About Makan Time in Singapore
Meaning: Makan means food or to eat in Malay. Makan Time means time to eat, and in Singapore, that's just about any moment.
History: Founded in 1995 as 'Makan Time in Singapore - Singapore unofficial food page'. It was one of the very first, if not the first, Singapore food guides to appear on the Web.
Description Makan Time in Singapore is all about eating out in Singapore, Singapore food and authentic Singapore cooking. It is a personal homepage supported by its readers and is not influenced by any commercial entities. We pride ourselves as being 'the honest food guide', bringing you honest, uncensored and unedited comments through our readers.
Ownership: The website is designed and owned by Thian. All materials are copyrighted and not to be reproduced anywhere without permission. All recipes are originals donated to us by their respective owners.
Contribution: We accept only original unpublished comments, recommendations and recipes.
Hosting Makan Time is generously hosted by Marvin Tay.

Meet the Makan People!
Right! That's me, Thian! - the Singaporean. See, I'm not at all fat as many of you have imagined!!

Duty : Run the website and try to be nice to everybody!

This is my partner Robert! - the Dutch. He's got an eye for details!

Duty : Make sure the computer system runs!

Next, meet Mom, Without her, this website would not have been possible!!

Duty: Provide all the delicious recipes and make me all the special dishes whenever I am home!

Those who helped!
There are too many contributors to the website it is impossible to list! You know who you are and thank you all for sharing with us.

Yes, this is the guy who wrote all the wonder reviews on chicken rice and banana curry eateries!
He is back in Japan and I have not heard from him for ages!

Tian Khean'Tian Khean

This is the guy who wrote all those great features! A pity that he's now too busy to write!!

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