticeable than Hawkers Delight, but the food is quite good too. The chicken rice is good, but a bit more expensive than Hawkers Delight. The portions are a bit smaller, but still quite tasty! Give these a try...hopefully, you will enjoy as I have!
    Hawkers Delight is on Main Street just south of King Edward Street-near The Grind coffee shop
    Cafe Delight is on Broadway, just west of McDonald Street (adjacent to Tangs Restaurant) - MS (Dec 2001)
  • I am a residence of Vancouver Canada and must give a thumbs up recommendation to Orchid Delight located in Burnaby on Willingdon Avenue and Moscrop (near BCIT). Owned and operated by Singapore family. Good Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice, Oyster Omelette and lots of other good old Singapore favourites. I have been to quite a few Singapore restaurants here in Vancouver but this is definitely one of the best. - Philip Seah (jan 2002)
    • So bummed . Orchid Delight in Burnaby, BC, Vancouver has closed down, my main source of Oyster Omelette in the northwest is gone. It's been replaced by a Beef Noodle joint ... didn't have the heart to try, too long a drive to try unknown noodles (I live in seattle) L Please update your site with this. Thanks! (2005 November)
    • It was noted that the Orchid Delight restaurant in Burnaby, BC, Canada has been closed down for a while. The good news is that they have relocated to Vancouver and here is the address:
      Orchid Delight
      2445 Burrard St
      Vancouver, BC, Canada
      Tel: 604-731-0221
      - Alex Chen (july 2006)
  • Personalized Catering and Confectionary Ltd in Vancouver Canada...they have excellent Chicken Biryani...much like the ones we get back in Singapore....where the basmati rice is cooked with saffron rather than Punjabi style that is so commonly available in Canada....they are at 604-322-3334 ask for Rizwan or Zeinul. = Philip in Vancouver BC, Canada. - Philip Seah
  • I just want to add to yr Places To Eat- Canada. It's called Curry House located in the food court of the T and T Supermarket in Surrey. I have lived in Vancouver Canada for 10 yrs now. This is the only place that serves Laksa the way it should be served. Rich coconut curry made with authentic spices...mmmmmm. Their Fried Kuei Teow is the best so far. Believe me, I have scoured the entire Vancouver area and they are the closest to home. - Andy & Sharon Yap (Dec 2001)
  • My name's Eugene Kwek. Know of a Taiwanese restaurant in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, which serve authentic Taiwanese food. Name's Four Seas Restaurant. The food is awesome. Price ranges from SIN$4.00 to SIN$9.00. Give it a try!
    1779 Rose St. Regina, SK., Canada.
    Phone: 1 (306) 522-1818 / 522-1863
  • Sawatdee Thai restaurant has the best Thai lunch buffet in town. Owned by Thai family. Buffet costs only CDN 9.95 and has 14 dishes, 2 soups, 3 desserts, 4 types of Thai fruits, couple of fruit juices and also coffee and tea included. They also have an excellent selection on their menu. Prices range from CDN 5.95 - 12.95. My fav are Tom Kah Soup- a coconut soup with lemongrass and Lettuce Wrap appetizer. If you are ever in Winnipeg, don't forget to try their special red curry with duck. Very classy place with reasonable price and most importantly, great Thai food! Highly recommended - Tim Wong (jan 2002)

    Sawatdee Thai
    555 Osborne St South at Morley
    Phone: 1(204)284-8424
    They now opened 2nd location at 841 Regent Ave West
  • Tropika in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
    I would drive to Edmonton, a 3-hour drive from where I live in Calgary, to feast on SE Asian cuisine. It's mainly Malaysian cuisine, which is the closest to Singaporean food around here. Whenever I go up to Edmonton, I like to order the Roti Canai for starters. The Singapore style Chili Crab is not bad. They also have lots of hawker food like Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee, Laksa, etc. as well as dishes that go with rice, e.g. beef rendang, curry chicken, etc. I just wish they would open one in Calgary... The address is: 6004-104 Street, Edmonton, AB. - Celine Tan ca (jan 2002)
  • Singapore Baba Restaurant
    My name is Daniel Quek, and I started the Singapore Baba Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1992. We re-located to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1999. It is opinion of many food critics - that this is a fine restaurant. We are regularly rated very high - including 5-stars awards and named top restaurants of the years. I thought it will be a good idea, if you could let your readers know that there is a truely "Singaporean operated, serving authentic Singapore's bests cuisine" here in Edmonton. Our address is :
    10121 151 Street,
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T5P 1T5.
    Tel: (780) 415-5656.
    For write up on our restaurant. CBC Radio Edmonton, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Calgary Herald, Sun, etc.
  • Lai Wah Heen
    excellent Hong Kong cuisine located at 108 Chestnut Street Toronto, in the Metropolitan Hotel (just south of Dundas, between Bay Street and University Avenue). A somewhat pricey restaurant but well worth the quality of food offered. the dim sum is very good. no problems with service. - waKoh
  • Satay Ria Restaurant
    4350 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, ON L3R9V4 (905) 947-0003
    Have any one of you tried this place. It is not bad I like the Sambal Kankung and Roti Parata. Of course the fish head curry is not the same. Located at the Pacific Mall. - Navina Senaratne Mar 2004
  • Restoran Malaysia
    Hi folks, Being living here for the last 14 yrs and finally a Malaysian n S'porean restuarant was opened "Restoran Malaysia". Very nice Rojak and Roti Prata. The owner was ex-Johorian and the taste was really excellent. I would highly recommend anybody visiting Toronto to come to Richmond Hill town and try it !. The Hainan chicken rice "baey tahan", very good. Here is the address for it :
    Restoran Malaysia
    815 Major Mackenzie Dr East
    Richmond Hill, Toronto
    By the way, don't forget to try out their "tae tarak", very good lah !! - Winston Chan (Feb 2004)
  • Lion City
    Lion City Restaurant
    1177 Central Parkway West, Unit 70
    Mississauga, Ontario
    • Just wanted your readers to know about a quite fabulous Singaporean restaurant in Mississauga (suburb west of Toronto) called 'Lion City'. I can give you the address later, but they have great 'chai tao kueh' and 'sayur lodeh' and even quite a mean teh tarik! In addition to all the usual Singapore fare, that is! Oh, their chili crab is not bad, either! - Vicki Low (feb 2002)
    • Recently visited Lion City in Mississauga, Ontario. Now, this is the most authentic Singaporean restaurant I've ever eaten at in the whole of Canada. The restaurant serves the most wonderful Hainanese Chicken Rice (boneless!) with the actual chili sauce and tau-yu. Other dishes that make me think of home are Ju Eng Chye, Bak Chang, Laksa, Nyonya kueh, Char Kway Teow, Char Hor Fun (like National Library style), Rojak, Pineapple Tarts, Singapore Chili Crab, Sayur Lodeh and many other Singaporean dishes. If you feel you miss home, just go to Lion City and eat there. - Celine Tan ca (April 2003)
    • After reading the recomendations, my wife and I had Hokkien Mee (S'pore style), Sambal Prawns, Belechan Kangkong, Laksa and took home, Mee Siam and Fried Beehoon. SHIOK. Prices are reasonable and generous servings. So far the best Singapore taste in Canada. Worth the 30min drive.Serves some Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and kueh kueh Open 7 days a week. Tel: 905 - 2810860. Give it a try. - Allen Chopard (July 2003)
    • Been to this place 2 times, only because I thought it was the only one of 2 places in the Greater Toronto Area, prices arent exactly low and the food isnt exactly fantastic. The fried oysters are appalling at best, the rendang is... well if theres nothing else out there it would have to do. I really do not think it is worth the terribly long drive. Esp in GTA traffic.
      Theres another place downtown called Matahari Grill, opened by some Malaysian guy, too expensive , tiny portions, well its on Baldwin Street so go figure. I would suggest avoiding this place.
      As for Restoran Malaysian in Richmond Hill, I must say the food is pretty good, better value and taste then say Lion City or Matahari Grill. Large portions and reasonably priced up to say $10 bucks CAD. Its malaysian style but the quality is there, be prepared to smell like the food you eat when you leave.
      Theres a place for simple fast roti canai (or as we call it prata) its not flat its made crispy.. hard to describe, but its in Metro Square, on Steeles west of Warden. Located in a Food Court. They serve hainan chicken rice, I dunt think its any good tho for that. The roti canai tho is nice n crispy the curry is good, the quality and texture of the meat though is not certain, when I first started going there it was terribly good, nowadays not so much, but the curry gravy is consistent.
      J DANIEL from Singapore living in Toronto. (26 Nov 2004)
    • Well my fiance didn't like Singaporean food much. He doesn't like it better now that we both got sick after eating at Lion City restaurant in Mississauga a couple of weeks ago (FYI, we had the curry). Myself? Feeling betrayed as it was good Singaporean food (not by back home standards, but hey, beggars can't be choosers) and now it's all…food poison standard. *sniff* Thank God I know how to make my own chicken rice now. I feel guilty complaining about this. But I guess it must be told. - Ruth Hong (May 2006)
  • Cuisine of India I've tried many indian places but Cuisine of India( I dont' have the address but I'm sure the Toronto phone book would have it) is fantastic. It was actually recommended to us by an Indian friend who lives in Toronto. Again, they have a great lunch buffet that serves good rich thick chicken curry. Yum! - Julieanne (2002)
  • Scarborough
    • Recently we discovered a Malay hawker style eat-in or take-out located in a food court with very authentic cuisine. Among some of their best I've tried so far are: Nasi Goreng; Mee Goreng; Kankong Belachan (seasonal); Chicken curry w/rice; Singapore Laksa; Poh Pia. Satays are good. Hokien Mee not Singapore quality-too wet, large noodles, not same taste. Am trying other dishes in time. Prices are very reasonable, (commonly C$4.80) to 8.80. Very generous servings. Quality and taste is consistent. Spicies in right amounts. Will soon email you their menu list. Below are location details:
      Gourmet Garden
      Centerview Square
      4465 Sheppard Ave. East, Unit 46
      Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5H9
      Tel: 416-332-8765
      (Between Brimley and McCowan) Scarborough is only 20 minutes north of Toronto downtown.
      I have lived in Singapore for 16 years and worked the Asia-Pacific region until I retired in 1995. Of all I missed has been the great Singapore/Malay/Indonesian food in Singapore. - Jose Paredes (may 2000)
    • Just came back from visiting Toronto. Ate at Gourmet Garden.
      The food is not too bad. More Malaysian than Singaporean. We ordered tons of dishes like Singapore Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow, Oyster Omelette, Mee Siam and Hokkien Mee. Out of all these, the best were the Laksa, Char Kway Teow and Mee Siam. Just the right amount of spices and heat. The rest were so-so, but still tasted good as I don't get to eat Singaporean/Malaysian food too often. Actually, next door is a BBQ place where they have Law Ahk (Teochew Duck) Really scrumptious! - Celine Tan (may 2002)
    • Just came back from a good lunch yesterday from the Gourmet Gardens Restaurant in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, and wanted the Makan bunch to know that it is still the best for Laksa (Singapore style only) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They have started to provide popia again every weekend after 2 year's of not doing so. I am so happy because I believe that at the moment this is the only popia commercially available in the GTA .
      Gourmet Gardens Restaurant
      4465 Sheppard Avenue East,
      Scarborough, ON M1S 5H9
      Tel. : 416-332-8765
      Also I understand Ming's, which was a good and authentic Penang style restaurant, in Richmond Hill ( Elgin Mills Road) is now closed. It is tough life for us in GTA who like genuine Singapore/Malaysian cuisine! - Benny Pang (may 06)
  • Cahaya Malaysia
    1690 Montreal Road,
    Gloucester, ON K1J 6N5
    Opened by a Indonesian Malay guy who is married to a local Canadian, this restaurant serves Malay style food. Pricey as always with Asian food in Ottawa, dishes are around 12 or 13 CAD. Quality is not bad. Although I must say lacks the interesting twists that one gets from Nonya in NYC or Restoran in RichmondHill/Toronto. I am guessing the belachan is missing amongst other things, as it is normal in Malay cuisine. But a good eat in this gastronomically bigoted city. - J Daniel
  • Singapore Restaurant
    69 Kempster Avenue,
    Ottawa, ON K2B 6M2
    Ironically opened by a Chinese Malaysian, been around for a long time, food is not authentic but palatable. His laksa is actually curry noodles which is not too bad. His curry puffs are samosa like minced beef curry things, which are quite ok. If you want authentic this FAR from it. But the food is ok, not great but ok. - J Daniel
  • Mandarin Court
    1374 Baseline Road,
    Ottawa, ON K2C 0A9
    Opened by Chinese Malaysians, also been around a long time a mainly Chinese restaurant, with some Malaysian dishes, they tone the dishes done sometimes talk to the guy and tell him to make it spicy and authentic. The char kway teow is a disappointment and so it the curry noodles (only weekends) its broth based and not coconut based, so basically its curry spiced broth. The chilli fish is not bad at all, the rendang is like a dry curry not the Malay variety, and over all I say it is not bad. Its worth the drive only if you are living in Ottawa and very deprived of sg/my food or you have nothing else better to do. But one day when they let me try their personal dish of lo han whatever you call it, its tofu meat and glass noodles and whatever else mixed together, it was pretty good. I have not tried their Chinese menu dishes. - J Daniel
  • Imperial Palace Restaurant
    [attention: this is an announcement by the restaurant owners.]
    Ever thought of including our Chinese restaurant in Montreal, Canada? It's the Imperial Palace Restaurant. that'll make your site more international. Our chef is a world class chef , having cooked for OUB Bank directors and ex President Wee Kim Wee regularly It's operated by husband and wife team from Singapore and Malaysia respectively. Please visit - Amie/Albert (feb 2002)
  • Nonya Indonesian Food.
    Restaurant Nonya Cuisine Indonesiénne
    151, rue Bernard Ouest,
    Montréal, QC H2T 2K3
    Tel. : 514-875-9998
    Not exactly in the heart of busy downtown area. To start off, the décor is nice simple and relatively modern, no odours or smells or anything of that sort. Place is ownded by a friendly young Indonesian, Stephanie and the chef is her brother. The bottle of water you see on the table is not free and if you want to drink water ask for it, if not pay $6 CAD for that bottle of water. Other than that no so obvious trick, something I did not expect because it isn't VOSS or Perrier, its just some silly plastic bottle labelled FIJI water. The food is good, compared to the only other Indonesian place I been to in NYC which was horrid. The set menu ($27 CAD) portions are small, if you are alone or not that hungry it would suffice. If you are in a group of 2 hungry people or even 3 or more people for normal dinner, I would consider ordering dishes to share. The rice that came with the set menus was wrapped nicely in leaf and everything was very well done. The food wasn't fast, this is not a rush eat, but I would say the food is good and the atmosphere is great for a reasonably authentic Indonesian restaurant, definitely worth a visit the next time you are in the area. - J Daniel
  • Normal Chinese food:
    Restaurant Beijing
    92 Lagaucheterie Ouest
    514 861 2003
    At the start of the promenade (no car) lanes just beside the Holiday Inn Select Montreal. The place was renovated a couple of years ago. Nice and clean. Normal Chinese food, one of the waiter is Malaysian, speaks Hokkien. The food is good and reasonable, if you read Chinese, there is a “on rice menu, I do not know if they give you this menu or if you have to ask for it. I took out black pepper beef on rice for less than $10 bucks, big portions. I ate in twice before and I would say the food is good by Montreal standards, which is somewhat lower than Toronto. For eg their Young Chow Fried Rice is only $5.25 CAD, you cant beat that, and porridge at $4 CAD WOW. They open till quite late past 2am is I recall, call to check. Definitely worth checking out if you are in Montreal. - J Daniel
  • Wok Cafe downtown Montreal
    I've been reading up your page on Singapore food, as I've spent 4 years there and man do I miss the food!!!!.
    I wanted to let you know that teh Imperial Palace restaurant in Kirkland, though it serves very good food, isn't really serving food from Singapore or Malaysia, they mainly do Thai, Cantonese, Szeshuan cooking. the taste is very good though.
    One restaurant that serves quite authentic food is Wok Cafe downtown Montreal:
    1845, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest,
    Montr¨¦al, QC H3H 1M2
    Tel. : 514-938-1882
    They have a very wide selection of food at more than reasonable prices (all the taxes are included in the prices).
    And as an added bonus, they serve Dim Sums all day every day!!!! - Sly
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  • If you love souffle, you must go to this restaurant in Paris, next to the Inter-Continental Hotel, close to Place Vendome. It is appropriately called Restaurant Le Souffle. For dessert, try the Souffle Rothschild - magnificent. Address is 36 Rue du Mont-Thabor. If you drive, you can park alongside the curb and if you take the Metro, get off at Metro Concorde out on to a major road, Rue de Rivoli. Cross that and Rue du Mont-Thabor runs just parallel to rue de rivoli. Reservations is a must. If you crave something Asian, then just next door is Restaurant Indochine on 38 Rue du Mont Thabor.
  • For the best escargot and foie gras, go to L'Escargot Montorgueil at 38 Rue Montorgueil. This restaurant is known famously for its escargot. It even has a gold-gilded snail on the roof of the restaurant. Lovely, typically french restaurant.
  • For a trip back to how the French in the 18th Century used to dine and wine, visit Nos Ancetres Les Gaulois on 39 rue Saint-Louis-en-I'lle. This place is always packed with locals and tourists. The dining area is like a dungeon - dark, musky walls and wooden chairs and tables. The table is laced with a basket of fresh vegetables that look like the plastic or wooden ones that you sometimes see on display BUT these are real and the diner can just pluck carrots, broccoli out from the basket to eat - salad a' la French style! There are 2 wine barrels at the back of the restaurant where the diners are to help themselves with them. Food is average but the ambience is extremely interesting and fun as there will be a couple of French men entertaining at the tables and the local diners will join them and sing at the top of their voices. - Allie
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Stockholm, Sweden

  • The best chinese restaurant in Scandinavia is MoonCake, located in Luntmakargatan 95, Stockholm, Sweden. Open 17-24hrs Tuesday-Saturday. Phone to restaurant: +46 (0)8 16 99 28 Phone/fax to office: +46 (0)8 16 82 28
    It's run by Max Wilde and his wife Lai San Leung Wilde and simply serves delicious Asian food, though at not so tasty prices. It's a bit off the beaten track and certainly off the tourist trek, but they have managed quite well to put it on the culinary map. I've brought a few friends and people I care about to MoonCake and they enjoyed it very much. I also like to sit at the bar for a drink or an espresso on my way home from work. I found a review at that might give you some useful information. The review was written a while ago, so the sofa area has been replaced by tables. You now wait for your table at the bar. If you want to see the current menu, I'm sure that Max would fax it to you. - Anders Larsson (jun 99)
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  • For people who miss Singapore Food when in Japan, check out the newly opened Singapore Restaurant serving Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa and Bak Kut Teh and many more. This restaurant was opened by a Singaporean who has worked in Tokyo for 16 years and now with her passion for Singapore cuisine, she had decided to quit her job and open a Singapore Cuisine Restaurant.
    Try the food there and it is as original as what you found here in Singapore. Check out this URL : - Boon San Chia (Oct 2005)
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  • I've been in taiwan for 2 months and craving for singaporean food. the closest i can get is near the airport (taoyuan), there's a place called "nyonya", i believe the owner is malaysian. i haven't tried it but worth checking out - - Odelia Juniarni
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